[ETA Eng trans][audio clip] Rain and KCM’s 질주본능/Speeding Instinct military radio show. (11/4)

— Cloud Cover by Stephe, Managing Editor ^@@^

It’s time for another installment Rain and KCM’s need for speed! When an English translation becomes available, we’ll post it here. Thanks. 🙂

(Source credit: 96.7 Friends FM / DEMA / courtesy of ratoka @YT)

121104 Friends FM 비 KCM의 질주본능 The Desire To Speed_Rain & KCM DJ.

Rain and KCM Speeding Instinct on Friends FM 96.7 (11/4/12)

English translation: 화니 @The Cloud Media Board

English tweaks and asides: {Stephe ^@@^}

[Rain]&[KMC] : Rain&KCM’s “The Desire To Speed”!

[Rain] : If you’re in any kind of trouble, we’ll comfort your wounded heart by being good friends for you again today.

[KCM] : We’re trying {to play} songs which can provide comfort for you today. Let’s start the show!

[KCM] : Listener ‘My Love Boku’, “It’s suddenly turned very cold. I’m trying {to clean} my closet for the winter after this show.”

[Rain] : We soldiers unconditionally take plenty of warm clothes in the winter. (laughs)

[Rain] : Listener ‘Because Of You’, “I’m anxious about whether this winter is too cold or not.”

Fishcake Soup and Bungeobbang are good winter food, very satisfying on a cold nasty day.


[KCM] : Listener ‘Y’, “I hate to wake up early in the morning .”

[Rain] : If you join the army, the habit will be kicked immediately. (laughs) We soldiers must unconditionally get up at 6:30 in the morning. (laughs) You’re always welcome. (laughs)

[Rain] : Listener ‘Only One’, “In winter, the delectable smell of freshly baked Bungeobbang wafts from snack stalls. Do you like winter?”

I like the season, and I think winter is the best season for smartening myself up.

[KCM] : I love winter because mosquitoes cannot survive in cold climates. (laughs)

[Rain] : Winter also reminds me of the end-of-year music and film awards.

[KCM] : Listener ‘Small Eyes’, “I seem to have picked up a terrible cold from our company employees. Please be careful not to catch a cold.”

By the way, did you (Rain) happen to open the window in our room last night? I almost had a stroke, and my mouth almost turned to the left (or right). (laughs)

[Rain] : I opened it in the morning, but not last night. (laughs)

[Rain] : Listener ‘Kim Gye Won’, “They say this winter is severer than usual, so please be careful with your health.”

[KCM] : Listener ‘Norico 1011′, “I was going steady with my husband for 8 years before our marriage, and I’ve been married 17 years. Recently I realize yet again just how precious a family is. Not long ago I visited a Consolatory Train concert and heard KCM singing live, it made my mind peaceful.”

Thank you.

[Rain] : I admit KCM is a good singer.

[Rain] : Listener ‘Jae Jae Love’, “Today is my 15th wedding anniversary.  I think I’ve lived with a man too long.” (laughs)

It’s quite something to live with a man for 15 years at all these days. (laughs)

[KCM] : Listener ‘#2222 Mi Young’, “Please tell me the way to shake off sleepiness. I cannot possibly shorten my sleep even though I can sleep as much as I want when I’m dead.” (laughs)

[Rain] : When I was a senior in high school, I wrote a memo saying, ‘I can sleep when I’m dead’, and left it on my desk while breaking up my sleeping time in order to study before the college entrance exam at that time when JYP suggested a condition, “You have to enter a university if you want to release an album.” Separately, I’ve hardly said the word (‘I can sleep when I’m dead’) to my fans before.

[KCM] : However, I think there is a slight difference in the shade of meaning between the atmospheres of the two words (‘#2222 Mi Young’s word and Rain’s) although the two are essentially the same thing. (laughs)

[Rain] : Listener ‘Coli Jung R’, “I’m having treatment for my back problem. Please go easy on yourself, and don’t work so hard!”

Please be careful and stay healthy.

[KCM] : Listener ‘KoKo Rain, “As my mother grows old, her health is gradually failing. I hope she’ll be out and about soon.”

[Rain]&[KCM] : Please stay healthy, mother!


[Rain] ; I think today has the feel of a Sunday literally.

[KCM] : I think so, too.

