[Eng trans][audio clip] Rain and KCM’s 질주본능/Speeding Instinct military radio show. (11/25)

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121125 Friends FM 비 KCM의 질주본능 The Desire To Speed_Rain and KCM DJ only (no music)

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Rain & KCM’s Speeding Instinct military radio show (Friends FM 96.7) 11/25/2012 (pre-recorded)

English Trans: 화니 @The Cloud Media Board

Additional tweaks and asides: {Stephe ^@@^}

[Rain]&[KMC] : Rain&KCM’s “The Desire To Speed”!

[Rain] : In movie ‘Leno’, Matilda who is in love says, ‘I can feel loved via my stomach because something in my stomach has disappeared.’ Loving and feeling loved varies from person to person, but the way to a person {loving somebody} is the same as any other one.

Let us start “The Desire To Speed” with love for you again today.

[Rain] : Christmas is still a month off. (laughs)

[KCM] : We used to say, ‘If we have the first snow of this winter, we can go home.’

[Rain] : When this winter is gone, we can go home soon. (laughs) We’re planning to play a Christmas song for you once a week.

(After gifts for the applicants are introduced)

[Rain] : You can send your stories and song request to us through SMS #0967 or its Twitter or its message board.

[KCM] : Particularly, foreign fans can send their stories and song request to us by email : speedingradio@hanmail.net.


[Rain] : Let me read listener ‘Han Ji Hye’s story.

[KCM] : I feel as if she (Han Ji Hye) is very pretty.

[Rain] : What has given you that idea?

[KCM] : Most of the actresses with surnames of ‘Han’ are beautiful.

[Rain] : I think you tell a plausible story. (laughs) It was just a joke.

[Rain] : Listener, ‘Han Ji Hye’, “When I went to a Jjimjilbang (known as Korean style health spas), a grandma bothered me by {continuing to speak to me}, but I was compelled to be courteous to her even though I couldn’t stand her everlasting stories. I found out later that she spent most of her time staying here during the day due to family discord. My heart bled for the poor grandma, so I promised to often meet her in the Jjimjilbang. Please be good to your parents while they are with you.”

Parents tend to become really self-conscious with advancing years. We should always try to give them peace of mind and be good to them.



-‘The Song I’d Like To Share’-

[Rain] : Each of the people in a cafe, is completely unaware of others’ feelings and doesn’t invade their privacies, playing the guitar or reading a book, etc. It’s time for heartwarming music to welcome you – ‘The Song I’d Like To Share’.  Now we’re trying working with a will.

[KCM]: I think you are very funny in a wonderfully deadpan way. (laughs)

[Rain] : Please do as I tell you without question. (laughs)

[Rain] : ‘The Song I’d Like To Share’ segment is comprised of three parts :

In the first part of the segment, Rain and KCM’s songs will play, in the second part, the songs Rain and KCM would like to share will play, and in the third part, the songs listeners would like to share will play.

(1) Part one.

[Rain] : My ‘September 12th’ is recommended. This song seems to match well with the early winter, and I think it is a well-made song.

[KCM]: My ‘Hourglass’ is recommended.

[Rain] : I think you copied the title from a drama. (laughs)

[KCM]: I’ve never heard of the drama. (laughs) It’s about my love affair.

[Rain] : The consequence is that you are involved with a lot of women. (laughs)

(Rain’s ‘September 12th’ & KCM’s ‘Hourglass’)

[KCM]: What did you do on September 12th? (laughs)

[Rain] : I did nothing. (laughs) Are you interrogating me? (laughs) Why do you want to know?

[KCM]: No particular reason. I was just wondering. (laughs)

(2) Part two

[Rain] : H.O.T.’s ‘Descendants Of Warriors’ is recommended. The group were the most popular singers at that time.

[KCM] : ‘Park Ji Yun’s ‘Light Blue Dream’ is recommended. ‘Park Ji Yun’ at that time was superior to current ‘IU’ in popularity.

(H.O.T.’s ‘Descendants Of Warriors & ‘Park Ji Yun’s ‘Light Blue Dream’)

(3) Part three.

[KCM]: Listener ‘Kim Wi Young’, ” ‘Blue Sky’s ‘Winter Sea’ is recommended. I live on the sea, and oysters are now in season. If you DJs want, I can send you a box of oysters.”

[Rain] : Oysters is one of my favorite foods.

[KCM]: It’s delicious and good for stamina, too. (laughs)

[Rain] : KCM will eat anything if it’s supposed to be good for his sexual stamina. (laughs) Coincidently, tomorrow we’ll be participating in a Consolatory Train concert in Gangwon Province’s ‘East Sea’ region where there is a sparkling blue-green sea nearby.

[Rain] : Listener ‘Enico Kerverta’, ” ‘Lee Su Young’s ‘This Damn Love’ is recommended. Mother fell sick and I took care of her, and I cared for her and lived through the rough times, watching Korean dramas. She died two years ago, but I’ve lived life to the fullest. My precious memories are in this song.”

This song is one of my favorite songs. Thank you for referring the song to us.

(‘Blue Sky’s ‘Winter Sea’ & ‘Lee Su Young’s ‘This Damn Love’)

{I haven’t heard that in a while, though it’s one of my favorites as well. Let’s take a moment to listen to it now, shall we? Lee SooYoung’s song, “A Love To Kill /이 죽일놈의 사랑 / i jug-ilnom-ui salang”, from Rain’s TV drama of the same name.

And now back to the show. — S. ^@@^}



[Rain] : I think time is running out so fast nowadays. We’re spending the winter, doing our best in everything.

[KCM] : Time seems to go very fast, especially when we host this show.

[Rain] : Listener ‘Windai’, “It’s been 7 years since I was a Chinese fan of Rain. My last birthday in my 20s is coming up this month. I’m looking forward to it, but I’m so nervous, I don’t know what to say. I wonder if last year oppa (Rain) felt the way I did. Could you say something to me?”

Better medical developments and the improved standards of living have extended one’s life. Your digressive age is when you subtract 20 from your real age. (laughs) So, I’m 31years old but I can say I’m 11 years old. (laughs)

You don’t need to be stressed out about your age.

