[ETA Eng trans][audio clip] Rain and KCM’s 질주본능/Speeding Instinct military radio show. (12/30)

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It’s time for another installment of Rain and KCM’s need for speed, pre-recorded. It got a little (okay, a LOT) thugged out when C-Luv came on the scene, heheh. 😉 When an English translation becomes available, we’ll post it here. Please enjoy it. 🙂

(Source credit: 96.7 Friends FM / DEMA / courtesy of ratoka @YT)

121230 Friends FM 비 KCM의 질주본능 The Desire To Speed_Rain & KCM DJ (NO MUSIC)

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Rain & KCM’s Speeding Instinct military radio show (Friends FM 96.7) 12/30/2012

English Trans: 화니 @The Cloud Media Board

Additional tweaks and asides: {Stephe ^@@^}


[Rain]&[KCM] : Rain&KCM’s “The Desire To Speed”!

[Rain] : There are times when what you need is some comforting rather than admonition.

[KCM] : This show will be a great consolation to those who live a lonely life during the year-end holidays.

[Rain]: Please don’t touch the channel.

[Rain] : There are only two days left in this year.

[KCM] : I think I’ve spent my days busy as a hen with one chicken over the past year. (laughs) My heart feels much lighter now.

[Rain] : I’m still up against a wall.

[KCM] : But, you look so relaxed. (laughs)

[Rain] : You are simply under an illusion. (laughs) Seoul’s Bosingak holds a bell-tolling ceremony every year. When I was a trainee before my debut as a singer, I participated in the ceremony from 1999 to 2001 to make a wish. I wished JYP would allow me to release my album during the ceremony. The years spent as a trainee was much worse than I had expected.

[KCM] : It’s understandable.


[Rain] : You can send your stories and song request to us through SMS #0967 or its Twitter (https://mobile.twitter.com/speeding967) or its message board

(http://www.dema.mil.kr/web/home/speeding?skin_type=S&menu_seq=2086&mod_id=board_2093&pseq=0 ) or (http://www.dema.mil.kr/web/home/speeding?skin_type=S&menu_seq=2141&mod_id=board_2098&pseq=0)

[KCM] : Particularly, foreign fans can send their stories and song request to us by email : speedingradio@hanmail.net


[Rain] : Listener ‘Moon Woo Young’, “My son who attends a middle school is concerned about his appearance {being} excessive. No matter how cold it is outside, he goes to school, only wearing his school uniforms without his padded coat.”

He may not like the color or style of the clothes. You and your son need to speak about matters honestly, and you can buy him what he wants. {That happened with my son in middle school, too. And that was what the problem was. When I gave him a little break and let him have some input on his winter outerwear, things were better. Good call, JiHoon. – S. ^@@^}



-‘The Song I’d Like To Share’-

[Rain] : Good music makes a deep impression on you as you are impressed after reading a good book.

[KCM] : ‘The Song I’d Like To Share’ segment is comprised of three parts :

In the first part of the segment, Rain and KCM’s songs will play, in the second part, the songs Rain and KCM would like to share will play, and in the third part, the songs listeners would like to share will play.

Part 1

[KCM] : My ‘I Am’ is recommended. I wrote both the words and the music of this song.

[Rain] : Really? (laughs) My ‘Bad Guy’ is recommended. This song is one of my favorite songs.

By the way, I’d like to thank my Cloud fans once again for giving us many gifts and delicious food. I’ll have a wonderful concert and show you my wonderful stage performances next year in return for your love. {In Vegas, at Christmas time, hmm? We’ll take that reward. Thank you, Boo! And you’re welcome. – S. ^@@^}

{By the way, if you could squeeze Atlanta in, that would be, like, EPIC. Just putting a bug in your ear… 😉 – S. ^@@^}

(KCM’s ‘I Am’ & Rain’s ‘Bad Guy’)

[Rain] : By the way, ‘Bad Guy’ was released on 28 April 2002.

[KCM] : I never get tired of listening to that song.

