[ETA Eng trans][audio clip] Rain and KCM’s 질주본능/Speeding Instinct military radio show. (12/15)

— Cloud Cover by Stephe, Managing Editor ^@@^

It’s time for another installment of Rain and KCM’s need for speed, LIVE! KCM has laryngitis, bless his heart, so Lee JiHoon is filling in for him. When an English translation becomes available, we’ll post it here. Please enjoy it. 🙂

(Source credit: 96.7 Friends FM / DEMA / courtesy of ratoka @YT)

121215 Friends FM 비 KCM의 질주본능 The Desire To Speed_Rain DJ (with Lee JiHoon) (NO MUSIC)

Rain & KCM’s Speeding Instinct military radio show (Friends FM 96.7) 12/15/2012

English Trans: 화니 @The Cloud Media Board

[Rain] : Rain&KCM’s “The Desire To Speed”!

[Rain] : The melting snow has made the road very slippery and dirty.The snow in the shade that has not melted yet, seems to be a heap of emotional baggage in people’s mind. Please try to banish all troubles from your mind, and stop thinking and lose all your emotional baggage and try to purge your mind of anxiety while listening to the show again today.

[Rain] : KCM has caught a cold and lost his voice, so ‘Lee Ji Hoon’ is hosting this show on behalf of him.

[Lee Ji Hoon] : It’s great honor to be invited here today, but I’m really tense because this is my first as a DJ.

[Rain] : Please don’t worry. I’ll help you. I think this show is far more interesting and informative than any public radio broadcasting. Please stay tuned for this show. I feel great today.


[Rain] : You can send your stories and song request to us through SMS #0967 or its Twitter (https://mobile.twitter.com/speeding967) or its message board

(http://www.dema.mil.kr/web/home/speeding?skin_type=S&menu_seq=2086&mod_id=board_2093&pseq=0) or (http://www.dema.mil.kr/web/home/speeding?skin_type=S&menu_seq=2141&mod_id=board_2098&pseq=0)

[Lee] : Particularly, foreign fans can send their stories and song request to us by email : speedingradio@hanmail.net



-Quiz Pang Pang-

[Rain] : Are you good at answering a quiz well?

[Lee Ji Hoon] : Yes, I’m. I have a mania for answering a quiz.

[Rain] : I dislike using my head, but I’m good at working physically. (laughs)

[Lee Ji Hoon] : But you are extremely knowledgeable and smart.

[Rain]: You’re right! (laughs)

[Lee Ji Hoon] : If you give a correct answer to my question or if you give a funny answer despite a wrong answer, you will get a present as a prize.

*Quiz 1

(Rain and ‘Lee Ji Hoon’ read the words to a song.)

[Rain] : What is the name of the song?

[Lee Ji Hoon] : Please send a chargeable text message to this number #0967 if you know the answer or if you want to send your wrong and funny answer to us.

[Rain] : The answer is ‘Hyun Bin’s ‘The Man’, and this song is the theme from drama ‘The Secret Garden’. It is also one of KCM’s favorite songs.

[Lee Ji Hoon] : Listener ‘Only One’ – ‘Baek Ji Young’s ‘The Man’.

Listener ‘#5265’ – ‘Baek Ji Young’s ‘The Man’.

Listener ‘#11333 – ‘Love Bursting Like A Bubble’

[Rain] : Listener ‘#9651’ – ‘Hyun Bin’s ‘The Man Who Foams At The Mouth When Kissing’

Listener ‘#5535’ – ‘Hyun Bin’s ‘The Man Who Has Left The Army’

Listener ‘#9891’ – ‘Baek Ji Young’s ‘The Hyun Bin’.

[Lee Ji Hoon] : Listener ‘#5573’ – ‘Hyun Bin’s ‘How Much Are You Asking?’

[Rain] : The winner out of those who have got the wrong answers, is ‘#9651’. Congratulations!

[Rain] : Listener ‘#7553’, ‘#0860’, ‘#4681’, ‘#0625’, etc. – ‘Hyun Bin’s ‘The Man’

The winner out of those who have got the right answers, is ‘#0625’. Congratulations!

*Quiz 2.

(A song is playing on the radio)

[Rain] : What is the name of the song?