[KCM] : Anyway, congrats on your becoming in your 30s, and I hope you’ll succeed in whatever you do.

[KCM] : Listener ‘Coli Jung R’, “My son as an adolescent is a late riser. Although he was scolded for sleeping in, he overslept and had to get up in a hurry again today. I’ll wake him up earlier than usual.”

[Rain] : Listener ‘Gwak Ji Yun’, “Recently my mind wanders, so I’m thinking of going mountaineering for a change. Could you recommend a good place to go mountaineering?”

Mt. Bukhan and Mt. Cheonggye in Seoul, and Mt. Odae in Gangwon Province are recommended.

[KCM] : Mt. Gwanak in Seoul is also recommended.

[KCM] : Listener ‘Dignity’, “I really dread going to the dentist tomorrow. The dental clinic is the scariest place for me.”

Me too. I’m really scared of the dentist.

[Rain] : I’m accustomed to seeing my dentist and hearing the whirring of dentist machinery, but I always ask the dentist to treat my sore tooth under a local anaesthetic before he starts treating me.

[Rain] : Listener ‘Jeon Seon Eun’, “I think my boyfriend is interested in me, but I don’t think he likes me.”

I think he must be a real ladies’ man who loves to be with women. I’m interested in KCM, but I don’t like him. (laughs) Actually, KCM is the one I’d like to thank, so I’ll return the favor some time.

[KCM] : As you know, I’m such a man. (laughs)



-Talk About Music With ‘Kim Tae Wan’-

[Rain] : It’s the time to help improve the quality of your musical sense.

[KCM] : Now let us start talking about high-class music.

[Rain] : ‘Kim Tae Wan’ taking on this segment, received an enthusiastic response last week. Welcome, ‘Kim Tae Wan’!

[Kim Tae Wan] : Nice to meet you.

[Rain] : ‘Kim Tae Wan’ is a man of wide reading and a retentive memory, in terms of music.

[Kim Tae Wan] : You’re very generous with your compliments.

[KCM] : Do you have any words for our listeners?

[Kim Tae Wan] : Hello, everyone. All day yesterday I was preparing a set of materials for use in this segment. You can look forward to today’s topic.

[Rain] : I think you are still half asleep. (laughs)

[Kim Tae Wan] : Were you aware of that? (laughs)

[Rain] : I can understand that. Entertainers usually sleep late at night and wake up late in the morning.

[Kim Tae Wan] : I’m sorry for soldiers. (laughs)

[Rain] : You don’t need to feel sorry for them. You were also a soldier. (laughs)

[Rain] : How are you today?

[Kim Tae Wan] : I’m really excited about being with many of the listeners, but I don’t have much experience in appearing in the broadcast media.

[Rain] : You’ll soon get used to it, and you can get out of here when I leave the army, taking hold of my hand. (laughs)

[KCM] : How about taking me with you (Rain)? (laughs)

[Rain] : But it will still be one month until KCM’s discharge. {after Rain’s discharge} (laughs)



[Rain]: Who is the star of the day?

[Kim Tae Wan] : It’s Ne-Yo. He wants to be associated with all aspects of music. His real name is ‘Shaffer Chimere Smith’, and it is said that a famous producer called {Deon “Big D” Evans} named him Ne-Yo. Ne-Yo got his name from a character in the movie the Matrix.

[Rain] : Looking at the results, he seemed to {emulate/have a right to} the name. (laughs)

[Kim Tae Wan] : The two words are spelled differently but pronounced the same.

[Rain] : By the way, I have a bad remembrance of Ne-Yo. When I finished my concert at the Tokyo Dome in Japan a few years ago, Ne-Yo who was staying in the country, telephoned to say that he wanted to see me. Although I was too tired, I arrived in the hotel lobby on time where he was staying, but he did not show up at the place we had agreed upon. I found out later Ne-Yo was {dead asleep} after his concert at the Saitama Super Arena. When his bulky manager apologized and said he was really sorry instead of Ne-Yo, I left a message for Ne-Yo, ‘Have a sound night’s sleep.’ That left a bad taste in my mouth.

[Kim Tae Wan]: I think I’ve just made a poor choice today. (laughs)

[Rain] : In addition, the Tokyo Dome had a seating capacity of over 70,000, while the Saitama Super Arena had a seating capacity of 25,000. (laughs) Ne-Yo did not fit to wash my feet. (laughs) I’ll startle the world one day, just you wait! (laughs) I meant it for a joke. (laughs)

[Kim Tae Wan]: Ne-Yo’s mother {has a} a black American father and a Chinese mother. He began his music studies in Las Vegas, and he formed a rock group of four boys ‘Envy’, using his stage name ‘Go Go’ instead of his real name. Actually, he was not much of a hand at singing, but he’s made a desperate effort to be a good singer and he’s become one of the most famous male singers in the world. {Hmm. Read that entire last sentence again… The same thing happened to a South Korean kid in a late-90s K-Pop group called FanClub. — S. ^@@^}

[Rain]: There are live style singers and studio style singers, but I’m an all-around singer, you know. (laughs) I’m far above Ne-Yo in that sense. (laughs)

[Kim Tae Wan]: I’m sorry even for KCM. (laughs)

[Rain]: Now I come to think of it, the three of us (‘Kim Tae Wan’, KCM, and I ) are good at singing. (laughs) I think I excel beyond the rest of us. (laughs) I said it just for fun. (laughs)

[Kim Tae Wan]: Ne-Yo’s proposal to release his first album was firmly rejected by big music studios because they thought he lacked star quality because of his ugly looks.

[Rain]: I think Ne-Yo’ had rather not dance while singing. He is a good singer, but he seems to lack qualifications for a dancer, so I think Ne-Yo doesn’t measure up to Usher at all.

[KCM] : When Ne-Yo had a performance in Korea, I went to see the concert and I thought his live singing and dance skills weren’t very good at all.