[Rain] : Your song also pleases to the ear. (laughs) KCM comes second to none when it comes to singing skills, however, there are always exceptions. (laughs) As a singer, ‘Park Hyo Shin’ is without equal. (laughs) I don’t mean what I say. (laughs)

[KCM] : I think you know my mother is listening to this show. (laughs) {Obviously! LOL! Sneaky, isn’t he? – S. ^@@^}

[Rain] : Whether she is listening to it or not it’s all the same to me. (laughs) She may like me better than you. (laughs)

[KCM] : Not really! (laughs)

Part 2

[Rain] : Female group SES’s ‘I Am Your Girl’ is recommended. When I attended ‘Anyang High School of Art’, I majored in Drama and Cinema and minored in Pansori. (laughs) (* Pansori is a kind of Korean folk play) ‘Bada’ (‘Sea’ in English) who is senior to me by three years, a member of SES, visited her alma mater ‘Anyang High School of Art’ when I was in the school in 1999. She gave us good advice and presented a Pansori. ‘Bada’ was very nice and had a good manner, and left a number for us where she could be contacted. Six years later, she participated in my album as a rapper.

{Back when JiHoon had been in the military for about 10 weeks, my Song of the Week was his tune “Just Like You” featuring Bada (Sea), off of his debut album n001. Such a talented baby boy, and Bada too. The vocals are so soothing to my ears. It is one of my favorites. Goodness me. – S. ^@@^

And now back to the show! ^@@^}

[KCM] : Female group {Fin.K.L}‘s ‘Blue Rain’ is recommended. I just liked {Fin.K.L} at that time. (laughs) {Ah! Lee HyoRi’s girl group way back in the day. – S. ^@@^}

(SES’s ‘I Am Your Girl’ & {Fin.K.L} ‘Blue Rain’)

[Rain] : There is nothing to choose between the two.

[KCM] : The songs bring my old times to remembrance.

Part 3

[Rain] : Listener ‘Yachin’, “I request ‘Shin Seun Hoon’s ‘I Don’t Believe Something Like Love’. Whenever I listen to this song, the recollection comes across my mind.”

{Ah! JiWoo’s theme song from The Fugitive Plan B! JiWoo didn’t believe in love, but he fell pretty doggone hard for JinYi. Cloud USA YouTube moderator JJ made the perfect video for that, yessiree. – S. ^@@^

Shin Seung Hoon’s “(Even though) I don’t believe in love”

Once again, back to the show. ^@@^}

[KCM] : Listener ‘Pang Pang’, “I request ‘Lee So Ra’s ‘Wind Blows’. I love both the melodious music and the lyrics of the song.”

(‘Shin Seun Hoon’s ‘I Don’t Believe Something Like Love’ & ‘Lee So Ra’s ‘The Wind Blows’)

[Rain] : The two singers’ remarkable singing skills are truly an inspiration to me.

[KCM] : When I listened to ‘Wind Blows’ with my eyes closed, I thought wind was actually blowing. (laughs)

[Rain] : You need to think before you speak. (laughs) {LOL! ^@@^}



[Rain] : Listener ‘Hibuda Yuko’, “The weather has been cold for several days, which roughens my skin. Do you know how to maintain healthy skin?”

KCM and I don’t smoke. Smoking is hazardous to your health, it affects other people as well as the smoker, it is a waste of time, money and resources, and it speeds up the aging of the skin.

[KCM] : Recently my skin is sagging, despite being a nonsmoker. (laughs)

[KCM] : Listener ‘#1871’, “I’m enjoying eating catfish soup cooked by my mother. It’s good winter food, very satisfying on a cold nasty day. Have you had lunch?”

[Rain] : After finishing it {the show}, we’ll have lunch. This radio show runs during lunch time, so it is hard for us to eat meals on time. Thankfully, my fans often provide us delicious foods and snacks. Thank you so much for your support.

[Rain] : Listener ‘I Cham’, “I study Korean language, watching Korea’s historical dramas. How do you study foreign languages?”

Watching foreign dramas come in useful to English study, but repeated practice seems to be important in learning English. I’m thinking of acquiring English again by living in USA for about six months after my discharge from the army. {Let’s see, that’ll be one residence in Cali, and then a secret crib in the ATL… haha, just kidding. Eh… no I wasn’t. 😉 – S. ^@@^}

[KCM] : Listener ‘#1805′, “My 5-year-old niece has entered kindergarten. It is very hard for a kid to enter kindergarten recently.”

