7 Responses to “[fanmade of the wk] 비 Yourself Open Thread for 6/29 — 7/15.”

  1. Hi Clouds !!
    Je suis très heureuse , d’apprendre que The Prince sera joué en France à partir du 3 Novembre ^_ ^ Car je regarde tous les jour sur nos site , mais ils disent prochainement !!
    Le mois de Novembre j’adore c’est le mois de mon Anniversaire ( le 23 ) !!

    Merci pour votre travail et pour le partage

    Gros bisous de France -_^


    • Lydie,

      3 novembre. Je l’ai. Merci.

      Étreintes Les États-Unis. (I hope that’s how you say “Hugs from the USA.” I wasn’t actually sure LOL.)

      Terri :-}


  2. You know…….not to sound like an ungrateful jerk…..BUT, it sure would’ve been nice to get our 9th Cloud membership cards first. After all, we are Alllllll the way over here in the US……lonely…..pining……waiting……wanting “Anything Bi” at this point.

    No concerts, no premieres, no pics at restaurants around town. We “gets” nothing. So couldn’t we have been the first ones out the box with the membership cards……….*just saying.* LOL.

    Don’t get mad Clouds, I’m just joking………..sorta. *SMILES*


    • We be like chopped liver and red-headed stepchildren… *sad face*



    • Woooo Hoooo!! It’s my birthday…..(*not really*) but the 9th Cloud membership “gods” have looked kindly upon me and sent me a “wittle” package yesterday. *SMILES*

      To the 9th Cloud membership board (*hugs all around*) sorry for my bellyaching the other day. I’s a happy Noona this morning!



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