[clips][links][Hungarian][some Eng] Cloud Hungary’s incredible “비 – Day: Incredible Rain” event.

Cloud cover by: Stephe, Managing Editor ^@@^


In celebration of Rain’s official Army discharge on July 10, his Hungarian Clouds hosted an amazing 비 – Day: Incredible Rain event in Budapest on July 13, in connection with KOFICE (the Korea Foundation for International Culture Exchange).

This event included lectures and presentations about Rain, his fans, his talents, career, milestones, and his effect on the 21st century, plus some serious K-Pop cover dance entertainment.

(There are some English graphics when it comes to subject matter. The video with Rain’s quotes is English-subtitled. If these videos are ever translated into English, they will be delightful indeed, but as they are, I feel that they are still more than worth checking out and an amazing testament to how Rain inspires his Clouds to educate people about him across the world.)

Now, this is how Rain should be represented and reflected, in my humble opinion. Cloud Hungary is doing it well. Thumbs up, sisters! ^@@^

LINK: A 12-minute compilation of Cloud Hungary’s 비 – Day: Incredible Rain event can be viewed here, on Indavideo:


INDIVIDUAL LECTURES AND PRESENTATIONS. (Source credit for all videos: Cloud Hungary)

1. Getting started at the beginning…

2. » There is no Rain without Cloud. What is The Cloud? Lecturer: Erzsebet Both of Cloud Hungary.

3. » Rain (Jung JiHoon) as the symbol of the 21st century Korea, Part I. Lecturer: Csoma Mozes, PhD.

4. » Rain (Jung JiHoon) as the symbol of the 21st century Korea, Part II. Lecturer: Daniella Harkai.

5. » The Power of Synergy. Lecturer: Erzsebet Both.

6. » Rain the teacher and producer, preparing MBLAQ. Lecturer: Saba (Shiniel) Szoke of MBLAQ Hungary.

7. Daniella Harkai’s Rain milestones presentation.

8. Saba (Shiniel) Szoke’s MBLAQ introduction/presentation.

9. The faces of a charismatic actor: Rain in the mirror of his roles. Lecturer: Veronika Sandor-Sarkadi. (With footage from SangDoo! Let’s Go To School, A Love To Kill, and I’m a Cyborg And That’s OK.)

10. » Remarks by Mr. Young Sup Kwon, head of the Korean Cultural Center in Budapest.

11. Tests of courage: The relationship between Rain and challenge. Lecturer: Erzsebet Both. (With footage from Fort Boyard, Family Outing, and various Korean variety/game/reality shows.)

12. » Angelic Rain: Doing good makes you feel good. The Donation for Camp Courage. Lecturer: Julianna Toth.

13. » Loyalty! The story of two hard years. Introduction to “Soldier’s Things.” Lecturer: Erzsebet Both of Cloud Hungary.

To Rain, a compilation of “Soldier’s Things.”

14. » A Cloud Hungary novella. Read by Dr. Kocsis Katalin.

Rain Said, People Said. Rain quotes read in Hungarian, with English subs.


And a nice educational bonus: Would you like to see where all of Rain’s tours and concerts have been since 2005, in record time? Just CLICK “play”, my dears! 🙂

(Source credit: Cloud Hungary / courtesy of hung vincet)

~ by Cloud USA on August 14, 2013.

7 Responses to “[clips][links][Hungarian][some Eng] Cloud Hungary’s incredible “비 – Day: Incredible Rain” event.”

  1. Dear Stephe,

    your publication is a huge present for us, thanks for it! We are very happy if Clouds, you love this event. It was a long and beautiful day and yes, we thought that can talk about Rain seriously since he is a very special phenomenon. We will try to translate some lectures to English. Our Hungarian Clouds’ favorite compilation is still missing of the story of the day :), this is a compilation from Rain’s quotations in Hungarian but with English subtitles, here its link:

    With love
    Erzsebet (aka Harudo11)


  2. One for all and all for one! Clouds stand as one! Thanks for sharing, so enjoyable


  3. It was a great event! I was there! 😀 Thank you for sharing this! It shows that CLOUDS are UNITED!


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