[Rain] : Recently, entering a prestigious university is hard, but entering prestigious kindergarten is even harder. I think it is never easy bringing up a child. It is said the cost of having a child is about 350 million KRW, which weighs heavily upon his parents’ mind, and the expenses fall on them. We seem to live in a society in which more and more it really doesn’t make economic sense to have children.

[KCM] : I was going to raise five children. (laughs)



[KCM] : Listener ‘Ahn Woon Hee’, “When I got on a bus, I forgot where I put my bus card. When I was about to take coins out of my purse to pay the bus fare, I dropped those coins onto the floor and all eyes were centered on me. The bus driver said I should pay more even while I was picking up the coins off the ground to pay the bus fare. It was a day when I used coins for the first time in many days.”

[Rain] : Listener ‘#3969’, “I’ve been learning how to cook. I want to impress my future wife with my newly acquired cooking skills.”

You can add oyster sauce or seasonings to make it taste better, and Ramyon will taste better if you add a half tablespoon of Ssamjang. Frankly, women’s ideal men seem to be wealthy guys. (laughs)

[KCM] : I suppose you’re right. (laughs)

[Rain] : But, the rich are not always happy. Relationships or marriage that are not based on true love could be in serious danger, and materialism or lookism ought to disappear. I hope single ladies to look for responsible persons they can trust and love in all sincerity. {Lord, if only. From your lips to God’s ears, JiHoon. – S. ^@@^}

[KCM] : Listener ‘Jin Eun Ju’, “I want to earn some money by hook or by crook, but even part-time work is hard to find, which makes me so depressed.”

[Rain] : I did some odd jobs, if there were any after school during my high-school years. I think there weren’t many jobs that I hadn’t tried at that time. While I was working as a part-time employee on an apartment construction site in Ilsan city 13 years ago, I engraved my name on the wall in the hallway on the 11th floor of the apartment building. (laughs)

[KCM] : I also took what blue-collar jobs I could find before my debut.



Talk About Music With ‘Kim Tae Wan’-

[Rain] : Welcome to another segment on the show, which adds to the classiness of music.

[Rain] : Welcome, ‘Kim Tae Wan’. It’s been so long.

[Kim Tae Wan] : Long time no see.

[KCM] : I almost forgot your face. (laughs)

[Rain] : How did you spend your Christmas?

[Kim Tae Wan] : I had a bad cold, so I had to lie up for a few days. I think I have a jinx of getting sick at this time of the year.

[Rain] ; Hope you’ll break the jinx next year.

[Kim Tae Wan] : I’ll try my best to do so. (laughs)

[Rain] : Who is the star of the day?

[Kim Tae Wan] : Rapper T.I. is the star of the day. He was born on 25 September 1980 in Atlanta, Georgia,. It is said people born on the 25th are smart. (laughs) {Home boy! He lives right down the street a ways. LOL – S. ^@@^}

[Rain] : What you say is indirectly about me. (laughs) (Rain was born on 25 June)

[Kim Tae Wan] : T.I.’s real name is Clifford Joseph Harris Jr. When he was a child, his father who lived in New York had dementia, so his grandma brought him up in the slums of a small town later. He had a hard life while growing up, and his first album ‘I’m Serious’ was not successful.

(T.I.’s I’m Serious’, the title track in the album)(Feat. Bennie Man)

[Rain] : It’s an very exciting song. I tend to record my songs after practicing enough. Then I can save time and be more productive.

[Kim Tae Wan] : That can save most composers including me a great deal of time.

[Rain] : On the other hand, it took too much time for me to work with JYP during the recording of my album. JYP was scrupulous to a fault.

[Kim Tae Wan] : T.I started rapping when he was 9 years old, and his uncle was his role model, but his uncle has been in and out of jail all his life. And of course T.I. was affected by that, and he was also summoned to court on the suspicion of violating narcotics law when he was 18 years old. T.I. kept writing the lyrics of rap songs in jail. After he was released from prison after serving his sentence, ‘LaFace Record’ which was known to have discovered singer ‘Usher’, selected T.I, but he couldn’t live up to their expectations, so he was removed from the company.