[Rain] : The answer is ‘Jungyeop’s ‘Nothing Better’.

[Rain] : Listener ‘#0036’ – ‘Jungyeop’s ‘Wow Wow’ (laughs)

Listener ‘#3589’ – Naeol’s ‘Fickle Man’

Listener ‘#5191’ – ‘Jungyeop’s ‘Scythe’.

Listener ‘#8686’ – ‘Jungyeop’s ‘You’re My Lady’.

Listener ‘#5023’ – ‘Cheonyeop’s ‘You’re My Lady’. (laughs)

Listener ‘#1719’ – ‘Taeyeop’s ‘Belt’.

Listener ‘Bulging Head Eyebrow’ – ‘Cheonyeop’s ‘Nothing Better’

Listener ‘#3021’ – ‘Jungyeop’s ‘Millstoen’.

[Rain] : The winner out of those who have got the wrong answers, is ‘#3021’. Congratulations!

[Lee Ji Hoon] : Listener ‘#4686’, ‘#3474’, ‘#7554’, ‘#Jin Eun Ju’, etc. – ‘Jungyeop’s ‘Nothing Better’.

The winner out of those who have got the right answers, is ”#7554′. Congratulations!

*Quiz 3

(Big Bang’s ‘From Day To Day’ is playing)

[Rain] : I want you to guess what the lyrics are when a bell rings.

[Rain] : The answer is ‘Memory’.

[Rain] : Listener ‘#1876’ – ‘Bag’

[Lee Ji Hoon] : Listener ‘#4845’ -‘Cheap Goods’.

[Rain] : Listener ‘#5114’ – Corporal ‘Jung Ji Hoon’s ‘Back Pain’.

[Lee Ji Hoon] : Listener ‘#8686 – ‘A Certified Copy Of Your Discharge’

Listener ‘#8686 – ‘#5161’ – ‘A Brand-Name Bag’

[Rain] : Listener ‘Bulging Head Eyebrow’, “Seaweed”

Seaweed soup probably tastes better with three spoons of oyster sauce.

[Rain] : Listener ‘#7244’, “‘The answer is ‘Recollection’. The recollection of your military service will be stuck in your mind.”

I’m enjoying serving in the army till I feel burnt out. (laughs)

[Rain] : The winner out of those who have got the wrong answers, is ‘#8686’. Congratulations!

[Lee Ji Hoon] : Listener ‘#6707, ‘#9486’, ‘Ha Ji Min Love R’, ‘#4686′, ‘#6367’, ‘Missing Rain’, ‘#4550’, etc. – Memory.

[Rain] : The winner out of those who have got the right answers, is ‘#4550’. Congratulations!

As I promised last time, I’ll hold you tight with my military uniform on recalling your names when I leave the army if you send your stories and song request frequently. (laughs)

[Lee Ji Hoon] : I remember the names of those who have delivered foods to Rain.

[Rain] : We were able to share the foods with each other or support orphanages by sending the foods, thanks to my fans. I am so proud of you. My darlings! (laughs)



[Rain]: Listener ‘#1606’, “I really miss private ‘Son Ju Young’ who serves in the military unit in charge of the central combat zone’s front lines, and who will leave the army on December 19 next year. Way to go!”

I think the weather at the region is still pretty harsh.

I was chilled to the bones as my hot pack was freezing while being on sentry duty in Yeonchoen, and the winter in Yeonchoen is very severe, the thermometer frequently falling to 22° below zero.

[Lee Ji Hoon] : Listener ‘#4881’, “How nice to hear your voices!”

[Rain] : Thank you.

[Rain] : Listener ‘#0705’, “Both of ‘Lee Ji Hoon’ and ‘Jung Ji Hoon’ have been my role models since my primary school days and high-school years, respectively.”

Maybe ‘#0705’ has DJ and soldier ‘Lee Ji Hoon’ confused with singer and actor ‘Lee Ji Hoon’. (laughs)

[Lee Ji Hoon] : When I’m active as a singer, I use my stage name ‘Kyun Woo’, instead of my real name, and actually I’m a low-profile singer.

[Rain] : You don’t have to hide your light under a bushel.

[Rain] : Listener ‘Pang Pang’, “I saw several pedestrians coming to grief on the icy pavement. Please walk carefully not to fall, and take care of your health above all things.”

