7 Responses to “[CF of the wk][info] 비 Yourself Open Thread for 8/20 — 9/5. (The Prince is in town!)”

  1. Today would have been his 56th year. Happy Birthday Michael.

    Here’s one of my favorite old school songs from the Jackson Five. “Skywriter”

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    • I still miss MJ, so much…

      I wonder if Rain ever got to meet him.

      Stephe ^@@^


      • You remember some years ago when Natalie Cole did a video with her late father Nat King Cole….”Unforgettable.” It was cool how they did that as if they were actually doing the duet together in the present. I think if Rain never got to meet MJ, then he should do a video duet performance “with” him. That would be cool to see.

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  2. In the “action buddy comedy” of my dreams, it would star these two. Neither of the two needing an introduction. Each one just as funny as the other one, each one just as pretty as the other one. Both of them capable of playing “Laurel” to the other one’s “Hardy.” Yes, I can see a movie like this now. I’m giggling just thinking about it………………(*Somebody call Will!!*)


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  3. Wish we could see Baby Boo’s face, but he has “banned” his Clouds from the set….and when Big Daddy speaks, Clouds listen.



  4. At this point, I’m curious what the box office stats are on The Prince or at least the weekend viewing stats. Has anyone heard?

    How do they count those who rented the movie in those totals. Oh well, we’ll probably never know. It was just a thought.



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