5 Responses to “[84/91 weeks done][song of the wk][calendar] 비 Yourself Open Thread for 5/21 – 5/27.”

  1. Are Clouds going to do a “WELCOME, RAINY DAY” upon my dear Bi Rain’s honorable discharge or whatever the phrase is for discharged honorably by the South Korean military services. Frankly, I’d like to “Party like its 1999”–if you know what I mean!
    A podcast party . . . SOMETHING!
    Feedback welcomed.


  2. Rain’s version is way better than the original if you ask me! Thanks for posting! I love those pictures too, he looks amazingly handsome! Ohh that long hair, how I miss that georgeous hair!! Sniff, sniff. But his hair grows back fast sooo he will have some awesome style soon!! I can’t wait! 😀


    • It’s funny you mention the original. I like Bi’s version very much, but I have soft spot for the original because it brings back a lot of memories. Mainly me in elementary school being “forced” to be in the school talent show with my little classmates by our music teacher (not in a mean way…but in a don’t you want to have some fun way). It was NOT fun. Some people belong on stages performing and others need to have several seats. I am more than happy to sit it down. LOL!!!

      Anyway, the original “Kung Fu Fighting” was the song we did our little dance to. Wow….hadn’t thought about that in many, many years. *SMILES*…….


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    Start your countdown. ^~^


  4. Kung fu fighting. It’s been a minute since I’ve listened to Bi’s version. Thanks for posting. *SMILES*


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