[ETA Eng trans][audio clip] Rain and KCM’s 질주본능/Speeding Instinct military radio show. (12/2)

— Cloud Cover by Stephe, Managing Editor ^@@^

It’s time for another installment of Rain and KCM’s need for speed (pre-recorded)! When an English translation becomes available, we’ll post it here. Please enjoy it. 🙂

(Source credit: 96.7 Friends FM / DEMA / courtesy of ratoka @YT)

121202 Friends FM 비 KCM의 질주본능 The Desire To Speed_Rain and KCM DJ only (NO MUSIC)

» For anyone who might like to read 화니’s translation of the show without my asides, CloudUnite has a copy of it here, on Twitter. No problem. Please enjoy it. » Also, the playlist of songs in the order they were played is HERE.

For those of you who have emailed and enjoy my asides and Rain history, let’s get started!

Rain & KCM’s Speeding Instinct military radio show (Friends FM 96.7) 12/2/2012

English Trans: 화니 @The Cloud Media Board

Additional tweaks and asides{Stephe ^@@^}


[Rain]&[KMC] : Rain&KCM’s “The Desire To Speed”!

[Rain] : It seems to be colder than it had been two years before.

[KCM]: Feelings of how you feel cold seem to depend on how you feel.

[Rain] : Today is December 2nd. We’re certainly having wintry weather today.

[KCM] : It’s cold in winter, but please don’t just crouch inside the house because it’s cold outside.

[Rain] : Please warm up while listening to this show.

[Rain] : You can send your stories and song request to us through SMS #0967 or its Twitter (https://mobile.twitter.com/speeding967) or its message board

(http://www.dema.mil.kr/web/home/speeding?skin_type=S&menu_seq=2086&mod_id=board_2093&pseq=0 ) or (http://www.dema.mil.kr/web/home/speeding?skin_type=S&menu_seq=2141&mod_id=board_2098&pseq=0)

[KCM] : Particularly, foreign fans can send their stories and song request to us by email : speedingradio@hanmail.net

[KCM] : When I had trained hard last year at this time, I was anxious for time to move on. I am amazed that I finally made it after all that chaos.

[Rain]: One year has already passed since you completed the course.

[KCM] : That’s right.

[Rain] : Congratulations!

[KCM] : Thank you.



[Rain] : Listener, ‘#9753’, “Something good has happened to my acquaintance these days. She had her third baby in her later years. The baby is a girl. I request ‘Lee Su Young’s ‘You Are Born To Be Loved’.”

Her acquaintance seems to support the national policy in a situation where the low birth rate has recently come to the fore as a serious social issue. Her family is my ideal family. I need my future wife who can have three babies for me. (laughs)

[KCM] : Your ideal woman will appear soon.

[Rain] : Thank you.

[Rain] : I kept singing only ‘You Are Born To Be Loved’ on the backing track when I was just enlisted.

[KCM]: I think you got treated to Chocopies after the song, right? (laughs)

[Rain] : Never! Who do you think I am? (laughs)

[KCM]: I used to get treated to Chocopies after the song. (laughs) I prefer Chocopie to ‘Moncher Tongtong’ because the taste of Chocopie longs remain in my mouth. (laughs)

[Rain] : Anyway, I hope the baby will grow up healthy, and I look forward to meeting you (the baby) in ten years’ time, and I want to be your eternal oppa. (laughs)

( ‘Lee Su Young’s ‘You Are Born To Be Loved’)



-‘The Song I’d Like To Share’-

[Rain] : It’s the time to listen to nice music which can help you calm down. This segment is a smash hit, thanks to me. (laughs)

[KCM] : I am at a loss for words. (laughs)

[Rain] : Please introduce ‘The Song I’d Like To Share’ segment.

[KCM] : ‘The Song I’d Like To Share’ segment is comprised of three parts : In the first part of the segment, Rain and KCM’s songs will play, in the second part, the songs Rain and KCM would like to share will play, and in the third part, the songs listeners would like to share will play.