[Kim Tae Wan]: There seems to be a palpable mood for speaking ill of Ne-Yo. (laughs)

[Rain] : Ne-Yo was the one who one-sidedly went back on the promise in Japan. (laughs)

[KCM]: Ne-Yo should have kept the appointment. (laughs)

[Kim Tae Wan] : Ne-Yo had the misfortune of yielding his own first title song ‘That Girl’ to singer and actor ‘Marques Houston’ against his (Ne-Yo’s) will.

(That Girl)

[KCM] : It is natural that Ne-Yo should yield it to him. (laughs)

[Rain] : He’ll have to learn his lesson the hard way to get back to his senses. (laughs)

[Kim Tae Wan] : The song (That Girl) obtained Ne-Yo great fame as a composer.

[Kim Tae Wan] : But, Ne-Yo had suffered a devastating slump for about 2 years since then. Also, he found out that his girlfriend had an affair and gave birth to a boy. Before this, he thought the boy was his biological child. {True. But what is this, a music segment or TMZ? Seriously?? – S. ^@@^}

[Rain] : Oh my god! That information is news to me.

[Kim Tae Wan] : Ne-Yo could never think of that, so he kept working hard to forget his troubles. But he made a musical comeback with ‘Let Me Love You’ sung by ‘Mario.

(‘Let Me Love You’)



[Rain] : I heard this song (Let Me Love You) for the first time in USA when I was rehearsing my ‘I’m Coming’ there in 2006. I really love the song.

[Kim Tae Wan] : Me too. The song was released in 2006.

[Rain] : KCM’s voice is quite high, and the musical style of Kim Tae Wan’ is similar to that of KCM, so I think ‘Kim Tae Wan’ had better participate in KCM’s album as a composer.

[Kim Tae Wan] : It is a real honor for me.

[KCM] : It’s an honor for me to work with ‘Kim Tae Wan’. I could be very thankful for that, and I depend on your (‘Kim Tae Wan’s) co-operation.

[Rain] : I think you two will get along well together. (laughs)

[Kim Tae Wan] : After that, Ne-Yo met ‘L.A. Reid’ belonging to ‘Def Jam Records’ in order to be a singer, but ‘L.A. Reid’ declined Ne-Yo’s offer. And then, ‘Def Jam Records’ was under new ownership of  ‘Jay-Z’. Ne-Yo has been successful since Jay-Z’ accepted Ne-Yo as a singer. Ne-Yo’s ‘So-Sick’ from his album ‘In My Own Worlds’ released in early 2006, was a mega hit, and the album sold over one million copies.

Ne-Yo composed a song called ‘Stay’, and {Peedi Peedi} participated in this song as a rapper, but the song didn’t come up to people’s expectation and his poor dance skills were shown in the music video of the song. {True. I saw it. *sigh* ^@@^}

[Rain] : Ne-Yo shouldn’t have danced. (laughs)

(Stay & So-Sick)



[Rain] : I think one (So-Sick) is superior to the other (Stay) in quality.

[Kim Tae Wan] : Ne-Yo worked on a political campaign for Obama in December, 2007.

[Rain] : The reality is that people who have the right connections profit more than those who have talent. (laughs) {I’ll give you that one. That is very true. Even you’ve been a victim of that. – S. ^@@^}

[Kim Tae Wan] : Ne-Yo was summoned for driving a car without a license and for speeding in 2008, and he caught a lot of flak for that one online and he was given 24 hours’ probation. {Yep. He was speeding through MY town doing well over 100 mph! Crrrr-azy. – S. ^@@^}

He felt stressed when he was also misunderstood as gay, so he leaked some photos showing him and women on the internet in order to fetch through the situation, but such an attempt just produced negative results.

[KCM] : No smoke without fire? (laughs)

[Rain] : I think I saw smoke coming out of the chimney without fire. (laughs)

[Kim Tae Wan] : He’s started a family of his own. I think such an assumption by unspecified individuals has created chaos and blown a totally innocent situation out of all proportions. They say his ‘So-Sick’ is about his ex-girlfriend who cheated on him.

(Beautiful Monster)



[Rain] : I think the song hits the current public taste. Time seems to go by so quickly. {Not quickly enough for me. Ugh. – S. ^@@^}

[KCM]: Do you know why? Because there was something in Ne-Yo as he stood you (Rain) up. (laughs)

[Rain] : So, I haven’t showed {any} interest in Ne-Yo since I heard his song ‘So-Sick’. (laughs)

[Kim Tae Wan] : Pitbull participated in Ne-Yo’s ‘Give Me Everything’ as a rapper, but recently Pitbull has been accused by actress ‘Lindsay Lohan’ for insulting her in the lyrics of the rap. This case has no direct relationship to Ne-Yo, but it left a stain on his reputation.

[KCM] : What goes around comes around. Ne-Yo should have kept his faith with Rain. (laughs)

[Rain] : Right you are! (laughs) I don’t have any interest in Ne-Yo. (laughs) Just kidding. (laughs) Anyway, thank you for coming in today, ‘Kim Tae Wan’.

[Kim Tae Wan] : I’ve really enjoyed working with you. I’ll introduce a singer Rain likes next time.

[KCM] : I look forward to it. Thanks for taking time out from your busy schedule.

[Rain]& [KCM] : Good-bye!

[Kim Tae Wan] : See you later!


*Edited to Add 11/30/2012:

It has been brought to our attention that an individual who was upset by my comments below is now using these comments in order to malign Cloud USA and use hate speech (something Rain himself would never do, I might add). They are trying to negate ALL of the support and love and promotion that we have given Jung JiHoon and our Cloud sisters across the world for the past three years, as if it all has meant nothing. As if such a thing is fair. As if we haven’t proven our devotion to Rain time and time again. We do hope that our true followers understand us better than that, and know that our intent was never to hurt Rain but rather to warn him of a situation that could be detrimental to his career, something that anyone who truly cares about him will do. We understand that the subject matter on that show was obviously painful to him and that we are not privy to the circumstances under which Rain was working that day. He was probably weary and stressed from duties; there are a number of reasons why he may have verbally dropped his guard. We have no doubt he will be okay and bounce back to his old self with flying colors, because he’s a strong man who never lets his mother, his Clouds, or himself down.

