8 Responses to “[fan account][8th fan meet] Rain, we’ll still ♥ you when you’re sixty-four. :)”

  1. Sweet to read 🙂 So lucky our Asian sisters to have him so close! Ok, I should make it until 64 😉


  2. I still love him


  3. I know I will admire him forever!

    p.s. Awesome fanaccount! I waited so long for it.


  4. Thank you for sharing
    for the fans who wasn’t there
    really enjoyed reading your details,and
    I hope more to come


  5. Awwww the account left me wanting to know more but it was so beautiful anyways! Thanks! I’ve noticed he’s not dancing and I’m sure is because he’s not feeling well, otherwise I KNOW he would be dancing because he really enjoys it! But I understand and love him and I’ll wait for his comeback with the same enthusiasm and joy. Rain is my first love and always will be! He just have to adapt his career to a new path, that’s all. Probably sing more ballads which will be perfect cuz his voice is right for that and maybe get more into dramas or movies. Whatever Rain chooses, I’ll be there! 😀


  6. I’m glad he’s relaxing more, it’s time to enjoy life.


  7. We’ll love him when he’s 64??…..Well, I for one don’t want to dwell too deeply on THAT prospect. My @ss will be pushing 80 by that time. So let’s just say I’ll “love” him as long as everything in good condition and proper order. LOL!!…………………….


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