[image][article][reading Korean] Instagrams and Tweets abound: 비 wants you to see…

Cloud cover by: Stephe, Managing Editor ^@@^

…the title page of his personal script for the first shooting, and that filming for his new K-drama “My Loveable Girl” has begun in earnest. Very cool.

(Images credit: RAIN / 30rain @Instagram / 29rain @Twitter, 8/15.)

“시작…” “Starting…” OR “The beginning…” ^@@^


“SBS Drama Special, My Loveable Girl, Part 1.” And that’s “Jung Ji Hoon” written in the top right-hand corner, in Rain’s handwriting. I’d know his atrocious (I say that with much love, Hoonie^^) penmanship anywhere. keke ^@@^


…that he appreciates all the Cloud love on the set, but for the sake of the production (and crew and staff trying so hard to do good work), please support “My Loveable Girl” when it comes on the air in September instead. Personally, I can only imagine how hard it must be to concentrate on lines and remember your cues and act realistically when you’re being completely distracted by fans. Acting ain’t all glamor, the way it looks to us from the outside. It’s hard work that’s easy to screw up when you’re not on your game, so I hope Clouds will please do as Rain asks without letting it hurt their feelings. He only wants to do a good job and not compromise the success of the drama. It needs to do well!

He also wants you to see that he’s changed his Twitter icon in favor of his “My Loveable Girl” script. Cute! ^@@^

(Tweets source: 29rain @Twitter, 8/16. Cap by Cloud USA)


For a translation of Rain’s tweets, check out this Allkpop article. (I know, I know, we’ve come a l-o-n-g way if I’m sourcing Allkpop for anything. No, I’m don’t expect they’ve changed for the better at all when it comes to so-called “news”, so this will not become habit. Trust. ^@@^


Allkpop 8/16/2014 — by starsung

Rain asks fans to refrain from visiting him on set for drama ‘My Lovely Girl’

allkpoparticle08162014Rain asked his loving fans to refrain from visiting him on set for his upcoming SBS Wed-Thurs drama ‘My Lovely Girl‘ in order for filming to go smoothly for the cast and staff.

SEE ALSO: Rain confirmed to return to the small screen through upcoming SBS drama

Rain tweeted on the 16th, “Fans who I love, I started my first filming today ..It feels good and it’s thanks to my our fans who always take interest ^^Also, I have a request so I am writing down a few words. Although I am very thankful for your support on set, I am not doing the drama by myself so I feel a bit sorry to the staff.

I want to greet and talk with each one of you, but I can’t so I also feel sorry about that … Please just support me from a distance by watching the broadcast^^ I am also very sad that I couldn’t greet each and every one of those who came today ㅠ I love you and please love ‘My Lovely Girl’ a lot.”

‘My Lovely Girl’ is set to premiere following ‘It’s Okay, That’s Love‘ on September 17!

…that he has changed his Instagram icon in favor of upcoming movie “The Prince” (2014), which premieres in the U.S. next Friday the 22nd (in limited theaters that no one seems to know about. Way to market a movie, Powers That Be. Yes, that was a well-deserved dig.) ^@@^

(30rain Instagram cap by Cloud USA)


~ by Cloud USA on August 17, 2014.

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  1. I was just curious. Does Korea have any big studio sets like they do in Hollywood? Or do they primarily always use the Korean “landscape” as the backdrop for their dramas? Big studio sets that are closed would cut down on fan disruptions. Because you’re never going to get people to cooperate completely. Somebody always goes against the grain when asked to do something….even politely asked. People are selfish.

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