4 Responses to “[CF of the week]비 Yourself Open Thread for 8/20 – 8/27.”

  1. OMG I just watched “The Butler” and it is breathtaking!! This movie is gonna take all Oscars this year, is that good!! 😀


  2. Wow, people are Instagramming all over the place from the Sonic Bang. I also see Sonic Bang has got a FB page too. This is where some fans are getting those pics from. Patience is no longer a virtue I see. LOL!


  3. It was cool to see the “making of” Anchor Beer commercial again. If only to hear him speak in English. He has no idea how we U.S. Clouds live for those moments (*at least this U.S. Cloud anyway*). LOL!

    I don’t consider myself a drinker but if I do “sip a little something” it’s got to be sweet. I don’t like beer, but I’ll have the occasional margarita or daiquiri (*Hubby is always trying to get me Liquored up*). Now, what I really like is a Moscato wine. JiHoon, you endorse some Moscato and THIS Cloud will be there! *SMILES*

    Oh, oh and I just recently tried a Maui margarita at a local restaurant….it was Sooo good and Sweeet! I had to leave that puppy alone.


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