[Cloud USA video][greetings] July 10, 2013: Welcome back from the Army, Rain 비.

We hope you enjoy this special video message, presented by Cloud USA on behalf of Rain’s Clouds all over the world, in honor of Rain’s Military Release Day, July 10, 2013.
We have missed you Rain. Welcome back! ^@@^ (Credit and edit: Naoko [harudoful] @Cloud USA / CloudUSAChannel @YT. Music and artists credited at the end of the video.




~ by Cloud USA on July 9, 2013.

17 Responses to “[Cloud USA video][greetings] July 10, 2013: Welcome back from the Army, Rain 비.”

  1. Great job!

    Btw, will anyone of u going to his fanmeeting on 3 Aug?

    Regards Elfyn

    Sent from my iPhone


  2. Thank you Naoko and the rest of the staff here for your hard work
    and Terri thank you so much for your help with my picture.
    the video is amazing


  3. Love the video, thank you ladies, Naoko, Stephe, Terri for such a great, time consuming creative job. It was tear jerking. It was so nice to see the other Rain fan faces and their comments. Thank you for including me in the video. I hope Rain sees the video and know how many ppl from all over the world, of all ages and ethnic backgrounds love him.


  4. Wow this is a nice piece of video work. Good job girls! I didn’t notice he was gone that long. Welcome back in deed, Rain! My daughters can’t get enough of you! 🙂


  5. I have tears of joy in my eyes. Naoko you did a wonderful job and Clouds you are all great! I love everyone’s pictures


  6. LOVE THIS VIDEO!!! Well done girls!! Thank you Naoko for making it, you rock! 😀


  7. This video is amazing! Love the music, the pictures , the messages and great to see you all! Naoko, Thank you for creating such a beautiful video.
    I never drove home as fast as I did today.
    I hope his family and friends are throwing him a huge Welcome Back party!


  8. Girls as ALWAYS, great job!!!! Loved, Loved it!!!!


  9. *Standing Ovation*…..Awesome video Naoko…love it! What a beautiful “rainbow of Cloud nations.” So happy to have been a part.


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    Can you find me in the video?


  11. Love the pics too ^><^


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  13. What a Great Video!!! Loved it!!! No doubt it will give Jung JiHoon a warm and fuzzy watching it. Bravo Naoko for all your hard work


  14. Great video!! Welcome home !


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