8 Responses to “[fanmade of the wk] 비 Yourself Open Thread for 4/22 — 5/1.”

  1. Hey, everyone. Thanks for your compassion and comments. It’s amazing how you don’t have to know someone or have met them to feel your heart break for them, isn’t it? *sigh*

    Great idea, Gee. I must admit it has crossed my mind. The only reason Terri and I haven’t proposed a Sewol Ferry project is that we’ve both got our hands full preparing to go out of town next week (Terri’s going to Korea for 2 weeks, I’m going to Virginia until the 10th).

    I’ll check to see if Naoko or Jess or Jim will be available to put the video together.

    I like the donation idea, but a decision on that will definitely have to wait until we’re both back in town because of the language barrier, and might take a little time. We would have to depend on our overseas contacts to find a reputable, trustworthy organization that we could trust to make sure the monies got to the victims, and we’d have to nail that down first because we can’t be careless with people’s hard-earned cash.

    Stay tuned… will let y’all know something asap.

    Stephe ^@@^


  2. This tragedy is too horrible, I can’t even imagine the pain and despair these parents are going thru. To know your child is in extreme danger and not being able to do nothing I think is the worst nightmare a parent can have. I think is going to take a long time for these parents and families to return to some kind of normalcy in theirs lives, maybe years, they’re going to need lots of help from the government and lots of praying from all of us. May God give them strenght to keep living. #PrayforSouthKorea


    • Don’t know if my comment registered earlier, if it did….Please delete this one.

      Mari, I completely agree with you. To lose a loved one, even when it is expected, is gut wrenching enough. But to lose a loved one so suddenly and unexpectedly…..I can’t even begin to imagine it. I’m not a parent, yet my heart just aches for those who have lost their children in this terrible tragedy. It will most definitely take years, but in time the pain will lessen. I have sent up prayers for healing. May God grant you His mercy in your time of sorrow.


  3. Simply beautiful. We (Cloud USA) should make one too. Everyone just send in picture with a message of hope and prayers and then Teri, Stephe and the staff can put the pictures in a video. What yall think?


    • I think its a good idea. I am not a 9th Cloud or anything, but I was thinking what if Clouds worlwide came together and also donated money to help the families?


    • Sounds like a good idea Questsurfer. I see Anonymous has also suggested donating money. I think Stephe and Terri will have to chit chat about that and let us know what they ultimately decide we should/could do as a group.


  4. Everytime I see the news about this disaster, I cry. I can’t imagine what the parents and family members are going through. It’s so sad. So many youth. I agree that time is short. We need to love one another and pray for each other.


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