[polls][MWave][EYK] M Countdown, and a K-Pop Battle: Lee Seung Gi vs. Rain.

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Rain needs your support! VOTE for his comeback (#30Sexy) on the M Countdown TV show chart. All that is required is you being a member of an Mnet site, so that you can log in. I joined Mnet America a while back, so I simply use my same log-in at MWave and I’m good.

» The M Countdown TV show voting page is HERE.




FYI: In addition to the new comeback music poll above on MWave, and also the actor/singer vs. actor/singer poll below on MWave, you can vote for #30Sexy and for #LAsong on Eat Your Kimchi!

» This week’s K-POP Charts on Eatyourkimchi.com


MWave / enewsWorld 1/2/2014 — by Nancy Lee

[K-Pop Battle] Lee Seung Gi vs. Rain

If you couldn’t tell already, we’re rolling out the big guns, throwing Lee Seung Gi and Rain into the ring to fight it out in this week’s K-Pop Battle.

With a highly anticipated comeback and high profile romances, Rain and Lee Seung Gi have wasted no time taking the reins in the New Year, but which star has the upper hand?

Let us know by voting!

[K-Pop Battle] Lee Seung Gi vs. Rain


Lee Seung Gi

After romancing us with his songs and his costars on the small screen, Lee Seung Gi is now the star of a real-life romance with SNSD’s Yoona.

Lee Seung Gi finally got the girl of his dreams when he and Yoona both confirmed they were indeed a couple on January 1 of the New Year.

Now the small screen really is as close as we’ll get to the star. But we won’t have to wait too long as Lee Seung Gi confirmed he plans to return with a new drama sometime early this year.

[K-Pop Battle] Lee Seung Gi vs. Rain



Juggling a high profile relationship of his own with actress Kim Tae Hee and a Hollywood film, Rain’s life is about to get busier with the release of his new album, Rain Effect, on January 2.

The star has already begun opening his life back up to the public on the Mnet reality show Rain Effect and for as long as Rain has been away from the stage, he will be promoting two title tracks, 30 Sexy and LA Song.

Vote for your favorite star now!

» CLICK HERE to go to this article and voting page on MWave. Happy voting! 🙂

~ by Cloud USA on January 3, 2014.

9 Responses to “[polls][MWave][EYK] M Countdown, and a K-Pop Battle: Lee Seung Gi vs. Rain.”

  1. I’ve been having one heck of time trying to maeuver through these sites. Granted, I’m not the smartest person when it comes to technology, but dang. On the Mnet – http://bit.ly/1bBssuo per the instructtions there should be certain characters in the upper right corner to click on for an account. I can’t find it anywhere. Am I just blind?!? Is anyone still having trouble with Soribada? I still can’t buy a membership and I can’t find Rain Effect listed. I’ve looked through the songs, albums, etc. Again, am I just blind?!!? Are some of these sites for Asia only? This is making me much older much faster. Any advice would be appreciated.


    • Liz,
      We can’t access any of the Korean sites. You have to have a Korean ID number, which is like our Social Security Number to do that.

      Soribada is down for maintenance, and although they have his new 30 Sexy photo up, they haven’t uploaded the album yet. So, we can’t buy it there. The only place you can buy a digital copy of the album right now from the U.S. is from iTunes here: https://itunes.apple.com/us/album/rain-effect/id791035885?ign-mpt=uo%3D2

      I will keep an eye on Soribada and let everyone know when it is back up and running. That info came directly from Soribada’s tech team, by the way.

      The voting in polls can be done via MNet America here: http://mwave.interest.me/mcountdown/vote.m?mcdMenuId=menu2_1. Up at the top right there is a “register” link. Use that to register. Once you are logged in, you can vote.

      Terri :-}

      Terri :-}


      • Thanks Terri. I thought we could access more of the voting sites. I have voted on mwave and I purchased the album from Itunes when you all let us know it was available there.
        I wonder if Soribada has been down for some time for maintenance or just recently when Rain Effect was to be released? Just seems odd to do this when several comebacks were ready to release. I’d think they would be losing a lot of money. I still hope to purchase from them if they ever get working…that is if I can buy a blasted membership. LOL!
        Thanks again for the info.


        • Liz,

          Soribada just went down recently. I buy music from them all the time, because I like other K-Pop artists too.

          I got an e-mail from their technicians, saying that they were upgrading their payment system. Bad timing. Sigh. They said it would be up again very soon.

          I haven’t gotten a reply from them yet about Rain Effect not being available there. That was in a separate e-mail communication later though. Hopefully, I’ll hear from them soon. I would like to purchase another album there myself, just to support Rain in Korea and see if we can help keep him at the top of the charts there.


      • Terri,
        I had emailed Soribada about not being able to find Rain Effect for downloading as well. This is the reply I received today. Did you receive a similar reply? Do you think this is for international fans? Or because it can be downloaded on Itunes?

        “As per requests from the copyright holders, the tracks that you mentioned are not available for downloading.
        We are sorry but please remember that we are doing the best to make all tracks available at kpop service by consistently engaging ourselves in negotiations with them.
        Thanks for using Soribada.”


        • Yep, I got the e-mail too. I was about to tweet about it. Sigh. They are trying to get it, though. Probably won’t in time for Rain’s comeback, though. Sigh.

          Terri :-}


  2. Ok, I’ve signed up from MNET America and went to vote. It’s really pathetic how far back Bi is. I’ve also been voting for “30 Sexy” and “LA Song” at Eat Your Kimchi.

    So sad. I’m just going to cut to the chase. The problem is TVXQ has a lot of younger “squealing” fans who will sit up all night using every technological device they’ve got to vote. Bi, by comparison, is the more “seasoned” and IMO better artist. However, His fans (in general) are just as “seasoned” and some even more “seasoned” than he is. Seasoned (aka….Old) fans don’t stay up all night voting and may not be as technologically inclined…..which is unfortunate.

    Hey, I may fit the “seasoned” category but at least I’m trying to do my part. So Bi fans, we gotta get off our Old @sses and vote (I can say it cause I’m 40 plus…heavy on the “plus”). Just like we turned it out to get him his second TIME mag honor, we can do this now. Those of us who’ve been around know what it was like back then.

    Newbie fans……..this is how we do. So let’s get to it! *SMILES*


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