[full][Eng subs] Entertainment Weekly (연예가중계) – Rain, Han Chaeyoung, Taecyeon(2PM) & more! (3/7)

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This is the full program (Episode 1513) that aired on KBS World yesterday. It contains Rain’s most recent “guerrilla” interview that happened in Cheonju and broadcast originally on KBS TV 2 on 2/22. Thank you, KBS World, for the English subs! 🙂

Rain’s interview segment starts around minute marker 31:30. Even though I fully expected the crowd to be huge (we are talking about Rain standing out in the open), it was a scary sight nevertheless. His face said it all—I’m really glad to be here, but God, please don’t let them trample me to death…!

I’ve loved Entertainment Weekly (pronounced YunYeGaJunGye) for years. When I had Korean television channels, it was must-see-TV in my house! May it continue on for years and years to come.

Stephe @cloudusa.wordpress.com / CloudUSA.org

(Source credit: KBS World TV @YT.)

KBS World TV’s YouTube comments:

– Entertainment Hot Click: Death of actress Hwang Jeongsun / Seong Hyeona’s first trial / Singer Park Hyoshin’s reorganization proceeding failure / Lee Taeran to be married / Three goddesses of Sochi Winter Olympics
– Popular Korean variety shows
– Interview with Han Chaeyoung
– Interview with Yu Junsang
– Interview with the cast of “Wonderful Days”
– Interview with Do Gyeongwan and Jang Yoonjeong
– Guerilla Date with Rain
– Yuri (Cool)’s wedding


~ by Cloud USA on March 8, 2014.

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