[Rain] ; Put your hands up! {This is… J.T. Camp. NOT. Ahahaha! – S. ^@@^}

[KCM] : Yeah! Yo! (laughs)

[Rain] ; Let’s move on to the next. (laughs)

[Rain] : Listener ‘A Female Student At The College Of Engineering’, “We college couple married after graduating from college in the mid-90’s, and we’ve enjoyed a long and happy marriage. ‘O Tae Ho’s ‘The Melody In My Memory’ evokes memories of our youth.”

[KCM] : I wish you two a long and happy life.

[KCM] : Listener ‘Yu Ock Kyung’, “Despite being poor, one of my disciples never loses his sense of smile. He has been working really hard to fulfill his dream of being a special-school teacher. I’m always so proud of him. I hope he’ll surely pass the civil service examination. I request ‘Lee Jeok’s ‘With You’.”

[Rain] ; I think such a person who can have consideration for others, deserves credit.

[Rain] ; Listener ‘Lee Hyo Won’, “I’m very nervous with the upcoming exam. I hope to reach a satisfactory result, but though I fail, I shall try again.”

Please put warm clothes on the day so that you won’t catch a cold, and make sure you get a good night’s sleep and eat well before the exam. If you have confidence, you can do anything.


[KCM] : Listener ‘Park Young Lim’, “It’s been about 10 years since I was independent of my widowed mother. I’m sorry that sometimes I worry her by seldom looking in on her. I think even now it is not too late. I’m trying making a lot of time to spend with her. I request KCM’s ‘I Love You, Mom and Dad.”

[Rain] : Was the song written by you?

[KCM] : Yes, I was.

[Rain] : Really? (laughs) I think the song is good. KCM’s parents are blessed with such a good son. KCM is even handsome. (laughs)

[KCM] :You are embarrassing me. (laughs) My mom always tells me I’m handsome. (laughs)

[Rain] : My father also tells me I’m the best looking in the world. (laughs)

[KCM] : I think I’ve turned red as a beet. (laughs)

[Rain] : So what? (laughs)

[Rain] : Listener ‘Son Su O’, “The present most desired for my birthday is the sea mustard soup made by my mother, but it’s been a while since she passed away. I can’t eat the sea mustard soup made by her on my birthday, but, instead, I request your happy birthday song for me.”

[Rain] & [KCM] : {singing} Happy birthday to you~

[KCM] : Listener ‘Ne Ne’, “Ever since childhood it has been my dream to become a scriptwriter for TV programs and I’ve lived out my childhood dream.To all people having a tough time deciding on their careers I would say this, ‘Please don’t give up on your dreams and stick with them until you achieve it.’ ”

[Rain] : If you never give up on your dreams, they will surely come true some time. {Unless those dreams are amazingly whacko at best. And in that case, good luck. – S. ^@@^}


[Rain] : Listener ‘Because Of You’, “I was fascinated by the persimmon trees lining the roadsides, that borne abundant fruits.”

It’s better if it ages a few days. Persimmon trees in my neighbors’ gardens are facing my house, so I often eat those fruits without permission. (laughs) I think they don’t care if I eat them or not. They must be very nice people.

[KCM] : Listener ‘Bisabang’, “I used to become sentimental looking at the falling leaves in the past, while now I naturally smell excretion from ginkgo fruits on the sidewalk. I worry a little bit about this soullessness.”

Gikgo fruits are good for stamina. (laughs) {LOL! – S. ^@@^}

[Rain] : KCM will eat anything if it’s supposed to be good for his (sexual) stamina. (laughs)

[Rain] : Listener ‘Mi Mi’, “What’s a good way for you to have fun this winter?”

My woman? (laughs) {ROFL! Yep. – S. ^@@^}

[KCM] : Me too. My woman? (laughs)

[KCM] : Listener ‘Glittering Newt Bi Love R’, “My mother experienced a great sense of loss when her mother passed away. I really miss my grandmother today of all days.”

[Rain] : When one would be filial, one’s parents are gone. Please be good to your parents while they are here with you.

[Rain] : Listener ‘Jin Eun Ju Star Silver Beads’, “My sister will take the college entrance exam next week. Please cheer her up.”

She’ll do well on the exam! Fighting!

[KCM] : Listener ‘#5023′, “I’ve got an interview for a college today. Please encourage me!”

