15 Responses to “[91/91 WEEKS DONE] 비 Yourself Open Thread for 7/9 – 7/15. Tell the world that he’s coming… home.”

  1. Rain you did it! Now the sky is the limit. Welcome back to civilian life. The King of Seoul is back.


  2. I’m a proud mama!! Lol!! My baby is coming home!! :”D I felt soo proud of Baby Boo, he walked out of that base with his head held high, you could see it in his face that he walked away saying, “My work here is well done. I feel completely at ease cuz I did a good job for my country. No matter what people say I am at peace cuz I did my best.” I say, “As far as I’m concern Netizens can stuck their comments were the sun don’t shine!” LMAOl!!


  3. So excited!!! RainRain is coming out !!!


  4. I’m home from work……feeling all GIDDY (*Kekekekekeke*) inside and all I can think of is this song. Sums up my mood at the moment. Didn’t know I’d feel THIS warm and fuzzy inside. I just feel like a party and I’m so NOT a “party-er.”


  5. hi everyone! I’m so glade that the time is over in the army!! Rain is back =) and I hope, he will be saved and healthy!! I’m from Germany and rain’s music is so inspire to me.His songs are very soulful. I’m so excited of his comeback =)
    Love ya


  6. Rain is coming, Rain is coming, Rain is here yessssssssssss. Thank you Jesusssssdd


  7. It’s crazy how time flies….it’s great to see that Rain is finally going home, hopefully he gets some time for some R&R.However knowing what a workhorse Rain is he probably won’t…lol. Also, you guys have done an amazing job keeping up to date with things while Rain has been in the military…..kudos. Fighting!


  8. To hard to watch that Rain Cry it makes me cry for him . Want to see him happy. Welcome Back Rain,


  9. What Peachi777 said so beautifully, I second, third, and fourth. I would give so much to be there just to show him my support whether he saw me or not, but alas, I can’t. So I’m hoping my good thoughts, etc., will be felt by him. It’s all I’ve been able to think about as his release draws closer and closer. I can’t wait to see what he has for us I KNOW without a shadow of a doubt, it’s going to be good whatever it is.


  10. I can’t even go back and look at the old concert tapes. I can’t be at work with “lumps” in my throat. *SMILES*

    However, I can pull out and Oldie but Goodie that expresses exactly how I’m feeling right about now.


  11. Yes, I’m Coming is on my lips in my mind. I may not be outside of the gate of your barracks physically to WELCOME you back to civilian life but know that my spirit is right there greeting you, smile like a Cheshire and shredding tears of joy for your honorable discharge. Just know that YOU may not see my face but I am right there spiritually. (Thanks for sharing Stephe, Terri and everyone that made me privy to what is going on with Rain.)


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