13 Responses to “[CF of the week] 비 Yourself Open Thread for 8/28 – 9/2.”

  1. You know….I just watched a movie last night (prior to falling asleep on another) called “Secret Reunion” starring Dong-won Kang. The movie was great. A spy thriller about a North Korean sleeper cell operating in South Korea, etc. I thought ok Dong-won….yes you’re a good actor and a cutie too. Then I did what I do. Went to YT and came upon….Duh, duh, duuuh….this video. Oh heeeell no! Dong-won you’re a cutie as I said, but NONE compare to Honey Love….oh no. LOL! (*Yes, I’m being silly this morning….so sue me*). Anyway, gotta go break a sweat…..zumba time! Later Clouds. *SMILES*…………………………….


  2. Oh Miley Miley, damn girl what happened to you? I can’t believe this is the same girl that created “The Climb”!! I like her music and Hanna Montana was bearable to watch so I used to sit with my girls and watch it. I think this girl had some kind of nervous breakdown or too much drugs cuz she’s acting like a crazy person. I don’t know why all these girls, Miley, Amanda & Lindsey go crazy at a time when they should be enjoying life to the fullest!! Youth won’t come back ladies, it goes away like the wind and before you know it you would’ve lost precious years in booze and drugs! If they think enjoying life to the fullest is doing this, they’re so wrong!! I hope they can recover somehow for their sake! :/


  3. This is Awesome! I can’t wait to hear this. Timbaland says it’s his time now. Oh boy! How fitting his latest project will be a tribute to Michael Jackson.


  4. Robin, Terri, Stephe thanks for you positive thoughts. Performance review went well….Whew! Don’t have to think about it again until next year. A raise? From your lips to God’s ears. Our office is small, so she likes to give us all merit increases in accordance with the Oh-so-small percentage the state allots the University each year. My boss is not magnanimous with the huge bonuses….I wish!! This is one reason why I take a 3.5 week vacation every summer….a nice Long stretch away. *SMILES*


  5. Mine is coming up, ugh!!! Hope your boss appreciates you and show you with a nice increase or bonus.

    Love the stuff on RainRain thanks for sharing


  6. (*Rant #2 for today*)………………….

    See this is why I don’t give two _hits about Justin Timerlake sometimes. Now, you…Justin can defend Miley Cyrus and that…I’ll say HIGHLY inappropriate performance with all kinds of implications and overtones. But, you couldn’t open your damned mouth when the world raked Janet Jackson over the coals and SHE was supposedly your personal friend. Where was your Defense then??

    Justin…. in regard to your defense of Billy Ray Cyrus’ “problem child” I say, G (all kinds of) TFOH!!!



    • It’s not about “liking” Miley, Justin. It’s about how she chose to rub her VJJ, and give a fake finger h**d, and put her hams all over a married guy’s **** on live TV in order to be “cool” in front of her peers and the world and how that kind of thinking is why the state of our young women today continues to be so messed up.

      Miley is edgy and beautifully photogenic with a creative rebellious streak. She’s done some of the most darkly gorgeous photo shoots I’ve ever seen in my life. But let’s be real here. You can be edgy and rebellious and make a statement and show that “nobody’s the boss of me” without selling RAUNCHY. So you were Hannah Montana and you hate that now. Deal with it instead of trying to sweep it under the rug with shock value and having impressionable little girls looking at you like, “Whuuu?” LMAO That was just ratchet.

      Stephe ^@@^


    • Sigh. Justin, you’re such a wuss. His was the only performance I liked at the VMA’s. Now I’m regretting that.

      Terri :-}


  7. Ok, my boss has seriously irked me. Yesterday was supposed to be my annual performance review. She didn’t do it yesterday (lots of meetings and what not). So it gets “sprung” on me today. Geez! My brain was mentally prepared yesterday, today I’m seriously NOT in the mood. Oh well, such is my life. (#feverishlyjottingdownlottonumbers)


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