After his dark times, he participated in rapper and his friend ‘Bone Crusher’s ‘Never Scared’ as a rapper and he laid the foundations for future success for himself. As the song was a mega hit, T.I. received attention from major record labels and he finally chose Atlantic Record.

(‘Bone Crusher’s ‘Never Scared’) (Feat. T.I.)

[Rain] : I think there is a lot of effing and blinding going on in the lyrics of rap songs. {I will bet  that what he meant here was “effing and bleeping,” because there certainly was all of that during this segment’s uncut playlist. So much so that I was throwing gang signs and calling folks out on Twitter.  It just kind of took over. ROFL – S. ^@@^}

[Kim Tae Wan] : So I had to be more careful when choosing them.

[Rain] : I’m so glad to hear that.

[Kim Tae Wan] : After that, T.I. was arrested by the police for possession of illegal firearms and the judge gave him three years, but he was paroled after six months. His album ‘Urban Legend’ released after coming out of prison, sold over a million copies and hit the jackpot.

[Rain]: As the age of digital revolution is down the pike, I think singers’ incomes aren’t as high as they used to be.

[Kim Tae Wan] : I think so. Recently, even famous singers supplement their incomes by running a business.

[Kim Tae Wan] : T.I.’s releasing his album ‘King’ and appearing movie ‘ATL’ at the same time, created a synergy effect and he was a smash hit. But, he was arrested on charges of assault again. T.I. got word that a friend of his died at the scene of the accident. T.I. who was aghast by the news of his friend’s death, was in a slump, suffering from a guilty conscience.

[Rain] : Through the many ups and downs in his lifetime, T.I. might learn how to overcome hardships and kept on dreaming.

(T.I.’s ‘Whatever You Like)

[Kim Tae Wan] : Even while T.I. was in such a slump, he released his album ‘T.I. vs T.I.P’. ‘Big Sh*t Poppin’ in the album is particularly impressed.

Do you have any inspiration for writing and composing your songs even while serving in the army?

[Rain] : Whenever an inspiration strikes, I write notes.

[KCM] : Me too.

[Kim Tae Wan] : I’m looking forward to your albums.

[Rain] : Please don’t expect a great deal from me. I’ll do my work anyhow. (laughs)

[Kim Tae Wan] : In lieu of jail time, T.I. was sentenced to community service. After the community service, he released his album ‘Paper Trail’ that provides encouragement for poor children. This album has sold over two million copies.

(T.I.s ‘Big Sh*t Poppin’)

[Kim Tae Wan] : T.I. and his family appeared on TV in a family show. He became very famous entertainer with the show, but he was arrested by the police for possession of illegal firearms again and he was jailed for one year. After that, he released an album called ‘No Mercy, but the results were not up to par.

[Rain] : We’re thinking of closing this with the song T.I.s ‘Live Your Life’. How do you feel about this broadcast?

[Kim Tae Wan] : I’ve prepared the materials thoroughly for this day’s show since last week. It has been a salutary experience, which I shall remember.

[Rain] : New Year’s Day will soon be upon us, and with it will come New Year’s resolutions. I hope your wishes come true.

[Kim Tae Wan] : Thank you. I really hope so. (laughs)

[Rain] : Thank you for your hard work.

[KCM] : See you next week.

(T.I.s Live Your Life) ( Feat. Rihanna)

[Rain] : It will soon be New Year, and the date of our discharge from the army is also approaching.

[KCM] : An eventful year has passed and a new one is coming. May the hopes of the New Year come to pass.

[Rain] :Small gifts will be provided for ‘Moon Woo Young’, ‘Jin Eun Ju’, ‘Lee Se Young’, and ‘#4032’. Please leave your phone numbers and names in private in its bulletin board.

[Rain] : This has been Rain. I love you.

[KCM] : This has been KCM. Thank you.


{Really liked the show! – S. ^@@^}

~ by Cloud USA on December 30, 2012.

