5 Responses to “[CF of the week] 비 Yourself Open Thread for 9/24 – 10/1.”

  1. Well, on a lighter note. Here’s what “Reine” looks like on this side of the ocean. Meet Reine (aka Rebekah Aladdin). A new singer on the scene. She’s definite eye candy for the fellas….BTW fanboys, she has a twin sister named Rachel and yes they are both models. (*no need to thank me*)


  2. You know it’s funny. I see AllKpop has announced the second scheduled fan meeting for Bi. This just irks me, I go into STFU mode….can’t you? Damn. I keep saying that this kind of info. should be sent directly to member emails. At this point, I’m like why be a member if exclusivity (including being privy to certain specific information) is a non-factor. What really irks me is we are asked to keep our mouths shut…very clearly, yet this information always finds it way to the media. But hey, maybe Bi wants it out there…who really knows.



    • Yep, it took a whole 9 days and I’m surprised it wasn’t blasted out there even sooner than that. I shared the link that only 8th Cloud members could open on my Stephe @Cloud USA twitter (without any explanation, of course), and posted absolutely nothing here, but there are spies everywhere who don’t give a damn about privacy and they have their sneakiness down to a science. *sigh* Whatevs. Rain and Clouds deserve some time together, so anybody who doesn’t like it can just piss off.

      Stephe ^@@^


  3. Wow, the forum has now changed over. So now I’ve gotta finish up Terri. I’m almost done. *SMILES*


    • Yep, and now we’ve got to “Raizo” it up and make it look decent all over again. Got to get a chat box going too, before MD and Merrick come after us with flaming pitchforks, LOL! 😛

      Stephe ^@@^


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