Part 1

[KCM] : My ‘How Much I Love You’ about a love affair, is recommended.

[Rain] : My ‘Him And Me’ is recommended. ‘Dynamic Duo’ participated in it as rappers. This song is one of my favorite songs. It is about three people in a love triangle.

(KCM’s ‘How Much I Love You’ & Rain’s ‘Him And Me’)

[Rain] : I’ve always been disdainful of KCM, but the more I see of him, the more I like him when he sings. (laughs) I think he has more remarkable singing skills than I thought. (laughs) The distinct singing style KCM has is incomparably better than that of singer ‘Kim Tae Woo’ who acts big every time he drinks, but in fact he is nothing. (laughs) I hope KCM will show his singing talent by singing songs on TV shows like ‘I Am A Singer’ or ‘A True Classic’, etc. after his discharge from the army.

[KCM] : Please don’t make me blush. (laughs)

[Rain] : You (KCM) are a singer as good as ‘Park Hyo Shin’, and I often saw you showing off your singing ability, waiting my turn during Consolatory Train concerts. I think I’ve taken no heed of you. (laughs) We may look shabby (laughs), but if we are dressed up, we can look cool. (laughs)

Part 2

[KCM] : Turbo’s ‘My Dreams As A Child’ is recommended. The release of the song created a huge sensation at that time.

[Rain] : ‘Kim Sung Jae’s ‘So To Speak’ is recommended. ‘Kim Sung Jae’ is my hero forever. He was well-rounded into many fields. It was ‘Kim Sung Jae’ that first moved me to go solo seriously.


{Those of you who were here during Rain’s Back To The Basic comeback in May 2010 might recall when he paid tribute to one of his his heroes, the late Kim Sung Jae, during his first week of staging “Hip Song by using a theme similar to Sung Jae’s “So To Speak” (in particular, on M!Countdown, when he slicked his hair back out of his face… sooo handsome). Of course this got attention from some netizens who complained. But Sung Jae’s mother praised Rain in the newspapers for paying tribute to her very popular son and for taking everyone down Memory Lane. We thought he’d done well too, and we were happy that she approved. — S. ^@@^

Kim Sung Jae, “So To Speak” (1995)

Rain’s first “Hip Song” on M!Countdown (2010)

And now back to the show! ^@@^}


[Rain] : I never get tired of listening to that song.

(Turbo’s ‘My Dreams As A Child’ & ‘Kim Sung Jae’s ‘So To Speak’)

Part 3

[Rain] : Listener, ‘Hasegawakeico’, “Hi, Rain and KCM. You two DJs always have such a funny show, which makes me feel better. It is getting colder and colder in Japan. I think the weather in Korea is colder than that in Japan. Please be careful not to catch a cold. I request ƈAM’s ‘The Great Love’.”

Ogengkideska? (オゲングキデスカ ?) (How Are You?)

[KCM] : Arigatogojaimas! (ありがとうございます) ( Thank you)

[KCM] : Listener, ‘Kwon So Min’, “I feel a bit down today from the gloomy, which ironically reminds me of my ex-boyfriend. I request Mate’s ‘I Love You’.”

[Rain] : ‘Jung Jun Yil’ is a member of Mate. He appears shabby next to us (Rain and KCM) (laughs), but I think there is no one who can match him in his ability in composing and singing.

(ƈAM’s ‘The Great Love’ & Mate’s ‘I Love You’)



[KCM] : Listener, ‘#9651’, “What do you really like to eat when you are hungry?”

[Rain] : I have a hankering for Beef-bone soup or Soondae soup or Spicy Sausage Stew, etc. this afternoon. And, adding garlic and spring onions to your food makes it taste better.

[Rain] : Listener, ‘Small Eyes R’, “I think your voices relieve my fatigue from the day’s work.”

[KCM] : Listener, ‘#3352’, “I didn’t know where the remote was this morning. So I’m listening to the radio, instead of watching TV.”