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  1. ahhh yeh T.I. I like that when he’s not in jail he’s does good songs and he’s a good actor. He was in Hawaai 5-O playing a hellofa good macho role. He was also in Single Ladies, playing a card shark. He has natural acting abilities, I think.

    That’s fantastic that Bi is still wanting to come to the US for 6 months. Ive read he wanted to do that after the Army. I feel so good whenever he comes here but I know sometimes it can be a lonely and depressing time also. He misses being home so much. Maybe he can get used to being here and he can meet with some American singers. I can’t wait to find out what he will do in July of THIS YEAR 2013 YEH. HAPPY NEW YEAR EVERYONE


  2. JiHoon your so sweet!


  3. Oh yeah the gansta *cough..cough* I mean the T.I. episode of Speeding Instinct. LOL. When I head the first T.I. song and realized the show would be about him I was like….oh boy. This should interesting and couldn’t wait for the translation. T.I…..what can I say other than T.I.P gets him into trouble LOL.

    I’ve been HIGHLY curious how the Korean audience is receiving these Sunday segments about American R&B and rap artists. Do they find it informative are they confused to why the attention on American R&B or do they just not care what those guys talk about on Sunday mornings? Or my favorite theory…Rain is just sooooo RAIN that people don’t care what he talks about. LOL. The man has charisma like that.


    • Rain, as well as other artists of the Hallyu wave, have centered their careers around American R&B and Hip Hop music. I think the Korean audience who listens to their show is more than familiar with that fact also. I don’t see them as being too surprised with the music selections. After all Bi, has always been an R&B artist from the time he was quite young (introduced to several American R&B artists by his mentor JYP….as well).

      Bi has always been vocal about his musical influences (*Michael and Janet and Usher namely*). Many Korean artists and the younger ones that have come after Bi have “cut their teeth” and continue to do so on American R&B and Hip Hop music, no doubt about it. The influences are quite visible. All in all, I think it’s a good thing so I don’t think their radio audience would have a problem with it or be particularly surprised by it at all.


      • That’s good to know. One thing that I hope comes out of their Sunday segment is more awareness (especially for Korean artists who sing R&B) to learn more about the life of American R&B artists. One thing I’ve wondered about for the past few months is how much do these artists know about this history of R&B and what causes the soul behind it? I wonder if all they know about R&B is mimicking the music and sound. But to really SING it you have to understand where to go inside yourself to pull out that soul. Learning about the history may help them understand where they need to go inside of themselves to pull out that soul so they too can sing soulful. Some of them do…I heard a guy on Immortal Song 2 who had some serious soul in his singing…but a lot of the K-pop artists do not. Rain puts soul into his singing but holds back sometimes. But he puts a lot of soul into his dancing that’s for sure. The last few military performances he really started putting more soul into Love Song. He started going deeper with that song.


        • Well Alisa, this is a topic that we’ve talked about it quite a bit over the years on Cloud USA and shared strong opinions about (myself included). It can get intense sometimes, so I won’t go there for the sake of this post. However, I do agree regarding Bi. He is definitely more soulful that most Korean artists out there. Even though he is a Korean, I feel the “essence” of who he is…IS soulful. This is why the soulfulness “feels natural” coming from him and not contrived, as opposed to other artists.


        • Alisa
          if am not wrong i think u mean G.O.
          Mblaq Rain boy Idol group he was also on mmortal Song 2 and one as well he very have such a Beautiful and SINFUL voice when he sing along by himself i loving the way he sing HIGH NOTE esp love song or emotional song i have watch him and learn G.O. by watching that mmortal Song 2 but i never rthat he can sing this Beautiful that how i notice G.O. got that Smooth deep voice Rain have his own Way SINFUL voice too when he sing LOVE SONG and u mean any love song as in R&B he learn and know so much then i expected to be he know a lot artist IN USA along usher omimao and ect… like him and have feature song with which i was so IMPRESSIVE … however i would love to Rain can collaboration one the R&B song together i know on his RAINISM DJ have help him Patrice L.A fro rainism as much he know what around him as in industry he very good in business work

          AMEN !!
          THAT is how i feel naturally aboiut Rain too if u listing to him and how he sing u can tell he very have that beautiful soulfulness that capture and so captivating us keep coming and listing to him over and i never GROW TRIED listing to any of his song esp the SINFUL one i even download into my i-pod too i sleep in Rain song as well


          • The guy I’m thinking of was older…maybe in his late 30’s possibly early 40’s. He was a seasoned singer. I’m trying to find that video of him. It was either during the episode that featured Ailee or the one that featured Simon D with Zion t. It’s been a couple of months since I’ve seen it.


