[Cloud Notice] ★★ Charitable Donation Project to Celebrate Rain’s 11th Debut Anniversary.★★

{*Edited to Add 4/12/2013: RAINY Entertainment has acknowledged this official Cloud project. Good show. » Tweets abound: RAINY Ent on official Cloud Charitable Donation project for Rain’s 11th Debut Anniversary. — Stephe ^@@^}

~Cloud Cover by Terri :-}, Managing Editor


Lovely Clouds,

In honor of Rain’s 11th Debut Anniversary, The Cloud, Rain’s Official Fan Club in South Korea, has decided to sponsor a charitable donation project.

The project’s goal is to raise 11,000,000 Korean Won (approximately $9,600.00 USD).  All monies and in-kind donations received will be donated, in Rain’s name, to UNICEF, an international charitable organization whose efforts are recognized and greatly respected around the world.

The Cloud’s Executive, Gang Sang Yeon said, “We believe that UNICEF will be a most suitable charity in international recognition, as overseas and domestic fans have united to celebrate the 11th anniversary of Rain’s debut.”

Cloud USA is particularly pleased by this choice, because UNICEF’s focus is on children and mothers.  It is also estimated that almost 91% of the funds they receive are spent on program services.  We think think Rain would appreciate that.

If the donations collected do not meet the targeted goal, then the shortfall will be covered from The 8th Cloud’s membership fees.

The fundraising deadline is April 24th.  (April 21st for PayPal donations!)

There are three ways to make a donation:

  1. Direct monetary donations may be sent directly to The Cloud’s fundraising bank account at: Woori bank, Account number 1002-448-588628.  / 강상연 (recipient, Gang Sang Yeon).  You may transfer money into the above account, regardless of how your money is remitted (by country, by web/fansite, or by individual)
  2. Overseas Cloud fans who are members of overseas fan sites (like Cloud USA), may A) contact Official Cloudmasters Ms. Hina (in Japan) and Ms. huhuhuhu (in other countries, including the U.S.A.) to coordinate your donation, or B) use PayPal to remit their donations.  See instructions below on how to make your donation via PayPal.

Many thanks to The Cloud for giving us the opportunity to do something very special to celebrate Rain’s 11th Debut Anniversary.  Many thanks also to Cloudmaster Heidi (huhuhuhu) for offering to collect PayPal payments as a much less expensive donation option for all of us fans who are here in the U.S.A.

We are no strangers to Rain projects, nor to Cloud projects for charity in Rain’s name (as evidenced HERE and HERE), and it’s been absolutely delightful seeing these wonderful events come to fruition and change lives. We do sincerely hope that many of you will join us as we dig down deep into our pockets and donate a little something for this very worthy cause.  Like Heidi said in her notice on The Cloud, “Let us join hands and make this a meaningful 11th debut anniversary gift for Rain!”


Please note that this project’s sole purpose is to to collect monies to donate to UNICEF on behalf of Rain in celebration of his 11th Debut Anniversary.  If you donate money to this cause, please understand that no other benefits are promised.

The collection of monies on behalf of The Cloud and Rain for commercial use is strictly prohibited.  So, if you hear of anyone attempting to collect monies for this donation project with the intent of capitalizing on this effort, please let Cloud USA, The Cloud, or one of The Cloudmasters (Ms. Hina or Ms. Heidi [huhuhuhu]) know.  Absolutely NO ONE should collect money from you for any purpose other than to donate your money to UNICEF on behalf of Rain.


How to remit your donation via PayPal

From Cloudmaster Heidi (huhuhuhu), on The Cloud’s English Talk Board:  http://rain-cloud.co.kr/board/view.asp?mstSeq=14&mstpSeq=17&bcmSeq=6&seq=54958&page=1&searchType=title&searchStr=

“We hope many overseas fans and fan sites will participate in this donation project and I will help with remittance by PayPal, which is simple and the service charge is low.  You could send your donation to my PayPal account which is heidi.shanghai@hotmail.com. Once I collect all the donations I will make one lump sum transfer to the bank account listed in the notice.

Below is the guideline on how to make your payment via PayPal:

When you click “Send Money”, you will be asked “What is the purpose of this payment?’  Please remember to choose “I am making personal payments” (see capture below)

After you have chosen “I am making personal payments” and continue, please also tick that “I will pay the fee”. (see capture below)

Please note the fee may vary by country.  Don’t click “Send Money” yet.  Please scroll down to “Email to Recipient” (see capture below)

As we would like to record all the names and countries who contribute to this donation, please put in the subject box: 11th Debut Anniversary, and put in your country and your name in the message box.  You could then click “Send Money” and your payment should be through.

Deadline for PayPal payment: 21 April, 2013

Let us join hands and make this a meaningful 11th debut anniversary gift for Rain!”

~ by Cloud USA on April 10, 2013.

9 Responses to “[Cloud Notice] ★★ Charitable Donation Project to Celebrate Rain’s 11th Debut Anniversary.★★”

  1. Clouds,

    There are some Clouds who do not wish to disclose “publicly” what they donated. That’s perfectly fine. We totally understand. The Cloud is keeping track internally.

    And an update. We are now up to $640.00! Thank you all! You are all awesome!!!

    Terri :-}


  2. Donation made……..I’ll PM you at CloudUSA.org Terri.


  3. I sent 70 $, add it toward the goal please.


  4. I already sent in a $50 donation via pay pal a few days ago so you can add that towards the goal.


  5. Members,

    We would like you all to know that Stephe and I have set a Cloud USA fundraising goal at $1,000.00 for this project. We’d absolutely love to see if we could really achieve it. Towards that end, Stephe and I have already pledged $200.00 each. So, we are already starting you off at $400.00

    If we can just manage to raise $600.00 more, we would be donating 1/10 of the money that The Cloud is hoping to raise overall–which would be a significant representation in Rain’s World.

    Or course, we think it would be awesome if Cloud USA members could come up with that much cash to help, but no worries if we can’t. It’s just a goal. That’s all. So, please give whatever you can–no matter how small the amount. Every single dollar matters.

    If you’d like your donation to “officially” count towards Cloud USA’s official fundraising goal, please make sure that you indicate that in the message you send to Heidi when you send her your donation.

    Example: Terri Robinson for Cloud USA

    As always, thank you for your support of Rain, and in this case, for UNICEF.

    Terri :-}


  6. Thank you for easy direction of using paypal


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