[Lee Ji Hoon] : Yesterday private ‘Lee Jun Hyuk’ slipped on the frozen path and fell on his back.

[Rain] ; Every soldier, please be careful of the icy roads.

[Lee Ji Hoon] : Listener ‘#5535’, “I’m going to a buffet restaurant with my friend.

As Rain has said before, I’ll carefully choose the foods and eat them, drinking a little of the water.”

First, eat expensive foods such as sashimi, sushi, etc., and then eat meat, all kinds of expensive vegetables, etc. Don’t eat rice because it can easily leave you feeling satisfied. (laughs)

[Rain] : Listener ‘#9106’, “I’m just glad that the exams are over at last!”

[Lee Ji Hoon] : Listener ‘#1805’, “I tried to eat an instant noodle this morning and as a consequence was late for work.”

[Rain] : Please try to add a sprinkling of cheese to make it taste better, but cheese is fattening. (laughs)



-The Desire to Post Comments With ‘Lee Jin Ho’ and ‘Lee Ji Hoon’-

[Lee Jin Ho] : Listener ‘A’, “When I was introduced to a man by my friend, the friend revealed details about my private life on the spot when drinking. After that, he chucked over and never called me.”

[Lee Ji Hoon] : Listener ‘B’, “I talked behind my boss’s back, but one of my fellow workers told him on me and put me in a very embarrassing situation when she drank.”

[Rain] : Today’s comment subject is about “The people who cannot keep a secret, so their manners do tend to put people off.” Please post many of your funny writings on its bulletin board or by its Twitter or email – speedingradio@hanmail.net

[Rain] : I think we’re better off without KCM (laughs), but his mother and 6~8 girl friends may be listening. (laughs). Please take it as a joke. I didn’t mean it. (laughs)

Do you have any interesting stories relating to the subject?

[Lee Ji Hoon] : I have 3 close friends, but one of them often talks about my private life roughly, which makes me feel so embarrassed.

[Rain] : I heard from ‘Lee Jin Ho’ that his fellow gagman ‘Se Chan’ rent an old motorbike and rode it to surprisingly appear at a birthday party for a gagman, which made people laugh. (laughs) I burst out laughing hearing it. (laughs)

[Rain] : One day I ripped off the wrapping paper, eager to see the present and crumpled the wrapping paper and threw it into the wastebasket, but I found out later that ‘Lee Jin Ho’ wrapped up old clothes to give his fellow gagman them as gifts. using the wrapping paper that was put into the wastebasket. (laughs)

‘Lee Jin Ho’ has a remarkable talent at raising a laugh. (laughs)

I admire gagmen’s passionate belief in what they are doing, so I’d really like to make people laugh, too.

Unlike how I was, recently I was unaware of the time as I was engrossed in trying making soldiers laugh at morale-boosting concerts. (laughs)

[Lee Jin Ho] : I thought Rain managed those events without singing. (laughs)

[Rain] : Before getting down to cases, let me play a pop song.

MBLAQ’s ‘Chun Dung’ participated in singer IU’s ‘Christmas In Advance’ as a rapper. How can he do so without permission! (laughs)



[Lee Ji Hoon] : Listener ‘Knife Fight’ (laughs), “My 6 year-old daughter often puts me in a very embarrassing situation, telling on her family to her teacher at her pre-school.”

[Lee Ji Hoon] : Listener ‘Kang Chang Yeon’, “I was supposed to be introduced to a woman by my senior, but I saw him (the senior) highlighting my weak points more in a telephone conversation with her. I was too confused for his disclosure.”

[Rain] : If a fact isn’t a clear violation of the law, I think it can be disclosed. (laughs)

[Lee Jin Ho] : After KCM passed the time talking behind his seniors’ back, I sneaked on him to them. (laughs) KCM didn’t expect me to do so. (laughs)

[Rain] : Listener ‘Park Eun Mi’, “I told a fellow worker under a promise of secrecy, but I cannot rely on her secrecy.”



(After pop group ‘Cool’s song)

[Rain] : Coed group ‘Cool’s music stirs memories of a simpler time.