            • Alisa, I’m not sure which singer you’re referring to but for me the one “Soulful” singer I came across (recently on YT – Immortal Song 2) is Shin Yong Jae (*in his twenties….I believe*) who blew me away. One of his musical influences obviously being Stevie Wonder. He also did a song on the “Faith” OST called “Because My Steps Are Slow.” Singers like him, I honestly/personally believe have a “natural” tendency toward soulful music Korean or not. They just do. So it just flows from them even though the influence originates from Afr-A culture here in the U.S.

              Another singer with this same soulfulness is Park Hyo Shin. He is also beautifully soulful in song delivery. Once again, I am highlighting these two because I feel (coming from them) a Genuine connection to the music (R&B) when they sing it. Which to me feels like, if you took away the stage and the screaming fans would these individuals still be drawn to or be willing to sing R&B/Gospel tinged songs? I think the answer would be yes. There will always be those who are skeptical of their intentions for choosing to sing music connected to Black people in America (my hubby is one of those people, a music lover who is Hard to impress….SMILES), But I am more willing to give those a chance who I Think (1) are genuinely talented (2) who Honestly Respect the culture their music originates from. My overall opinion, is Most of all no matter who you are (culture/ethnicity/background) or what genre you choose to sing in, I think what moves people is when they feel Honesty coming from you……period.

              Shin Yong Jae singing a little bit of Stevie’s song………………….

              Now Park Hyo Shin who was also recently discharged from the army. He served with Bi briefly…………………………………

              He even covered Jason Mraz. Park is just a talented, talented singer who can cover more than one genre. Now WHY he doesn’t have an English album….???? I would buy that puppy in a heartbeat. I would love to hear him cover an Eric Benet song too.


              • I just looked up Shin Yong Jae on YouTube and found his Immortal Song 2 performance and yep that’s him!!! (Don’t know why I thought he was like almost 40 LOL)….he blew me away with that performance of the song titled Encounter. Make me want to holler at the t.v. “boy sing your song!!!”


              • Well, BiA,

                Although I understand Mr. BiA’s skepticism, let me give you a bit of a different perspective.

                I am a white woman. My grandfather (and many of my other relatives, for that matter) was a pastor of a small country church, in the mountains of North Georgia. My dad was a deacon and a choir director in bigger churches. I grew up signing in the choir.

                My ex and in-laws were African-American Catholics. I attended many Catholic masses. I was also a musician myself (flutist) for 17 years, and I played classical and jazz music in bands and orchestras both locally and overseas.

                As you can imagine, I am drawn emotionally to all kinds of music. However, to this day, I’m so much more drawn to gospel, R&B and jazz than I am to traditional hymns, folk, or classical music. I don’t know why. Those types of music just speak more directly to my soul, I guess.

                So, let him try to figure that one out. LOL.

                Terri :-}


                • You know? I’ve had a weird-as-hell life.


                  Terri :-}


                • Terri………I’m loving this discussion BTW. Let me tell you about Mr. BiA. He doesn’t just listen to R&B (urban/black) music only…..Oh no. One of his favs is Beth Hart. Hubby’s criteria of “real singers” are mainly singers with “grit” and big powerful voices doesn’t really matter what your color is. He’s drawn to old school vibes or new school singers With old school vibes. Among his favs (Jennifer Holliday, Etta James, Patti LaBelle, Beth Hart, Johnny Lang, Ledisi, Al Green and his favorite gospel singer Mahalia Jackson). Now, he does like more mellow singers too, like India Arie and also country western singers like Keith Urban and Rascal Flatts, Winona Judd. Like most of us he likes Michael, Janet some Usher and Beyonce.

