3 Responses to “[fanmade of the wk] 비 Yourself Open Thread for 10/30 — 11/4.”

  1. Wow. There are no comments under the open thread? Ya’ll have nothing to talk about?

    Terri :-}


    • Well Terri, I would say other forms of social media seem to be taking precedence now. People prefer Twitter and Instagram these days, even FB is loosing some of its luster if you listen to news reports. I’m still around the blog, but I’m just one person. I can’t talk to myself and I’m no longer inclined to leave crazy comments anymore, just for lurkers to read. I’m done with that. I’m not a “Rain newbie” anymore, so my “gushing” about Bi has its limits too.

      When something comes up (socially) that we can really “sink our teeth” into in conversation, I’ll be there.


      • People do spend a lot of time over on Facebook and Twitter now, I’ve noticed, although I’ve even stopped doing too much of that. It gets tiring, and I just can’t seem to get home at a decent hour anymore. Sigh.

        Maybe someday, when I retire maybe? Okay, probably not. That is likely to be never. LOL.

        Terri :-}


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