Female member ‘Euri’ from the group is one of my favorite singers, and the group was enjoying the height level of popularity at that time, so they were heroes of mine.

[Rain] : Listener ‘#0232’, “My friend was waiting for me for 2 hours, stamping her feet in front of the lecture room where I took an exam. I found out later it wasn’t urgent at all.”

[Lee Jin Ho] : Look at Rain acting realistically while reading the story! (laughs)

I think it’s time for him (Rain) to get ready to be a comeback hit after his discharge from the army. (laughs)

[Lee Jin Ho] : Listener ‘Lee Eun Shik’, “I get stressed by my wife who enjoys sneaking on me to her parents.”

[Rain] : ‘Lee Jin Ho’ always gives me a good impression, so whatever he is saying, it seems to sound good.

[Lee Ji Hoon] : Listener ‘Mikaco’, “My mom cannot keep a secret, so she always tells her sister on me and I’m very embarrassed.”

[Rain] : I think ‘Lee Ji Hoon’ needs to practice reading harder.

[Lee Ji Hoon] : I’ll try harder from now on.

[Rain] : Listener ‘#1719’, “I’m a 22 year-old member of society, but my parents are too strict with me, so I have to hurry because I have a 8:00pm curfew. That’s pretty harsh.”

Conservatism seems to be carried too far. However, the world’s a rough room, so her parents need to be more strict with her and that’s why she should have a 6:00pm curfew, I think. (laughs)



(After ‘Super Junior’s Happiness)

[Rain] : ‘Super Junior’ did a cover of H.O.T.’s Happiness.

Time goes by so quickly.

[Lee Jin Ho] : I think we’re unaware of the passing time because KCM isn’t here. (laughs)

[Rain] : KCM’s being a DJ doesn’t seem right to him. (laughs)

Maybe his mother is listening. Mother, I love you. Happy New Year! (laughs)

[Lee Jin Ho] : Listener ‘#4921’, “I have a new boyfriend, but my close friend embarrassed me, telling him about me in spite of herself.”

[Lee Ji Hoon] : Listener ‘Lee Yun Hee’, “I was singing a torch song for my senior’s boyfriend, but my trusted friend told on me to the senior, stabbing me in the back. The senior slapped on my face in a fit of pique to hear the news.

I can’t hold my head up because I am so embarrassed.”

[Rain] : Listener ‘Ha Ji Min’, “My mother and I go to a health club. One day she embarrassed me, simply releasing my weight (60kg) in front of people there.

I was about to cry.”

Actually I prefer a woman who has gained some weight rather than a woman who is trim and slender in figure.

[Lee Jin Ho] : But actually you (Rain) had dated with slim women, right? (laughs)

[Rain] : Yeah….You’re right. (laughs) Sorry. (laughs)

[Rain] : It’s the time to say good-bye. Thank you for coming in today, despite your hectic schedule. ‘Lee Jin Ho’ will be promoted to sergeant soon.

[Lee Jin Ho] : I’ll gain advancement in about 110 days.

New PR soldiers just started their duties just about 100 days ago. (laughs)

[Rain] : They don’t measure up to ‘Lee Jin Ho’ and me at all. (laughs)

[Lee Ji Hoon] : I envy you.

[Rain] : You don’t have to envy me. There will be brighter days ahead. (laughs)

[Rain] : Lastly, could you leave a word to our listeners?

[Lee Jin Ho] : (Stammering) I hope you all have enjoyed a fruitful year, and Happy New Year! (laughs)

[Rain] : You’ve done a good job today. Nice work, ‘Lee Ji Hoon’.

[Lee Ji Hoon] : It’s kind of you to say that. I should really learn a lot from you.

[Rain] : Thanks. That’s nice to hear, but it’ll take many thousands of years to outdo me in everything. (laughs) I’m just kidding (laughs)

Thank you for your hard work.

Small gifts will be provided for #9651, ‘#0625’, ‘#3021’, ‘#7554’, ‘#8686’, ‘#4550’, ‘Ha Ji Min’, and ‘#0232’. Congratulations!

Please leave your phone numbers and names in private in its bulletin board.

[Rain]: This has been ‘Jung Ji Hoon’. Have a nice weekend!

[Lee Ji Hoon] : This has been ‘Lee Ji Hoon’. Thank you.

