11 Responses to “[fanmade of the wk] 비 Yourself Open Thread for 12/10 — 12/17.”

  1. In addition to Paul Walker…….RIP:

    Peter O’Toole
    Joan Fontaine
    Tom Laughlin (“Billy Jack”)

    Wow, a sad couple of weeks in Hollywood. These last three individuals I watched MANY movies of them throughout my childhood years. Old school Hollywood will soon be no more.


    • Terrible, terrible news. Sigh.

      Oh, Peter O’Toole. I remember the first time I saw him was in his breakthrough role as Lawrence of Arabia. What a man and boy, what a film. Best epic movie ever, as far as I’m concerned.

      I sure do wish someone would change the face of Hollywood again, though. It’s time for a major face-lift. Hey! Maybe Rain can assist with that one? 😛

      Terri :-}


      • I don’t know. That’s a tall order. As far as I’m concerned the “face” of Hollywood should have changed a long time ago. It’s been too slow in coming. In many, many ways. However, hope springs eternal.


  2. I so agree with your all. Yum, Yum and Yummy


  3. First picture …Oh my oh my………..so cute !!!!!!!


  4. I am a little shock with first picture,and don’t think I can handle for next video now for my health sake.. till my admiration for Him is a little down..
    I never seen this picture before..He just look someone from heaven,indescribable depth of eternity look beyond of human face
    Thank you for sharing !
    I need come back to look first picture again, and again..


  5. Loving the falling snowflakes BTW. So pretty and festive! *SMILES*


  6. Ok Stephe, now you’re just being mean. LOL!

    I said I wasn’t feeling “fan-girly” right now. Clicked on this site this morning and BAM it happened………a myriad of consecutive orgasms just from looking at this damned picture…….GOOD GRAVY!!!
    (*about the orgasms….not really people*)……but Damn!



    • LOL! 😉

      I had narrowed it down to two pictures and couldn’t decide on which one (I was set on a different one over the weekend, but found this late in the game and was like — BAM! *jaw hits the ground, face hits the ground, body hits the ground*). Sounds like I made the right choice, ho ho ho! (adding a little holiday cheer in there, LOL)

      Honestly, the camera loves this guy because he knows exactly what to give it. What the heck.

      Stephe ^@@^


      • Stephe says:

        “….Honestly, the camera loves this guy because he knows exactly what to give it…..”

        BiAlamode says:

        Yes, he does….Damn him! Oh and I mean that in The nicest way. *SMILES*……………………………


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