                  Now the woman he would probably “leave me” for……Tina Turner….SHE does it for him from top to bottom when it comes to performers. He moved mountains to get a tour book from her last tour a few years ago (that he was unable to attend) and he thinks my being a Cloud is much……HA!! He also has some Howlin’ Wolf, Ray Charles…….Gosh I just can’t name’em all. His musical taste is really all over the place….except Heavy Metal and Rap, believe it or not. He sees rap as “one note”…..sex/money/rims….rims/money/sex. Rap doesn’t “move” him on any level so he doesn’t listen to it (unless it just happens to come on the radio while driving). Hubby is that person you’d see in the audience with the face that says “ok, you think you can sing….then show me, prove it, move me.” LOL!! Classical he doesn’t care for either, although I like it very much and my father Loved it.

                  Before anybody asks….yes he can sing a bit too. He sings around here all the time…..will he do it on a stage…Heck no! I had to twist his arm to get him to do karoke on our vacation back in ’08, since he does like to sing so much. So funny, he was doing ok Until he looked at the words….then “flub-a-dub-dub.” LOL!! So Terri, I understand. He was born in Florida and spent his early years in Selma before moving back to Florida and both of us are Southern Baptist raised….believe me I feel you 100%. The only thing I can say for a fact is my constant talk about Clouds and K-Dramas has made him so much more aware of all things Asian…that’s all I got for my efforts so far. LOL!!


            • Oh well never mind. He has done an Eric Benet cover. Once again, Park is drawn to soulful, melodic songs and covers them brilliantly. He’s so talented, you forget you even hear an accent. You feel it, cause he feels it and him feeling it is The Only way he can deliver the song so beautifully.


      • LOL.

        Well, mostly I don’t think their radio audience is comprehending the lyrics anyway. First, they are in English and not in Korean, and second, they’re in ghetto-*ss slang, on top of that. I mean seriously.

        Terri :-}


  4. LOL. Good grief. Home boy is right.

    Let’s talk about T.I. and Atlanta for a minute.

    T.I. grew up in infamous Bankhead, which is on the Westside of Atlanta,. I live on the Westside of Atlanta. Bankhead Highway (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bankhead_Highway) rolls right through my town, although I live on the Cobb County side (across the Chattahoochee river), where it is called Veterans Memorial Highway.

    My parents were terrified of the Fulton County side of Bankhead Highway back when I was a teenager, and they threatened to kill me themselves if I ever drove down there at night when I got my license. (Of course, my friends and I did it anyway. Don’t tell them. LOL.) It is still not a place I would want to be stranded late at night though, even if the city is trying very hard to clean it up. I doubt they will ever be successful.

    I swear to God, there is actually one traffic light that absolutely no one in their right mind stops at down there. You will seriously get jacked. My son, Alex, stopped there one night a few months ago, on his way back from a party in Atlanta, and two men approached his car. He swears they were going to try to jack his car. He ran the light. (Of course, I was like, what the hell were you doing going through there at 2 in the morning anyway, dumb*ss?)

    T.I.’s Club Crucial is in Bankhead. As I do not frequent clubs, I have no idea if it is still a poppin’ place, but I’d heard that it used to be, at one point.

    I’ve heard that T.I. lives in Jonesboro now, on Lake Spivey, in Henry County. (Jonesboro is the town where the event I volunteered at last weekend for The Douglas Brothers Foundation was, at Jonesboro High School, but in Clayton County). Jonesboro is south of Atlanta (closer to where I work than where I live).

    So, yeah. The Westside has a reputation. Many people have moved out of the Fulton County side of Bankhead and into our community here in Cobb County. And unfortunately, many of them are still subsiding their income by selling drugs. What kind of drug do you want? I probably know where to find it. I’m not kidding.

    See, I told ya’ll I lived in the ghetto. Well, I REALLY do. LOL.

    Terri :-}


    • So Terri you’ve got “hood cred” huh?……….*SMILES*

      What I know about T.I. comes from sometimes watching his reality show “Family Hustle” and from the movie “ATL” and what I’ve read on the urban (aka African-American blogs……SOME Afr-A blogs not all).