[Rain] : Listener, ‘Suo’, “I saw members of a volunteer organization making Kimchi for the winter in the park near my house. The pungent smell of Kimchi made me feel like a starving child.”

[KCM] : I know my mother is now making Kimchi for the winter, but I’m worried over her illness.

[Rain] : If she is ill, then she must stay in bed.

[KCM] : Maybe my elder sisters are helping her.

[Rain] : Hearing what you’re saying, I feel an atmosphere of happy domesticity. My family can’t make Kimchi for the winter because my mother has passed away. Sometimes my father tries to cook, but I hope he doesn’t cook because he is bad at cooking.

[KCM] : However, speaking to your dad is the secret to happiness. It is impossible for me to do so because my dad has passed away.

[Rain] : There are two inheritances my father hasn’t left me. One of the things is my eyelids which don’t have creases, and the other one is secret. {I’ve no idea why this makes me smile… ke — S. ^@@^}



[KCM] : Listener, ‘Yasda Akico’, “I’m upset because my 13-year-old son is quite naughty and hates studying, but it’s a comfort listening to music. I think music has the ability to transcend barriers like nothing else. By the way, what was your childhood like? ”

[Rain] : Your son should develop habits of study as what is learned in the cradle is carried to the tomb. You should help your son develop habits of study for two or three hours a day.

[KCM] : I heard you (Rain) were by far the best student.

[Rain] : Actually, I did badly at school, but I began studying hard when I was a sophomore in high school. I was required to study hard for releasing an album from JYP before I debuted as a singer, so I bought excellent reference books in preparing for school examinations in bookstores and memorized the whole contents of the books, but I crammed for the exam. Anyway, I got well over 300 out of 400 in the college scholastic ability test.

[KCM] : My CSAT score is secret. (laughs) {LOL! Aww. – S. ^@@^}

[Rain] : Listener ‘#2035’, “I met a long-lost friend by chance in the bus. We promised to keep in touch. But, suddenly I think I wish she were a man.”



-Talk About Music With ‘Kim Tae Wan’-

[Rain] ; Welcome, ‘Kim Tae Wan’. I read an article about you who are working on your album.

[Kim Tae Wan] ; My album will hit the stands next February.

[Rain] : I really look forward to it.

[Rain] : I think the current trend of music has been changing. The age of the people who have particular tastes in music is on its way. Actually I planned to sign with ‘Kim Tae Wan’ soon after my discharge from the army, but I’m surprised he’s already signed with a record label. (laughs)

[Kim Tae Wan] ; I can move to delay its decision as to whether I will plan to accept my contract until Rain’s discharge. (laughs)

[Rain] : You can do what you will. (laughs). If there is a better chance for my next album, I hope you’ll participate in it as a composer. (laughs) I worked in close collaboration with ‘Kim Tae Wan’ on my song ‘Love Song’.

[Kim Tae Wan] : It only took us ten minutes to complete the song.

[Rain] : This was my first time to complete a song in ten minutes. (laughs)

[Kim Tae Wan] : I never knew that Rain was such a man of impeccably musical sensibility when he was singing the song.

[Rain] : I had to be enlisted while composing a song, and I wanted to collaborate on my new album with ‘Kim Tae Wan’. Anyway, I congratulate you on the release of your album, and I hope you’ll hit it big.

[Kim Tae Wan] : Thank you.

[KCM] : Congratulation!

[Rain] : Well, how have you been?

[Kim Tae Wan] : I’ve been getting along OK, working on music.

[Rain] : I think the age of ‘Kim Tae Wan’ will begin next year.

[Kim Tae Wan] : You’re very generous with your compliments.

[Rain] : By the way, could you participate in KCM’s album as a composer? Almost every composer tends to be reluctant {to} talk about how he will participate in KCM’s album. (laughs) If you apply your musical style into KCM’s singing style, a great synergy effect can be created.

[Kim Tae Wan] : Anytime if KCM needs me, I’ll do so.