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  1. LAMO~
    rain such jerk and joke here HIS SPEEDING just make me smile what can i said that just SIMPLY RAIN ekekekeke about what he said in women he know much more then anything he see i bet Rain die hard to sexy women fit and can do that job right which he always state i want a perfect women can cook and do think for him but this women must understand him too i pretty sure RAIN found right MS, RIGHT just wait & see as meantime i want this guy to continue his spirit enjoy his pang pang Radio talk here he can be freak yet a serious inn sec…. is that Rain i never get tried he funny side slip out sometime good hang with u Rain ekekekek


  2. ………….Jihoon is a freak……..love that man :D, sorry Stephe but this all I’m thinking about at this moment lol


  3. I think that our “chubbie ideal” is WAY different from the “korean chubbie ideal”. For them, being chubbie is like maybe size 8? Remember that asian women have naturally small frames so to fill a size 8 take more curves! Korean believe on taking care of their bodies, I read it somewhere and my Korean teacher told us that to them is more than vanity, it’s a way of thinking. They believe that you must take care of the body God gave you. To be out of weight is to harm your body and be ungrateful so that’s why they eat well. Even at the working place is an issue, if you’re out of weight then you can’t do well in the job. They encourage employees to be fit. I think that Rain wants a woman who take care of herself, intelligent, who looks innocent and cute outside but in his home, he wants a woman who can be naughty and sexy. 😀


    • You know Mari, it’s funny that you mention about Korean employers wanting their employees to be healthy as well. Here in the states the idea of being fit is a tough sell for a lot of reasons.

      Where my husband work’s the employees get gym memberships Paid For by the company and do you know more than half of them won’t even go. Also, the onsite nurses have a program where employees can sign up for 6 to 10 company paid for personal training sessions at a local gym. Nobody would sign up. They had to practically beg people, so hubby and one or two others got to go through the program twice. You even needed to be at a certain BMI to sign up, but the nurse let hubbie do it anyway because the ones who truly needed it wouldn’t do it.

      Now, hubbie uses his membership and tries to eat healthy, etc. Do you know his co-workers actually give him a hard time about THAT (being healthy). He gets the “oh so you trying to eat healthy huh?” He tells me about the “smack” they talk at work. He works with a bunch of guys who want to eat like pigs, but make snide comments about the guys who try to be healthy and fit. Guys are just as jealous of each other as women can be, I’m realizing. There are a few converts who have slowly come to the healthy side by watching him, but they would “die” before they tell him he was the influence. LOL!!

      Now, hubby is a man and he doesn’t take the comments “lying down”…..(I can’t tell you what he says back to them….Terri would censor me….*SMILES*) But, in essence it’s “don’t hate me cause I’m beautiful” (not exactly his words, but you get the point) LOL!!! Here in Houston, there’s a restaurant in damn near every nook and cranny of this city and people wonder why obesity exists in this country. Commercial ads every ten seconds on tv about food, doesn’t help either. So many factors…..let me get off the soap box.

      I’m done Stephe. Just wanted to speak directly to Mari’s comment.

      Oh well, another topic for another day.


  4. LOL! People are over-thinking this thing waaaay too much. My goodness. LOL

    JiHoon has always known that anything he says — anything — will be dissected 1000 ways from Sunday and can come back to haunt him, so he’s always been very careful to keep to the truth over the years because lies are too hard to remember and keep up with. It’s too easy to slip up after a while.

    He likes a woman with a little meat on her bones. He likes curves. He likes athleticism. He has also dated slender women too, because guess what? There is this thing called chemistry, and despite the fact that they were super skinny, his chemistry responded to something in their chemistry at that time. Look back over everyone you’ve ever dated. Have they all looked EXACTLY alike, down to the last detail? I dare say no. Not to mention, there several different degrees of dating. Giving dinner and a movie a try, or a lunch in the park, or a blind meeting, or a casual outing in a group is a far cry from declaring undying love and shopping for couple rings.

    (I’m not even going into the Megan Fox debacle because, frankly, it has no relevance. A fantasy “ideal” package that you’d like to work with in a movie and the woman that you really want to take home to mama and daddy and spend 24/7 with are too totally different things. And rarely the same.)

