16 Responses to “[68/91 weeks done][song of the wk][calendar] 비 Yourself Open Thread for 1/29 – 2/4.”

  1. I saw on Twitter where Terri let y’all know I’m down hard with the flu.

    Things like this make me glad I prepare some posts a little bit in advance, halleluia.

    *hitting the sack again and not getting up for a while* zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz



  2. Now THIS is how you answer your critics. Don’t cuss and fuss, jump up and down just show’em why you bad. Go ‘head B!



  3. They need to Jihoon oppa alone the man is trying to do some military time and get out. So he went on a date what military guy what guy in the military has not done that.And if oppa is dateing anyone true or false let him be we should love still. LOL!


  4. BEAUTIFUL SOLIDER of Corpal Jung Ji Hoon here that 4 # pic JAWLINE and just so sexy how i want run my finger and touch it such a amazing and so passionate…i just love the HM pic it always come SO NICE and HD as well not to mention he Beautiful and so handsome he sure a make to be one of kind solider that make Korean to Proud of him a truly ambassador indeed……….His body looks hard so yummmmmmmmmmmmm :P)


  5. I love that song. Very beautiful sound. The pictures in the HM magazine were very nice. Handsome as always. Seems like the media has calmed down a lot so hopefully February will be a better month for Rain…..I hope.


  6. Handsome baby. *SMILES*

    It’s gotta be tough mentally for him right now, but he’ll “soldier” on no doubt. I was just thinking that even though I know he is a proud Korean and proud to serve, there’s gotta be a part (regarding this whole scandal situation) that leaves a bit of an “after taste” in his mouth. Especially, when you have to represent at events celebrating your country, like that walk-a-thon. Although, he would never say it. I know for myself, it’s hard stifling my True feelings at work sometimes and I don’t have the kind of pressure he has. So I can only imagine what he feels.

    Oh well, it won’t be too much longer Honey Love. *SMILES*………………


    • You’re right, he’s tense like he can barely contain himself and it’s waiting for something to happen. He’ll probably never talk about this time but it must be really hard on him. To have your country talking about you like you’re the worst soldier ever, to being watched all the time, to feel alone and not being able to be with the person you love and share with her your thoughts when you just made a stupid mistake and you have dedicated your life to be a good example, bring happiness and honor to your country must be horrible. It’s almost over Baby, just a few more months and it will be over. Sighh :/


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