[strictly for the visuals] Blast from the past #186: オレンジ! Or 오렌지!

Cloud cover by: Stephe, Managing Editor ^@@^


And what is オレンジ, pray tell? It is “Orange” in Japanese. (In Korean, 오렌지, pronounced oh-len-ji, almost like the English word.)

This is Episode 49 of Rain’s Korean SBS situation comedy Orange, from debut year, shared by a Japanese Cloud.

Before SangDoo, Full House, and A Love To Kill came Orange when our Baby 비 was as shiny and new (and bright-headed) as a fresh penny. The cast was top notch with very young actors/singers who went on to have full careers, including “the Asian prince” Jang Geun Suk with short, spiky black hair. The title came from how lifeguards were distinguished by orange uniforms. (From the d-addicts wiki: “This sitcom revolves around the ambitions, passions and relationships of a group of young people who work as lifeguards at a water theme park. It also deals with issues of water safety.”)

Sorry for the lack of English subs (Japanese subs only), but hey, this was way, way back, and it’s as funny as heck regardless, what with the exorcising of a ghost and walking in the rain with Rain and singing in the rain to Rain after TOO much soju. And getting splashed by Rain. LMAO! LOL!

(clip courtesy of sizuku219)

~ by Cloud USA on February 10, 2013.

3 Responses to “[strictly for the visuals] Blast from the past #186: オレンジ! Or 오렌지!”

  1. I need more of orange please..it’s to funny lol hahaha……


  2. i HONESTLY never see full Korean SBS situation comedy Orange, i did run over some short clip of that to point where he and those girl are so funny and cute too i curious what all this about never get to see beginning to end have anybody have this full version 😦


  3. cute videos , orange ! thanks


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