    JiHoon hasn’t ever contradicted himself when it comes to the type of lady he likes, not even in this show. He likes what he likes (a warm, pretty, charming, confident, intelligent woman who eats and enjoys her food, likes to cook, is curvy but in shape enough to do lots of fun stuff, who has her own life and interests apart from his, is a discreet lady in the streets who doesn’t spread his/their business anywhere but is a “freak in the bed” so to speak, loves Korean women but also attracted to other nationalities, a little younger or older, even as much as ten years older, financial status not a factor), he’s gone out with a variety, and it all comes down to chemistry, just like with anybody else. Good grief. LOL

    Stephe ^@@^


    • Ok, you must have read some comments somewhere else in the blogosphere. LOL!!

      I think your last paragraph sums up what we think here. He’s a typical dude. Pretty girl, shapely, freak in the bed (you said that not me…..Kekekeke). Yep, typical guy alright. *SMILES*

      Stephe, now you know there’s a certain segment of fandom that only sees hearts and cherubs and wildflowers in open fields with unicorns walking by when they see/hear Bi. Just picture that movie “Legend” (Tom Cruise and Mia Sara). Child…..reality has “left the building” right along with Elvis.

      The only thing I said was I know what “chubby” is over here and it ain’t ‘NUTIN like it is over there. The t-shirt we got when we became members of the Cloud…..”memba” that? Well, it took a “minute” to get “my girls” in that Korean version of an XL……(*just saying*) and I’m not the biggest girl over here. LOL!! I still laugh at that one…..Kekekekekeke!!


      • LOL! Yeah, I’m commenting on stuff being said other places AND here.

        You’re right. Depending on where you are in the world, “chubby” can mean different things for sure. I just think that, in the bigger picture, it’s more important to notice that the man is showing he has a more realistic preference than people would think he does, rather than than there being a to-do over some exact size. And that going out with one thing doesn’t necessarily change a person’s preference. That’s all.

        “I want to successfully be a husband with two sides when it comes to charisma, so I want my other half to be both pure and innocent, and yet at the same time tiger wild.” Native speakers picked that up in an interview on the Win Win Show in 2010 and translated it. And in the ATL, we know exactly what that means. Haha.

        Stephe ^@@^


        • LOL!! and in H-Town it means Exactly the same as it means in the ATL as well….and apparently in Korea too!

          It’s universal. People are the same everywhere are they not? I know men sure as hell are. Hahahahahaha!!

          I think what happens is people start comparing themselves to what they feel his supposed preference(s) may be, that’s what happens I think.

          Hey, my comments are all in fun, but I guess others in the blogosphere get “deep” with it.


          • Oh lord, let me clear something up… No one’s comments anywhere or here made me mad or anything. My comments weren’t from being upset or anything, just puzzlement. LOL

            Stephe ^@@^


            • I didn’t think you were mad. You got a new little “happy bundle” at home to be upset right now. *SMILES*……………………

              It’s all good as far as I’m concerned. Don’t know about anybody else but I’m cool. Eating an ice cream sandwich right now…..so you see I’m real “worked up” about the chubby thing.



        • ROFL….yeah men are the same all over the planet. They want a lady in the streets a freak in the sheets. It’s good to know Rain is totally 100% man. Stephe you are right about the chemistry concept when it comes to Rain. He connects with people a LOT with chemistry. I’ve been watching Fugitive Plan B and started watching interviews and press conferences from that era in his career and realized he had a lot of chemistry with one of his co-stars at least for the time that show was airing. In general Rain feels very intensely and does not suppress what he feels if he is in a place to show it. Watching any concert reveals that about him.


      • ROFL…reminds me of back in 2009 when I went to Paris for vacation and decided to buy a tee shirt from one of those street vendors. That’s when I discovered that their version of x-large for women was like medium in America. I remember just laughing when I picked up the x-large shirt, held it out for a good look and thinking “are ya’ll for real??” I never did buy my tee shirt.