Also during the exchange in the thread comments, it was mentioned that we were working from a partial-translation. If this is the case, then why wasn’t a BETTER translation provided by this person, if they were so concerned? If anyone has a better translation of this show (which we thank Hwani on The Cloud for graciously providing out of the goodness of her heart), please share it so that everyone will have the best information possible.

Thanks to everyone who continues to support us and unite with us in Rain, and those of you who appreciate the hard work that we are doing for him. With his talent, perseverance, and modesty, JiHoon brought a light into my and Terri’s lives that shines on to this day, and we will be forever grateful to him for that light. 

Perhaps I should have said what I said (below) less harshly, but that’s a matter of personal opinion, and I’m only human.  I’m also a grown woman and not afraid to own it.

Rain means so much to us. We are devoted to him and his welfare. Thanks for listening.

On Terri’s and my behalf, 

Stephe ^@@^

{ *staring at the monitor in disbelief after what I just read* 

Okay. I’m not a Ne-Yo fan, never have been, probably never will be. His singing and stage presence simply don’t do it for me. He does not hold a candle to Rain when it comes to owning a stage. But if the translation of everything you three clowns just said is correct, somebody must have hit you in the head with a Stupid Stick right before you went in the DJ booth. Even though you were kidding, and even though a LOT of what y’all said about the man seems to be true, that segment was lame.

Sounds like there was more to the stood-up story, Rain. Wouldn’t surprise me, either; that’s how some artists roll. I don’t blame you one bit for being upset over whatever the situation was. Not having the decency to personally call you up after summoning you like that, and delegating someone of your caliber to his employee instead, was pretty rude all by itself.  However, flapping your gums like this live on the air during a show that is being spread all over the world and heard by any- and everybody is stuff that could come back to bite. Everybody in the booth sounded wack. WTH.

I was so excited to hear that C-Luv was coming on the show with a new segment. Now, after two weeks, I just want  Pyo Ju Yeo or Jung Jun Yil to come back. Everyone’s got skeletons in their closets and misfortunes in their careers and personal lives, but at least PJY and JJY showed some class by concentrating more on an artist’s positives than their negatives.

I’m not looking forward to next Sunday’s show. All I can hope is that some Endless Modesty shows up. – S. ^@@^}


[Rain] : The Pygmalion effect refers to the effect of realizing your hopes and expectations if you continue to harbor faith.

[KCM] : Everything is possible if we want it enough.

[Rain] : Small gifts will be provided for ‘Kim Yi Young’, ‘Han Ji Ye’, and ‘Gwak Ji Yun’. Congratulations! Please leave your phone numbers and names in private in our homepage.

[Rain] : This has been ‘Jung Ji Hoon’.

[KCM] : This has been ‘Kang Chang Mo’. Thank you!


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  1. Hey Stephe,

    I hope you don’t mind if I comment on the radio program. If you don’t want to read this I understand and just skip it. 🙂

    But, what I wanted to say was that in reading the translation my first thought was this doesn’t sound like JJH at all. I was taken aback by his comments. That got me to thinking about the times I blow up at some trivial stuff and my husband will ask me what is really wrong. That made me think that perhaps JJH is dealing with more stress and frustration that we could ever imagine and then when this hurtful memory surfaced he just kinda let it all come out. Like others said we’re just human and we all make mistakes. No one is perfect this side of Paradise. But, every day he has to try to live up to that kind of expectation and I don’t know how he does it. It would crush most people, but he does it with such grace and patience. So, my thoughts and prayers will continue to be with him, as well as my support. Just wanted to get that off my chest.

    Thank you for the wonderful Christmas wishes…and the same to you and your family!

    Take care,



    I don’t mind. I’m very glad that you felt comfortable enough to do so.

    And I have to agree with you 100 percent, he was absolutely not himself, for the reasons that you’ve just just said. Another thing is that suddenly a lot of his friends in the military are being discharged in the coming weeks and months, and that has to have him sad and a bit off-balanced. Every month, it’s just been… something. I can’t imagine the stress and frustration he’s going through right now. And if there’s one thing he hates, it’s feeling helpless.

    But I know, in my hearts of hearts, that he will pull through with flying colors and be A-okay. He’s got the strength and he’s too stubborn to do anything but that, especially with his Clouds behind him.

    We will be praying for and supporting this wonderful man right along with you. 🙂

    Thanks for talking to me about this. Even when we don’t see eye to eye, all anyone has to do is TALK to me about something.

    Stephe ^@@^


  2. Yes, I’m late but I have a good excuse, I was buying my Christmas tree yesterday and came home really late and exhausted! Lol!! Well, I have to say that Rain must be in lots of stress to talk like this. That’s not him at all! But Ne-Yo really did a number on him, it was rude to left Rain waiting. Let’s assume that Ne-Yo fell asleep and just couldn’t wake up. Man, at least buy some good stuff to him next day and apologize yourself!! On the other hand, yes, Rain did make some comments that were too much and it probably will bite him later. But hey, Rain is human!! The lady that went thru the roof cuz Stephe and Terri’s comments need to know this!! Rain is human and he can make mistakes as all humans do!! I think Rain need to understand that whatever he says in that show, will be heard by people around the world. It doesn’t do him any good to say that stuff. I think he must be really frustrated to talk like this, I mean, he probably is still suffering backpain, he can’t dance, he’s in the military, he can’t do what he loves and in the meantime, Psy is conquering the world and kpop is going strong. He must feel like a tiger in a cage!! Also, military life change a man, he won’t admit it but it does. I know that’s no excuse but I can understand him, I do. Sighh I only hope he can clear his mind and stop himself cuz if not, his career will suffer and his chances of making it in the USA will be really difficult. 😦


    • Mari,

      Well put. I would certainly have to agree that Rain is going through a very difficult time. Absolutely. And we, as his staunch fans, as Clouds, understand that.

      The problem is people in the U.S. music industry do not give a crap about all of that. And that was the problem with the show. All we were doing was being honest and trying to PROTECT him by sharing our own American viewpoint and industry knowledge with him.

