20 Responses to “[56/91 weeks done][song of the wk][calendar] 비 Yourself Open Thread for 11/6 – 11/12.”

  1. For my hubby (United States Navy…honorably discharged 1992) and my grandfather (United States Army…honorably discharged 1951)……I love you and honor your service to our country this Veterans Day 2012.

    BiAlamode (aka Dee Dee)


    • Let me join you.

      For my dad (United States Army, transferred to Air Force, honorably discharged 1976)… I love you and honor your service to our country this Veterans Day 2012.

      Stephe ^@@^


  2. stephe
    i got u email i also reply to u i sending something NOT SURE U have see it yet but it was PRIDE of SEOUL … please check thank dear
    i put a BIG grinning right now ahahahah awesome~!


  3. Rain looks GEORGEOUS in this picts.!! Yummm!! Love them! It’s raining is one of Baby’s best songs, love it! The choreography is really good too. 😀


  4. Korea knows what’s up……………



  5. I hope this posts………………………..


  6. 4 more years MR. PRESIDENT BARACK OBAMA!!


    • Thank you Jesus.



    • Yes LAWD! Now if that Romney concedes! Hahahaha



      • Amen!! 😀 The stock market went crazy with Obama’s win but I think that was the rich people’s way of complaining! Lol!!!


        • Yes, it was! Hatred personified! However, they’ll get over it and go on with life as they ALWAYS do. The man’s skin is brown and he’s in charge….get over it. Hey, I didn’t go kicking rocks around the front door at my Caucasian neighbors house across the street when GW was appointe….umm….elected, then re-elected. I said oh well and went on with it.

          I know it’s a shock to the system, but it’ll be Ok people. There, there Honey boo boo’s. (*SMILES……..couldn’t resist*)


  7. miss Stephe, you an email. Thank you m’am! *SMILES*


  8. Awe look at him, so very gorgeous….Dayum! 😉

    Please get out and vote!!!!


  9. Ladies
    DID U GET MY EMIL i sent u yet????


  10. Boy, China really has some crazy laws. First a man can sue his wife for being ugly. Now, an ex-wife does a good deed and this happens.



    • Hahahahahaha well she did have plastic surgery. And I believe cause he was mad their baby was ugly, hahahaha…..sorry I’m laughing but that’s just messed up. But then again he didn’t get the true person, but then again if he only loved her for her looks he ain’t all that anyway. I mean what if she was injured and her looks changed would he love her any less or not at all anymore probably. So she’s better off without him. I’m just not into superficial people. But the other is crazy as heck.


  11. If you haven’t already please exercise your right and VOTE!!….Let’s Work!………..


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