9 Responses to “[CF of the week] 비 Yourself Open Thread for 7/16 – 7/22.”

  1. You know I gotta laugh or I’d get pissed off. So I choose to laugh. I was “perusing” FB and came across a particular post. It was old and no big deal but kinda “rubbed me wrong.” Seems there are those who don’t think Jay-Z’s company would be a good idea for representation for Bi in the U.S. I’m like really? Hmm, any suggestions have you? My thoughts are these:

    (1) Bi has not made any decisions one way or another about what if anything he will even do in the U.S., entertainment wise, at all yet. That’s number 1.

    (2) Jay-z is reportedly a billionaire now (along with his wife). So from where I sit, he “ain’t” doing too damn shabby. He’s also continuing to making big money moves and manuevering quite well in this Digital/techie world that other entertainers are still trying to figure out. Hence, his Magna Carta app with Samsung that made his album INSTANTLY platinum on the day it was released. Billboard also recognized these sales for the the first time ever (if I’m not mistaken). Digital is the future and Bi could do worse than partnering with Jay-z in that regard.

    (3) If the talk was about Bi partnering with P-Diddy, then I’d be a little concerned. Because we can See proof of how his artists have all “withered” under his tutelage. Jay-z mentored Rihanna. Say what you want to, but girlfriend has hits, is rich and internationally known (for better or worse). I’d say from a business perspective he didn’t do too bad by her. Whatever else she is/isn’t….that’s on her.

    (4) Let’s not forget his collaborations with other internationally known and highly successful artists. First and foremost his wife Beyonce, crazy Kanye, Cold Play, Timbaland, Justin Timberlake, Alicia Keys, Sade and a boat load of others that I don’t even know. He collaborates with uniquely gifted artists in their own right and creates a fusion of his brand of hip hop with their creativity. He’s no slouch as an artist and I say this and I don’t even really listen to hip hop as a whole but I know he’s pretty damned prolific.

    My point is that whoever Bi signs with MUSICALLY in the U.S. doesn’t matter really. Bi will have a tough road ahead in the U.S. market regardless, but if he stays the course like we KNOW he will, he will be successful no doubt. The simple statement I read that basically “dismissed” Jay-z as viable representation for Bi rubbed me wrong, because I could feel the underlying “snobbery” implied. I don’t want to go further than that, because I could. All I can say is we’ll see what the future brings for Bi and what he ultimately decides to do.


    • I know how you feel, BiAlamode.

      Frankly, I think Jay-Z is one smart cookie. I know I’d love to go into business with him myself. (If that were even possible, which it’s not, but still. Dream big, I always say. LOL.)

      Yes he has mentored tons of people, but I most appreciate his embracing technology and making it work for him in a big way. Getting Billboard to recognize digital sales from day one was a HUGE coup for musicians everywhere–big AND small. Even I heard about it through the musician’s grapevine here in Atlanta the day it happened. Trust me when I say that was GREATLY appreciated by the young ones in the industry. Every sale should count in the music game. So, that was no joke.

      I have been impressed by Jay-Z for a long time. I’m especially impressed right now with his collaboration with Justin Timberlake. Yummy. 😛

      Terri :-}


  2. Is it me or is everybody having a hard time with WordPress. It’s difficult to leave comments.


    • Don’t know, BiA. I’m not having any trouble leaving comments myself. And they seem to be moderating fine.

      Terri :-}


    • Me also BiA, it seems I’m constantly having to sign in where as before I never had that problem????? Hummmm????? Yes and I changed my mind because of JIHoon. 😏


    • BiA, I’ve about had it with WP. >_< Either I'm having problems posting and uploading, or someone's having problems commenting, or things disappear at will. One of these days, we'll be moving the blog, but until then it's just a cross we'll have to bear, I guess. Folks will either understand, or they won't. That's that. I'm done explaining.

      The good thing is at least the pros here still somehow outweigh the cons. *sigh*

      Stephe ^@@^


  3. Stephe check FB message. Pass on to Terri also. Thanks!



  4. Hey ladies is it true about the abolition of entertainment soldiers?


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