      It’s no secret most big cities have “hoods” and we’ve got our share in H-town. Heck, my own neighborhood is becoming surrounded, but the city is in the midst of revitalizing the surrounding areas…..albeit SLOWLY (like molasses) but the plans are in the works. We’ve seen some evidence. *LOL!* New biking trails, a new senior community complex being built, empty apartment complexes set to be demolished (this can’t happen fast enough…..or hubby might soon take matters into his own hands….just kidding…..LOL!).

      Like your parents I try to avoid where possible, but heck the hood is where the good soul food/barbeque is………..no joke!


      • BiAlamode,

        LOL. Well, I don’t know about that, but I know my hood anyway.

        We got the Silver Comet Trail right up the street from my house. It’s a crazy awesome bike trail that starts in Smyrna (where Stephe lives), passes my area, and then goes all the way to the Alabama border. Your Mr. BiA would LOVE it. But even that has to be patrolled by the police. Sigh.

        But you’re right. We’ve got the best food AND the best people all up in here. :-}

        Terri :-}


        • Terri, I just looked up the Silver Comet Trail and showed it to Mr. BiA. He thought it looked great but then went into biker mode “well how many miles is it?” when I told him 101 miles and showed more photos, he was like “Yeah…Ok.” I really like how it goes along old train tracks/tunnels. Hubby works for the railroad so this is something he is familiar with as well.

          I would like to ride on the trail to, but he tells me I’d be in his way. LOL! (*he’s right on that….the most I’ve ever done is 40 miles total…once and damn near died from that*). I said “no, I’ll just visit with Stephe and Terri while you ride.” He was good with that. So maybe I can talk him into a biking trip to GA someday. The more he thinks about it, the more impressed he’s becoming (just heard him say…”hmm 101 miles on that one trail). We have many biking trails in the Houston area, but none that long and continuous. *SMILES*………………………


    • Oh btw Terri, my drug of choice is……..*s-u-g-a-r*…….you got anything “laced” with that…..you can be my “pusher” all day, everyday!

      *Just Saying*……………..*SMILES*


      • LOL.

        Got me some chocolate pound cake my mom made yesterday right here. An ounce of that stuff is gold. Trust.

        Delivery could present a problem for you though. So, I’ll just go ahead and eat it for you this time, okay? :-}

        Terri :-}


        • LOL!!…..that’s ok Terri, Mr. BiA makes a mean Red Velvet cake. We’ve got a couple ladies at church I have to fight off around Thanksgiving and Christmas (*not really*). However, he does have a few paying customers for that cake every year. I told him I am more than ready to “pimp” him out. My mother actually did last year.
          I think he made about 8 cakes. LOL!


  5. Aww We love you too…Rain is getting all mushy behind us cloud


  6. Hmm….Puff Daddy, The Neptunes, T.I……”big things poppin” the curiosity is definitely piqued. *SMILES*……………………………


    • @ BIa
      i just smile how Kim Tae Wan keep saying T.I was making million sale on Album and then spooled went back to jail one or 2 yrs or so on back and fort it like his life back fort stock to this 2 path ahahahahahah
      I’ll have a wonderful concert and show you my wonderful stage performances next year in return for your love.
      wawawawawawaw SOUND like he already have an SURPRISE ro his FANS & CLOUD i just so excited what he bring to TABLE hopeful he work with MBLAQ part his portion too yea…. !!!

      [KCM] : I think you know my mother is listening to this show. (laughs)
      [Rain] : Whether she is listening to it or not it’s all the same to me. (laughs) She may like me better than you. (laughs)
      [KCM] : Not really! (laughs)
      ahahahahah who know KCM …PLAYER this so funny

      I’m thinking of acquiring English again by living in USA for about six months after my discharge from the army.
      IS RAIN serious coming to USA study ENGLISH for just 6 Month are u sure Rain nothing personal about this uh????? if he seriously considering LEARN more ENGLISH that TRULY impressive me more at lease he can open production here USA and work many with them ect…. i am also want Rain come to USA as well like i said he can DO THIS !!!


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