11 Responses to “[CF of the week] 비 Yourself Open Thread for 8/6 – 8/13.”

  1. As God is my witness, I have nothing against Wheesung. I like him and I am so glad he’s out of there, finally!

    But you see what I mean? He just served jail time before getting out, because of the scandal, and the press and even all-k-crap are all giddy and like Yay! Welcome back to civilian life! We ain’t mad at ya! Have a nice time with your fans!

    LMAO WTF??


    Stephe ^@@^


    • No, you are just pointing out the obvious. There are “forces” at work and the conspiracy is in full effect. That conspiracy is against Rain only. So even if some reporter wants to lay into the other soldiers editorially, their editor (who’s still counting his payola) tells him no, no, no. You make this one look like a saint and you make Rain look like a sinner. They pick and choose how they want to “paint the truth.” That truth is according to what has landed in their bank accounts.

      If it wasn’t clear before, it’s CRYSTAL CLEAR now that people are conspiring against Rain….period. There’s no way this kind of reporting is fair. Now I get why he doesn’t bother answering his critics in the media. Bi knows wholeheartedly that he is being conspired against purposefully.

      These military scandals have come so frequently as of late. Because of it we are really getting to see just How Much the Korean media has conspired against Rain specifically. No hiding it now (as if they tried to). Even people outside of Korea can see this shit and THAT’S the larger conspiracy. They will be damned if Bi becomes well known in other markets, so they want their venom to spread outside of Korea as well. THAT is what has now become the goal. As I said before evil ones, not going to work We “see you” for your work.


    • I don’t even want to comment, because this subject makes me furious. I think you ladies have said it well enough.

      Terri :-}


  2. photos and videos of rain are beautiful thanks


  3. Since we’ve been dealing with recent events regarding Bi and news stories as of late, I thought Clouds might find what retired CBS news anchor Roger Mudd has to say about the news these days. Very apropos.



  4. For those old enough to remember him…..RIP George Duke!



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