      I mean, do any of you realize that Ne-Yo is now a Senior Vice President of A&R of Motown Records, where he is serves as a producer and “MENTOR” to the label’s artists? He also signs NEW talent.

      Ne-Yo is not just a performer. He is a VP, a producer and songwriter and has had quite a few hit songs (sung by other performers).

      So, maybe he was a rude “low-life” when he dissed Rain way back in the day. But he ain’t no more.


      Terri :-}


  3. I’m done Stephe………..promise!! *SMILES*………………..


  4. So…a very tired Rain got stood up by another tired performer who didn’t call to cancel despite being the one who set up the appointment and his manager apologized in his place.

    No mention of any personal effort to make up for the slip by the other guy are featured in the mix but the bashing, ow.

    Maybe Rain was having a not-so-good day…sounds like he was holding it in way too long for it to be healthy*sigh*

    Now that’s he’s said it all out loud, hope that’s that.
    At least there was no *name-calling.

    *I don’t understand Korean, I may be wrong.

    Thank you Stephe & Terri for holding the fort and letting us sound it out together.


    • You’re welcome, Bema.

      Stephe ^@@^


    • I like your comment Bema and agree with your assessment 100%. I think there are two sides to this particular coin and we’ve only heard one (although at this point it’s old news that Bi brought up and I don’t really care to beleaguer the story any further).

      All in all, none of us want to hurt Bi, it’s all about making him aware of himself fully when he’s on the air……..that’s it. Reputation is everything in the extremely tough business of “show business” and egos get bruised all the time (his included). However, the very ego you bruise might be the one who can help broker a million dollar deal for you in the future. We all hope that Bi will take our words to heart. We want him to be wise in his choice of words. He’s entitled to feel however he feels (we all agree with that as well) but he will always have to temper his words publicly. That is just another price of fame.



  5. Well, this has been one of the best threads ever. What a doozy. 🙂

    Thanks for the singing time, Cherrie. That was very thoughtful of you. And thanks to everyone for their comments, honestly. That’s what makes the world and Cloud USA go ’round. That and Rain, who we ADORE.

    The bottom line is I’m going to say what I want to say on my blog. That’s not going to change. Everyone has said their peace, so let’s move on to the next topic and blow it the heck up!

    Stephe the Wack ^@@^ 😛


  6. When I say personal experience I mean my past not now.


  7. lol singing nice one 🙂


    • Of course dear, music calms the soul and the heart :)..Plus I don’t want us (Clouds) to get in anymore conflict with eachother..oh snap…heal the world make it a better place…. for you and for me and the entire human race!!..Micheal!!


  8. Singing Steve Wonder–My Cherie Amor….la la la la la la la la….lal la la la!!!…My cherie amor…..! pretty little thing that I ador…sing with me everyone!!

    Just to change the mood 🙂


    • LOL!

      Okay. My cherie amor… pretty little thing that I adore… lalalalala heart beats for… 🙂

      Stephe ^@@^


    • ROFL…

      Second verse!

      In a cafe or sometimes on a crowded street
      I’ve been near you, but you never noticed me
      My cherie amour, won’t you tell me how could you ignore
      That behind that little smile I wore
      How I wish that you were mine

      Terri :-}


      • Sing it Stephe and Terri!!…rocking side to side…lalalalalalala..!!


        • ahhh Stevie Wonder who’s age is the same as mine….Oh yeah! I heard him when we were sixteen together and so I feel close to him. I wonder if Rain has met Stevie…remember he said he met a famous blind person here.


  9. I do read the translations of the show every week too. Bashing someone down is wrong but, what he is said was not bashing down as much as being honest and playful at the same time. Know that he is not the type to talk behind someones back with out being a man about it. He does not need a women to scold him for that. I Am sorry but, he is man enough to handle himself. People need that honesty to get somewhere in life.. and when it comes from a outsider sometimes it helps more than those who are very close.


    • I don’t think anyone is questioning Bi’s manhood or his ability to handle himself. We know he is quite capable in both those areas. That was not the point.

      The point is everyone (all of us) can benefit from a little self assessment/reflection from time to time, especially when we do or say things that may be deemed uncharacteristic. JiHoon Jung is not immune from the need and benefits of such assessments. He too needs a good talking to ever so often. This is one of those moments. He veered “off the rails” a little bit and his Clouds (those of us who truly care about him) will help him get back on that straight and narrow track if we feel the need to. He knows we have his back and in the end will appreciate that he has Some Clouds who see him as an imperfect being who needs straightening out every so often.

      He will get honest opinions from his family and close friends to be sure, but he will ALSO get Honest opinions from his fandom as well. Since he IS a man, we know he is more than capable of taking a little constructive criticism. He’ll be alright…..he can handle it.


  10. Asian people, not just Jung JI but they find it very important to fallow through with what you have said you would do.. And in Korea people are very bold. It is more like a custom thing. example they ask where you are going but, do not really care if you tell them or not. Or they will tell you, you have gained weight. All Jung JI hoon’s fans should get use to the boldness. Yes he does have a temper but, I have dealt with a worse temper in a man.. And he is a soft breeze to me with his temper. And he did not mean anything bad by what he was saying. In the music business honesty and boldness will make another want to try harder. It is a doggy dog world. If stars worried about comment like that so much to ruin them, than they are not fit to be a star. Stars have it rough bold honesty gets out there, and there is no reason to gossip about something so trivial. It was a simple opinion .. And it will not effect how his career is. Because he is better than that. He has done so well that it will not even scar him. His talent is stronger and better than that for something trivial like that to happen. What could happen is we could loose rights to listen to the shows because of bad snide comments. We should be positive about it, learn to approach in a good way. Still state what you feel like said above. We do have freedom of speech. Just be positive about it.


    • Well, who the heck cares whether we lose our “rights” to listen to the shows? LOL. As far as I’m concerned, I don’t have to listen to his shows. It ain’t that big of a deal. It’s not my life we’re talking about here.

      Good grief.

