11 Responses to “[88/91 weeks done][song of the wk][calendar] 비 Yourself Open Thread for 6/18 – 6/24.”

  1. I love these pictures because you can see clearly the boy becoming a man. Gorgeous!! That song is soo cool!! Love, love, LOVE the beat of it!! Awesome colaboration! 😀


  2. I love the beat to that song….wow. Thanks for pictures!


  3. RIP James Gandolfini (aka Tony Soprano)………so sad.



  4. Oh, Lord have mercy. Poor baby. Rain chose that route too, became a training instructor, and next thing you know… in swooped DEMA. *sigh* Oh well, maybe they’ll leave SeungHo alone… :/


    Stephe ^@@^


    • Sigh. I do hope DEMA leaves him alone.

      Terri :-}


    • Glad he is doing well. Warrior Baek Dong Soo was the first Korean drama I ever saw and Yoo Seung Ho made a huge impression on me as an actor…especially to be so young. I became his fan after that show. Loved him as the Jade Emperor too. He does historical roles sooooo well. My wish list is for him to reunite with Ji Chang Wook and create WBDS 2 and surprise all of us that the ending of WBDS was all a bad dream LOL.

      As an actor he might have a better chance to bypass DEMA. But these popular k-pop singers just better get their minds ready because DEMA will be drooling when those guys enter the army. l mean after headlining Rain for the past 1 1/2 years DEMA has set their own bar pretty high for Consolatory Train performers.


  5. Terri, when you have a moment please check your forum email. Thanks.


  6. RainRain what are you planning on doing with those handcuffs? Love his pictures, so handsome. Thanks for sharing


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