10 Responses to “[76/91 weeks done][song of the wk][calendar] 비 Yourself Open Thread for 3/26 – 4/1.”

  1. Happy Easter everyone! Have a good Sunday! 😀


  2. You know I’m all for big eyes, as my eyes are big….BUT this whole Japanese Gyaru craze….is creepy to me. At least on some of these girls. Nothing like looking like a giant anime character.

    This before and after is like….OMG…..for a lot of reasons.


    • However, the person who thought to market those contacts was a “goddang” GENIUS!………(*cha-ching*)


      • OMG call me creepy but I kind of like it! Lol!!! I have tiny eyes so I can improve my looks by using these contacts, although I would like the clear ones if they’re available cuz I like my eye color. Kekeke I’m just kidding! But I wonder how difficult is to put these contacts on, I mean, they look huge! 😀


        • LOL!!….ok…creepy. Ha!….*just kidding* I will say it is kind of impressive how some of these girls who look plain otherwise, end up looking like models (some of them) others just look like giant Barbie dolls out of a Speed Racer anime episode. The giant Barbie doll looking ones are the ones that look creepy to me.

          I used to wear regular contacts (before seasonal allergies took over) and they can get uncomfortable after all day wear. I can just imagine how uncomfortable those giant contacts feel after all day wear. Especially since it covers most of your eye….but hey…beauty is pain I’ve heard. *SMILES*……………………….


  3. OMG Rain looks soo darn handsome in these picts. I don’t know what to do!! Aghhhh I can’t wait for JiHoon to comeback! Rainism still one of the best choreographies I have ever seeing. Thanks for sharing! 😀


  4. This has nothing to do with Bi. On the way home and “oldie” came on the radio (the 5:00 pm traffic spot). I haven’t heard this song in years and I thought….hmm…..I’d like to hear Park Hyo Shin cover this one (from a male perspective of course). He’s a good balladeer and I wish I could ask for a special request. *SMILES*…………

    You hear me Park. *SMILES*


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