3 Responses to “[fanmade of the wk] 비 Yourself Open Thread for 3/21 — 4/4.”

  1. A “funny” thing happened after I posted my “Saranghae” pic at The Cloud yesterday. Somebody commented “No, No…Not Good.” I’m like…..Oook. I’m not a design artist, so if that’s it I can accept that. However, if that comment means what I Think it means….Houston’s got a problem. I’ve asked this individual to please explain. I realize we Clouds come from different countries and language barriers are a very real thing, so before I let myself “be” myself I really hope this person lets me know what they mean. I’d like to be able to respond appropriately.


  2. I know a lot of Korean celebs try to postpone their enlistment as long as possible. I assume they feel they will loose their career momentum when they are out of the spotlight for two years. It seems most come back to a thriving career, so why worry? I was curious, have there been celebs whose careers took a serious nosedive after they served.

    What celeb (if any) was just not able to have their career(s) bounce back? Anyone we would know? This is just curiosity on my part.


    • Hmm… I haven’t heard of a celeb that has lost momentum, but there is a heck of a lot of celeb news that I don’t see because I only have time to mostly focus on Rain. Fans over there can be extremely fickle, especially the young ones, so I have to believe that some of the idols have experienced that drop-off… Heck, when Rain went in the military, there were quite a few folks who closed up shop and stopped blogging/posting updates about him for that very reason (something I did not and still don’t understand). And some of those have moved on to other (younger) idols.

      I’m curious too and I’d like to know what celebs’ careers have been done in by the military…

      Stephe ^@@^


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