[KCM] :You’re (Kim Tae Wan) always welcome. And, I understand Rain has created a song for me.

[Rain] : KCM is urging me to give my own {song} to him. (laughs)



[Rain]: Who is the star of the day?

[Kim Tae Wan] : It’s Usher. Usher’s ‘Call Me A Mack’ was released in his rookie season. Before going solo, he joined a team called ‘New Beginning’, but he was removed from the team due to a shameful thing considered as a bad thing.

After years as a vagabond, he met famous producer ‘L.A. Reid’ through a TV audition program and passed the audition, and his mother acted in her capacity as his manager. Usher formed a partnership with ‘L.A. Reid’ after he participated in the O.S.T. for a famous movie starring singer and actor ‘Tupac’.

[Rain] : At that time, Usher was incomplete and not properly certified.

(Usher’s Call Me A Mack)

[Kim Tae Wan] : Usher’s real name is Usher Terry Raymond IV, and was born in Texas of Dallas, 1978. During his childhood, he turned a tune in church. There was such a clamor from his grandma that he moved to Atlanta to be a singer. His father left home when he was one year old, and he passed away in 2008. Usher started working with famous producer ‘Jermaine Dupri’ who he had known for a long time, and alliance between the two generated a significant synergy effect. As a result, his album ‘My Way’ was released in 16 September 1997, and his first single ‘You Make Me Wanna..’ from the album had a great resonance with the wider public, and energized by his second single ‘Nice & Slow’s tremendous popularity, the album sold over six million copies. He has been successful since then.

( Usher’s Nice & Slow)

[Rain] : I like to hear him sing, and this song (Nice & Slow) is one of my favorite songs.

[Kim Tae Wan] : After Usher was on board for the opening acts of P.Diddy’s concert, he gave his own concert ‘Live’ for the first time in 1999 and began working as an actor at that time. He landed a small part in 1998’s movie ‘The Faculty’.

In 2001, Usher dated with a good-looking female member ‘Chilli’ of pop group ‘TLC’ for about two years, but he got caught while he was getting a little on the side and broke up with Chilli. After that, his single ‘Pop Ya Collar’ was popular in UK. His breakthrough came on 7 October 2001 with the mega hit album 8701, and ‘U Remind Me’ and ‘U Got It Bad’ from the album were big hits and he walked away with Grammy Awards. {“Got caught while he was getting a little on the side…” LOL! That’s one way to put it bluntly. 😛 – S. ^@@^}

(P.Didy’s ‘I Need A Girl’ – Usher participated in it as a rapper)

[Rain] : I {listened to this song over and over} (I Need A Girl) when it was released.

[Kim Tae Wan] : Me too.

[Kim Tae Wan] : In 2007, Usher married his stylist and girlfriend ‘Tameka Foster’ who is senior to him by ten years.

[Rain] : KCM, is it possible for you to marry a woman who is senior to you by ten years?

[KCM] : Um..

[Rain] : I can marry a woman who is senior to me by ten years or who is twenty years younger than I am. (laughs)

[KCM] : You wolf ! (laughs) {ROFL! ^@@^}

[Rain] : I think my strenuous efforts should be properly rewarded and I richly merit such a distinction. (laughs) Sorry. (laughs) {ROFLMAO! 😀 ^@@^}

[Kim Tae Wan] : Usher’s wife ‘Tameka Foster’ was a single mother with a boy, but he had two boys from her after the marriage. But the couple announced in December 2009 that they were divorcing a few months after she suffered from complications after liposuction was performed on her, and he planned to file for custody of his two children but he settled a custody fight with her over them.

(Omarion’s ‘Ice Box’ : ‘remix version’- Usher participated in it as a rapper)

[Rain] : I think Omarion is in a slump recently, but ‘Chris Brown’ has surmounted some difficult problems and is now doing well. (laughs) Usher discovered ‘Justin Bieber’ and helped his debut as a singer, while ‘Scooter Braun’ working with Usher has been helping PSY move his carrier as a singer into foreign countries.

