7 Responses to “[fanmade of the wk] 비 Yourself Open Thread for 1/28 — 2/10.”

  1. I’ll say one more thing. Americans just showed the world just how much bigotry still resides in people’s hearts over here. People lost their ever-loving minds over that Coca Cola commercial and also the second installment of that Cheerios commercial featuring a biracial family.

    Will the hate Ever stop?? The sun doesn’t just rise and set for a few people, but for all of us. The world belongs to all peoples, not just the ones that look and sound like you. Seriously!

    America…..some of us Still don’t get it……………………..


  2. What is the deal with this picture of Bi and his dancers that got the internet all abuzz? The only picture I saw had male dancers in it. No female dancers.

    Hey, if people think they are going to catch Bi with no clothes on and frolicking in public with his female dancers…..don’t pass out holding your breath. LOL. Bi ain’t that crazy, at least I don’t think he is.


  3. Screammmmm!!! i’m having a hair fetishism moment!!!!


  4. Oh Jeez these pictures are killing meee!! Stephe you did it again!! Right in the heart Miss Cupid!! O.o Darnation to have Rain all over you like that… aghhhh >.<


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