Tweets (& Tumblrs) abound: Kim TaeWan’s management shares a glimpse of him and 비.

Cloud cover by: Stephe, Managing Editor ^@@^

And what a nice glimpse it is.

Kim TaeWan (a.k.a. C-Luv), a well known singer/songwriter/composer signed under D-Business Entertainment, and Rain have not only been friends but successful collaborators as well, for quite a while. Back in 2010, Rain sang the nuptial song at TaeWan’s February wedding and made the newlyweds kiss over and over again to “I Do”, haha. Rain and TaeWan have also worked together on a vast array of songs, among them “Rainism” and Back To The Basic‘s “Same” (“C-Luv, baby. No no no no no no. Mm… hmm, my baby girl…” Yeah, he’s that C-Luv.) During the last few weeks of his stint on military radio show Speeding Instinct, Rain had a segment where C-Luv talked about Pop music.

This seems to be an older picture, seeing as Rain’s hair has not fallen down under his ear and jawline for some years. It’s probably a “look what I found in my stuff the other day” pic, like the ones Rain used to tweet. 🙂  ^@@^

(Source credit: official D-Business Entertainment @Twitter, @Tumblr, 7/15/2013.)




~ by Cloud USA on July 16, 2013.

4 Responses to “Tweets (& Tumblrs) abound: Kim TaeWan’s management shares a glimpse of him and 비.”

  1. Nice picture of them


  2. Good to see Rain is relaxing. Smiles will take more time, I imagine. Take care of yourself, Rain, physically, emotionally,and spiritually and mentally. We love you! We have your Back!


  3. Rain looks like he has been partying…dark circles under his eyes…and why not..he has earned his civilian stripes


  4. So great to see pictures of him. He looks healthy and cute. But I wish he would have smiled


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