[Kim Tae Wan] : ‘Justin Bieber’ was introduced to Usher by ‘Scooter Braun’, and Usher released ‘Justin Bieber’s first album in November 2009, giving ‘Justin Bieber’ his unqualified support. Usher has made a lot of money since then.

[Rain] : ‘Justin Bieber’ is not only an exceptionally good-looking guy, but he’s also an outstanding singer and has a lot of pull, which conditions his success. Those who have the word “B” in their names, always succeed in whatever they do. (laughs) {Hahaha, you tell ‘em! – S. ^@@^}

(Usher’s ‘DJ Got Us Fallin` In Love’)

[Rain] : I heard there were a few bad and good aspects about Usher.

[Kim Tae Wan] : Usher’s 11-year-old adopted son was brain dead due to an accident on 8 July 2012, but the son died on 21 July 2012. After that, Usher was down and out. But Usher released his 7th album ‘Looking 4 Myself’ in collaboration with Jermaine Dupri’ in 2012, and participated in a singer’s album as a composer. Usher has accumulated great wealth by recruiting singers since he signed a contract with a new record label and by partially owning a {professional basketball} team called {the Cleveland Cavaliers}.

(Usher’s Scream)

[Rain] : Thank you for coming in today.

[Kim Tae Wan] : I’ve tried hard to live up to the listeners’ expectations, but I wonder whether I’ve been good.

[KCM] : You’ve done very well. Thank you so much for coming today.

[Rain] : I think we’ve had an enjoyable day.

[KCM] : Today seems to be a very meaningful day for us.

[Rain] : Small gifts will be provided for #9753, ‘Kwon So Min’, and ‘#7786’. Please leave your phone numbers, names, and addresses in private in our homepage.

[Rain] : This has been ‘Jung Ji Hoon’.

[KCM] : This has been ‘Kang Chang Mo’. Thank you!


{Wow. Nice show, C-Luv. Nice going, KCM. Thumbs up, JiHoon! Rain seems to hanging tough, so all is great in my world. Looking forward to next weekend. – S. ^@@}

~ by Cloud USA on December 2, 2012.

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  1. [Rain] : I have a hankering for Beef-bone soup or Soondae soup or Spicy Sausage Stew, etc. this afternoon. And, adding garlic and spring onions to your food makes it taste better.
    —————I LOVE TO try this foods of Rain state here esp the Spicy Sausage Stew sound & Kimchi also SOUND delicious NOE he get me hungry here ekekekekek BLAME on Rain LOL 🙂

    Rain <—- dad does cook oh i i hope Rain is back sson he can make his dad feel confort *sight* i think he busy by then but of curse eh served his dad food ekeekekekek 🙂

    i want to see this —-I worked in close collaboration with ‘Kim Tae Wan
    i bet ti going FUN and excited yet good to catch this !!


  2. OMO ..I found out more about Usher than I eva knew and this from a military radio station in Korea lolss…. Stephe, what could it be your laughing about the inheritance he didnt get from daddy. I can’t think of what it could be ahahahah…one of the things he forgets to mention about that is daddy’shiii’s son can cook. This was very enjoyable show, I’m pleased 😉


  3. Heck, I’m from Texas and didn’t know Usher was from Texas originally. These “Inspector Clouseaus” find out all that’s fit to print huh?…..LOL!!


  4. Ha! you know why that “inheritance” quip has you smiling. I know why I’m smiling. Can’t you see me?…..See….I’m smiling…..*SMILES*………………….

    JiHoon…..nice one Baby Love…this is why we “love” you Boo!

    I will say….these “Detectives” will find out your WHOLE history won’t they? *Kekekekekekeke*…….even if you get “caught with a little bit on the side.”


  5. Poor Father Kichun can’t cook? Aw. Bless his little pea-pickin’ heart! ❤ 🙂

    Stephe ^@@^


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