      Terri :-}


    • LOL!!……..*SMH*


    • Following through on mutually discussed commitments is not exclusive to Asians. That’s called “good business practices” and business is handled daily by people of all races across the board. The issue was never about JiHoon having a temper or being a bold Korean expressing his feelings or whether or not the celebrity he talked about could handle what he said. JiHoon and Ne-Yo are Both in a highly competitive, ego driven business.

      The issue was Jihoon Choosing to express his distaste at having been stood up via his radio show (which can be heard in Many countries). The general consensus is that Jihoon should have exercised better judgement and kept his continuous jabs to himself. The person he was “jabbing” has Clout (lots of it right now) in the market Jihoon WANTS to work in and he should have erred on the side of caution. This is all we were saying. Jihoon was well within his right to express that he didn’t like being stood up, nobody is arguing against that. Just say That then and leave the conversation there. He chose not to do so.

      This was not about how strong and/or opinionated and/or thick-skinned celebrities can be or not be, this is was about taking the high road. Which is what Bi should have done as it was/is in his best interest to do so. I’m sure he will get the message and act accordingly next time.


  11. Come on, guys!! Chill!! Everyone has their own rights to voice out opinions..*dats including You, Me or even Jihoon* Agree? Ok! Let’s respect each other voices. I can see, everyone has their own points of view here. No one is right or wrong..It’s the matter how we look into the issue, evalute and judge it. Think positive-for the benefits of us & our beloved Jung Jihoon… ^^


  12. Boy am I late to this “rodeo” but I must say….Rain….Bi….JiHoon….dude WTF were you thinking??!!

    I will state for the record that I am not a Ne-Yo fan either. However, I don’t dislike or like him. I have no feelings towards him either way, but I do know this, Ne-Yo is HUGE in this U.S. music industry right now. Whatever, you think his talents are or aren’t he’s got connections, money and clout. In the entertainment business connections + money + clout = P-O-W-E-R. Say what you will, Ne-Yo’s got that (at present).

    JiHoon, it’s quite obvious Ne-Yo pissed you the hell off….this much is Crystal clear, HOWEVER it would behoove you to shut-up talking SO VERY reckless about American entertainers who may play a role in your success/non-success in the U.S. market before your feet hit the tarmac at LAX or wherever you fly into. What you did wasn’t smart and SO not cool….not cool at all and did I say it WASN’T smart. This is coming from your Noona who “loves” you, but right now you need to be told about yourself.

    Just like you proceeded to “rip” Ne-Yo a new @__hole (on the air no less), guess what….someone could possibly lay in wait to do the same thing to you and that wouldn’t feel too good now would it. Always remember, because you seem to keep forgetting Bi. Your radio broadcasts are not just heard by Korean ears anymore. You are heard in many countries now Boo Boo. Act like you know this PLEASE!!

    I’m a Cloud and will always support you unless and/or until you do something that goes against my personal moral code(s), BUT just like other Clouds I WILL speak up and tell you when you are Dead WRONG. On this broadcast….You, my dear….were wrong!


    As for girlfriend who got her underwear in a wad. As has been stated in previous comments, we love JiHoon here but we won’t/don’t hesitate to tell his @ss when he’s done something messed up. He’s not a baby that needs to be coddled, he’s a grown man. If he’s grown enough to dish it out, he’s grown enough to take like one.


  13. Hey, everybody. It’s me, Cloud USA’s 52-year-old so-called Co-founder. LOL!

    After being undeservedly attacked this morning by some clueless pitbull, here I sit, wondering, “What would JiHoon do? What would he say?” Well, we all know the answer to that because it’s happened to the poor man so many times.
    JiHoon would tell himself, ehhh, don’t worry about it. Retaliating isn’t worth it. Let them be. What goes around does come around. And he’s right. There is waaaay too much work still to do when it comes to promoting him, keeping his name out there, defending him, and caring for his Clouds for me to waste time on dramatic tomfoolery. So, I’m going to take his advice because Stephe getting “rowdy” is not for human consumption. Trust. *insert Rain’s “Move On” here* Someone not liking me is hardly the end of the world. Not even close. So what.

    If my opinions in Sunday’s Speeding Instinct translation disturbed some of you, I do apologize to those of you who carried yourselves well and commented/acted like adults. I’m not changing them, because my intentions were good. I meant them and I have the right to my opinions just like everyone else. JiHoon is a grown man and will hardly be hurt by it.

    Folks are well within their rights not to read my opinions. No problem. I don’t need permission to write what I want to on my own blog, either.

    Coming on this blog with delusions of grandeur and bashing CloudUSAers will get you plonked. So run along and stay gone.

    I didn’t just fall off the turnip truck. There is nothing anyone can tell me about JiHoon that I don’t already know, history and all. He’s a wonderful, talented man who has been through hell and is more than worthy of my support. If the 6,000 blog posts I’ve put up in celebration of him for the past three years isn’t proof of my utter loyalty, I don’t know what the heck is. I don’t deserve to be vilified when the adult thing to do is just have a conversation when someone disagrees with what I’ve said.

    Rain doesn’t expect me to kiss his butt. That’s not what I’m here for. He expects us to educate America and the world about him, keep a pipeline to his beloved Clouds open, and watch his back. His goals and best interests are always uppermost in my mind, and if there is something that bothers me or threatens his career, I’m going to say so because he is that important.

    Well, dear CloudUSAers, what say we get back to loving on our adorable corporal now without whoever doesn’t want to be here?

    Stephe ^@@^ (the other l-o-n-g-w-i-n-d-e-d chick who has shamed America!!) ROFL


    • Stephe I know its hard to just brush off someone attacking you lord knows I’ve had my share also. But I also feel and think this attack was not random. I’ve been a member here for almost as long as you guys have been around and this is the first time someone has been so rude and completely disrespectful and shame on that person using their age to get away with it …. Smh …. I’m not telling my age but I will say this. What I saw displayed was not the wisdom of age but more like the ignorance of a love sick fanatical fan. JiHoon would respect honesty above sucking up, anyone with any kind of integrity would.

      We should all be able to have an opinion without being attacked. Just as you want to be respected so should you give respect. If your having a bad day and just want to voice your pissy about something, hey do it BUT with consideration for others.