  5. ahahahahah this so funny ….. i would recall that either i don’t why Rain state in this Fm say he love chubby women O_O MANY OF US KNOWN HE HAVE DATE AND LOVE slim GIRL HE EVEN SAY INTERVIEW to by whom speak to itself …..working woth chubby uh Rain i bet he siad like and think opposite way ekekekeek men i don’t seem to know how much Rain give such a subject somethime he did want to let us known and slip wrong work ahahah which i know Rain like date slim not chubby but [Lee Jin Ho] GOT that right and Rain …. are considering curvy or Slim ahahahahah


  6. Reblogged this on walking through the rain and commented:
    Sweat with Rain.Beautiful.


  7. I recall Rain stating that he like a woman who is a little chubby so that he will have someone to workout with.Rain I will keep my 140 lbs,so that we can workout together.Take care.My Angel Warrior.Bright Blessing’s.


  8. Great show!!..so I’m guessing Jihoon still wants a chubby woman?


    • The way Rain just said the first thought that came to his mind about wanting a woman who has put on some weight yea I think Rain likes a woman who has some soft curves for him to grab and hold onto. Yep, Rain likes a curvy woman!


      • I guess I better keep my curvys then lol …make up yo mind Jihoon!!!


        • “[Lee Jin Ho] : But actually you (Rain) had dated with slim women, right? (laughs)

          [Rain] : Yeah….You’re right. (laughs) Sorry. (laughs)”

          Yeah, way to backtrack, yo.

          Men. LOL.

          Terri :-}


          • Hee hee hee….yea Rain “fixed up” his statement real good. I don’t remember who said it on the Cloud USA blog but somebody made this statement the other week “just tell the world how ya like it” ROFL…. Not sure why Rain felt the need to backtrack. Don’t matter the truth came out the first time. 😀


            • @Alisa,

              I made that statement in reference to someone else’s comments at the time.

              IMO, men are superficial as hell, when it comes to how they want their woman to look (whether they say it out loud or not). JiHoon has been in this “game” a long time. He knows what to say and when to say it.

              If we ever get to see him with somebody publicly then you’ll know for sure what his taste is. Although, I think most of us have a pretty good idea of what kind of lady he’ll go for…….umm….I’m “picturing” tiny little model types in any number of Bally’s Total Fitness ads. Curves? possibly, but you better know she will be fit.

              You can’t be all international/world star leader of the Hallyu wave walking around with a girl that ain’t fit. Remember it’s the “Korean version” of chubby not the American version. LOL!!



              • If they have Korean chubby girls there, then I musta miss them by a mile. I don’t think looks nor weight should matter only whats in the heart should. Like my mom always say: What may look good is not always good and as I say never judge a books by its cover until you read it. 🙂


              • I would be curious of his idea of chubby. However he meant “some extra weight” I’m still wondering why he even corrected his statement. He likes what he likes so might as well say it as it is and have “no shame in your game”. I totally respect a man who can be upfront with what he likes and does not like. :mrgreen: I don’t like backtracking.


          • You said it right Terri ……. Men!..I would never change my shape for Jihoon or any other man..take me as I’m or don’nth take me at all 🙂


  9. Sometimes I hear things in the audio (especially some English words) that I do not see in the translation. And I’m sitting here like “what did he say? what did he say?” LOL. It’s time for me to learn Korean.

    I was smiling and laughing at the part where Rain said he liked a women who has gained some weight. Quite interestingly enough earlier this week I read on a Ninja Assassin blog post dated December 2009 where someone mentioned that Rain stated in an interview that he liked women who were “chubby”. The posts were interesting to read because they were all debating on what they felt was Rain’s “real” type of woman and thinking that what he states in interviews as his ideal type aka Megan Fox was not what he really wanted but an “acceptable” image for him to put out there being a Korean male. I thought all those blog posters were just blabbering. So I was dumbfounded (seriously just dumbfounded) when I read yesterday the translation from this Saturday’s radio program and Rain’s comment. I was like huh?

    Then when the other radio host called Rain out on his comment Rain corrected himself. I was like huh. LOL. Maybe those bloggers were not just blabbering after all.


  10. Curious? While listening to the program JiHoon did this panting thing I still wonder what that was about? Hahahahahaha. Wish I could understand his language.


  11. aawww He calls me darling..he’s such a flirt even from the military camp, lols @ Chun Dung did the song without permission from Rain. I think, maybe Bi will be strict with curfews on his three daughters he wants,
    Now for Sundays show, Will they feature Kenya West?


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