      This is not my blog by any means but I do love and care for my cloud family.


    • Shame on you, Stephe. You have shamed America!

      Terri :-}


  14. Whow Jihoony seems to have it in for Ne-yo seriously, I can understand his annoyance abou t the Japan incident but I was SURPRIZED by his put down of Ne-yo over and over, really Im not used to humble Rain speaking like that… I know he says, “Im kidding” but I didnt believe he was. That being said said what happened to the “having regard for others” I just read about in Sat. show, JiHoon. Yeah, this show reminded me more of American Entertainment TV.

    I think it’s good to talk on a forum how we feel about things Rain does. It’s healthier than acting as if he were a God like I see some clouds do.

    btw…I like ‘Give Me Everything’ with Pit and I absolutely love ‘Lets Go’ with Calvin Harris ft Ne-yo. Maybe the guy does better co-labing with others.


  15. Tisk Tisk Tisk….Jihoon sweetheart you just broke my heart :(…just because what Neyo did to you does not mean you have to bad mouth the man ( althought Neyo is a cocky person) well to me that is)…I think you should have told the story of what happend and just moved on from there but instead you somewhat made yourself look bad too and thats not good cause the only one that should have looked bad was neyo and it seems to me that you are holding a gurdge agaisnt him. All I’m saying is mind what you say next time dear cause here in American in the entertainment business people can make you and break you..and like Stephe and Terri said Neyo is a big known artist who is also a CEO who knows alot of other big time artist that can help you or stop you from getting helping with your music career. So just becareful next time Jihoon.


  16. I guess it’s okay for some people to name-call, to be rude, to be opinionated, to be disrespectful, but not everybody has that privilege, huh? What is up with that? LMAO!

    Stephe ^@@^


  17. Furthermore, if this was indeed written, and personally commented on, by the so-called managing editor of Cloud USA, then I am really disappointed! I will be unsubscribing from Cloud USA, at once. You make me feel ashamed ashamed to be an American …and I do not like that! I cannot be associated with ‘anyone’ that does ‘anything’ to intentionally hurt Corporal Jung Ji-hoon! 😦 Do you call yourself a cloud, without knowing his history …and all that makes him the man that he is?! Ji-hoon the sweet and humble man, and deserves better respect. In fact, it sounded as though you were chastising a child. Jung Ji-hoon is a man, whom has earned his status the hard way. He deserves better respect from one of his “clouds”. I am appalled! If this was not written by someone at Cloud USA, then I apologize; however, this Stephe person’s added negative comments concerning RAIN should not be allowed a Cloud forum.


  18. I do appreciate the “partial” translation to the radio show; however, I do not appreciate your added opinions. Especially concerning our Ji-hoonssi! Concerning your comment, ” Everybody in the booth sounded wack.” Do you not think, that your added negative opinions, which are not shared by everyone, are also “wack” (as you put it)? Jung Ji-hoon is one of the most gracious people I have ever known. Even when people are ungracious towards him …he still tries his best to be polite and fair. If Ji-hoon feels “that” negatively about someone, (and please note: I have no clue who this neyo person is) then he must have a very good reason. As far as I am concerned, that neyo guy is a low-life, as only a il-bred person (or …someone completely void of any “intelligent” thought) would ever “stand up” an amazing person like Ji-hoon! Now …you may not like what I just said, but I am “also” entitled to my opinion. AND, when it comes to Ji-hoon …I can get rather “salty” when people say negative things about him. Chalk it up to my mother/ grandmotherly nature. Either way, I will not tolerate anyone trying to hurt him …in anyway. Thank you for your time. ^_^


    • Thank you for your comments, Sharon. Unfortunately, you are terribly misinformed and extremely disrepectful yourself. It is clear from your comments that you haven’t been around Cloud USA very long and you don’t know much about our community. If you did, you would not have bashed one of its founders so badly for stating her own opinion.

      Just so you know, our purpose here at Cloud USA is to promote Rain properly here in the United States–not to suck up to him endlessly like mindless sheep. And frankly, as one of the founders of Cloud USA and as a human being, I was extremely disappointed by Rain’s comments about Ne-Yo myself. And for the record I don’t like Ne-Yo and I think his actions towards Rain in Japan were extremely disrespectful. I don’t blame Rain at all for being angry about how Ne-Yo treated him and I understand why that experience would have left a bad taste in his mouth.

      However, the way he kept badmouthing Ne-Yo throughout the entire show was also extremely distasteful and arrogant and left a terribly bad taste in my mouth too.

      Not everyone in the Cloud world likes Cloud USA. We know that. Why? Because we always tell the absolute truth about Rain. And for some clouds, that concept is just too difficult to bear. The huge trend in the Rainiverse is to believe that Rain is perfect, that he has absolutely no flaws whatsoever, and that he can do no wrong.

      For your information, that is total fantasy. Rain is a man and he makes mistakes, just like everyone else does. I’m terribly afraid that one day all of you clouds who think he is perfect are going to be extremely disappointed in him when he does something really stupid. That makes me very sad, because as a staunch supporter of Rain, unless he does something insanely criminal, I plan to support him through the good and the bad. Do you?

      Can you imagine what a terrible burden it is to always have to be perfect all the time? For everyone on the planet? He can’t possibly live up to that. That’s crazy.

      Cloud USA is always one of the FIRST entities to defend Rain when the need arises, and we always will do so in the future. We will always do our best to try to look after Rain’s best interests. However, part of looking out for his best interests is also to point out when he has made a mistake. And frankly, it is not in his best interest to let him get away with sullying his own name here in the United States by disrespecting people in the very industry he keeps saying he wants to break into.

      During the show, Rain even said much of a person’s success is about who they know. Well, what good does it do him to badmouth people in the U.S. music industry (regardless of their status) if he really wants to succeed here? I will tell you. It doesn’t do any good at all and undermines his progress terribly. Ne-Yo may be a “low-life” to you, and yes, he is a horrible dancer. But Ne-Yo also has very important contacts in the music industry here in the U.S., contacts that Rain may need in the future. So, it was not in his best interest to keep badmouthing Ne-Yo like he did throughout the whole program.

      By the way, do you really truly believe that Rain’s comments in the DJ booth that day live up to what he says is his motto: Endless effort, endless endurance, endless modesty? If so, then I don’t think you weren’t reading very well. His initial comments about his experience with Ne-Yo and his distaste about that experience were understandable. However, the way he went on to bash Ne-Yo throughout the rest of the program was extremely arrogant and disrespectful in general. And it certainly wasn’t pleasant reading for his fans either.

      His arrogance was even palpable to their guest, Kim Tae Wan, who at the end of the show actually felt compelled to comment, “…I’ll introduce a singer Rain likes next time.” Wow. Really? All that did was make me think Rain is a spoiled brat who had to have his “likes” tended to all the time. How uncomfortable do you think it was for Kim Tae Wan to sit there and try to talk about Ne-Yo with Rain bashing the guy every few minutes.

      Frankly, Cloud USA’s comments did not hurt Rain. What hurt Rain was his inability to moderate his mouth in the DJ booth. If you think he will win friends and influence any people here in the United States with that kind of behavior, or win over mainstream American fans, then you’ve got another thing coming.

      Terri :-}


  19. And so, go ahead and let the repressed anger out, it is far more healthy to do this than hold it in. I can only imagine the emotions he felt when this happened. Poor Baby has worked so hard and suffered so much he deserves better treatment than that.. Why would this come back to haunt him? He has shown he has the strength, will, fortitude and ability to overcome everything thrown his way. Seems to me the others are the ones that may need him one day. Think and speak softly? Heck no, let it out Baby that is the real way to deal with and get over a situation that had to be humiliation plus……I laud him for showing his human side, although I do agree that he did slip a bit letting it show. Sometimes we all say and do things that make us look bad. Let us not smack Rain around for letting his true feelings show, I appreciated his honesty even if the venue was a bit too open. You go boy!!!! Be human even if it kills you.


    • Hi, Kathy. You’ve made some good points, and I appreciate your comments.


      Stephe ^@@^


    • Hi, Kathy,

      I certainly do appreciate your point of view. Although, I still think he needs to learn a little tact and keep in mind that he is speaking to an international audience now who might not always understand his intent.

      Which I think was some of the problem here with this particular radio show. Much of what he said may have been said jokingly, but since we are only reading the English translation and don’t understand Korean, some of it may have been misconstrued.

      Totally possible.

      And by the way, thank you for being nice to us–even when we are mad at Rain.


      • Well, I am sort of ticked at him also but, somehow in my heart I felt as though his atypical loss of control was no more than a symptom of all the stressors he has had on him. Yes, it does make him look bad and I really feel badly for him. Can any of us imagine what he is truly going through? Loss of privacy, knowing that all you worked for is on hold, knowing you will have to fight to regain what you have lost while away, not knowing- well just not knowing what the future will be when you return to private life. So, I agree that he does need to learn when to lock his lips but, I also know that I can forgive his breach of decorum. Not fussing at ya’ll because I totally understand that CloudUSA has his best interest as the focus..(Some of the remarks I read on this were horrible and cruel towards the Cloud people) Please forgive them give yourselves a hug and know that at least from my side of the house you people are more appreciated than you will ever know. Thanks for all ya’ll do.


        • Thank you for your comments, Kathy.

          You are right that he is under a great deal of stress. Everyone makes mistakes. We do know that, and just so you know, we still love him…even when he does makes mistakes. :-}

          It just really pains us to see him making mistakes that seem to be so outside of his character, mistakes that if he continues to make them, could hurt his chances of a good career here in the U.S. All that we do on Cloud USA is for Rain. Not for us. We don’t care what people think about us. We care about what they think about Rain. Period. And it matters what they think about him here in the larger population of the U.S. It is difficult enough to promote an Asian popstar without his making mindless errors, which he does from time to time for a variety of reasons.

          The problem with this mistake was that it was so incredibly thoughtless, which boggles my mind, really, because usually he is smarter than that. It’s just not like him to be so rude. Then again, he was treated very rudely by Ne-Yo. So it is quite possible that that was coloring his judgement. What a horrible thing to do. Ask one of the biggest stars in Asia to come to your hotel and meet you and then he does and then you keep him waiting (after his own concert, when he is exhausted himself) and then you finally send a lowly employee down to tell him that you’re not available after all. Wow. Incredibly rude. I’d have been really mad too. And I tell you another thing. If I had been Ne-Yo’s manager, I would have kicked HIS butt for sure.

          So, I get where Rain was coming from. I really do. And I completely understand why he doesn’t like the guy. Still, bashing the guy for the entire show? That was what upset me. It was just plain wrong, and it reflected very badly on Rain. And you know what? He probably realized that after the show was over and it was too late to do anything about it. At least that is what I keep telling myself. He will realize he was out of control and he won’t do it again and all will be well.

          And I really think it will be. So, hey…let’s all move on to something else, shall we, and get off of this subject, because it’s just totally counterproductive.

          Terri :-}


  20. OMG! JIHOON! Babe PLEASE STOP! Ne-yo was a jerk and seems to be full of himself. But you have to be better and bigger than him, I know being in this business your going to get jerked around and disrespected by others and that just plain sucks but you have to keep it to yourself or at least not broadcast it to the world. It’s not right but he might have friends that you may need some day. These people are so full of themselves that they can’t take criticism and they will get you when you back. JiHoon your scaring me please, please be careful and STOP talking negatively about other entertainers, no matter how deserving of it they might be.
    Side note I’m not such a ne-yo fan I do like some stuff he’s done but never knew any of those things about dude? Dang, pretty jacked up.


    • Well, at least me and Stephe weren’t the only ones who thought this. I was very disturbed by his behavior. Sigh.

      Terri :-}


      • Hey Terri, As much as I love JiHoon I’m not kissing his *ss, its sad when others put him in a God status. When entertainers have nothing but yes men or worshipers they start believing it and that’s when they become jerks. I hope and pray JiHoon stays a humble man…….


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