You can do it! Fighting!

[Rain] : Listener ‘My Love Boku’, “Maybe that’s the side-effect from dieting too much.”

When you’re in good health, please keep yourself in shape.

[KCM] : Strenuous dieting damages your health.

[KCM] : Listener ‘Movie Star Rain Ahang’, “I wore my lucky ring my father had bought me when I took the college entrance exam, so I was probably able to do well in the exam.”

[Rain] : Listener ‘Choi Jun Ho’, “Even though my good friend has grown up in a poor environment, she’s studied very hard. Finally she’s been granted a large scholarship from an academic institution.”

She is entitled to high praise. Thank you for all of the time and hard work, and I trust to hear better news. I hope she is always healthy and happy.

[KCM] : Listener ‘Ha Ji Min Love R 4′, “I have cold feet before the college entrance exam. I want to relieve the tension.”

[Rain]: Please just let loose, and take your examination with confidence. I hope you will feel more confident on your test day.


[Rain]: This year’s CSAT (the College Scholastic Aptitude Test) is scheduled for next Thursday November 8th. What do you remember most about your CSAT day?

[KCM] : I studied very hard almost until I took the test, but the result did not come up to my expectations. (laughs)

[Rain]: What grade did you get in the examination?

[KCM] : It’s a secret. (laughs)

[Rain]: I passed the exam with flying colors. Why don’t I give you my test score?

[KCM] : No thanks. (laughs) Anyway, was there any song which helped encourage you at that time?

[Rain]: The truth is that I want to recommend singer Psy’s song ‘Champion’ to all the examinees.

[KCM] : Well, it’s a good song, but I’m more partial to ‘After Shaving’s ‘Chicken Soup’. (laughs)

[Rain]: Let us play both. (laughs)


[KCM] : Listener ‘#1097’, “I used to listens to Rain’s ‘My Way’ when I studied. I request the song.”

[Rain]: Listener ‘Lee Bina’, “When I listen to Rain’s Touch Ya, I can feel energy surging from inside.”

[KCM] : Listener ‘Blue Music’, ‘My husband and I have been a weekend couple for 10 years. I love my husband who always digs down into my mind. I request Rain’s ‘To You’.”

[Rain]: Listener ‘Terry U’, “There is a balm in Rain’s ‘Friends’ which soothes no less than it invigorates me. {Amen! It does. “Friends” was my mom’s favorite Rain song. – S. ^@@^}

[KCM] : Listener ‘Only Rainy R’, “Every single word of Rain’s ‘Friends’ rings so true to me.”

[Rain]: Listener ‘Only One’, “During his World Tour in 2006, Rain delivered a message of hope and dreams for children suffering from AIDS in the world, performing ‘Friends’. The song has a lingering potency.”

[KCM] : Listener ‘Love For Rain R’, “According to my friend who is a fan of Rain, listening to Rain’s ‘Friends’ helps her concentrate on her school work. Also, when she wants to calm down, she listens to the song.”

[Rain]: Listener ‘Terry U’, “I request Rain’s ‘I’. I’ve kept my pecker up by listening to the song since I was new to the workforce.” {Oh wow, lost in translation… LOL 😛 – S. ^@@^}

[KCM] : Listener ‘Amigo’, “The lyrics of Rain’s ‘Friends’ really touch my heart.”

[Rain] : I personally like the song.

[Rain]: Listener ‘Park Hyo Sun’, “I get excited just listening to Rain’s ‘It’s Raining’ ”

[KCM] : Breathing itself seems to remind people of Rain’s It’s Raining. (laughs)

[Rain]: Listener ‘Mica Angelica’, “I can {make} myself comfortable while I listen to Rain’s ‘Empty Space’. During his concert in Pusan last time, I listened to the song for the first time in my life, and I really miss the day of the concert. l love him forever.”

[KCM] : Listener ‘Rain Is Great’, “I had been caring for my sick husband for years, so I didn’t have any time for myself with such a situation, which always made me feel dull and gloomy. But I’ve felt better since I saw Rain performing Rainism in his comeback show in 2008. And, listening to Rain’s ‘Friends’ always brings on a peace of mind for me. I hope Rain also gets well soon.”



[Rain] : Listener ‘Koko Rain’, “My favorite song is ‘Louis Armstrong’s ‘What a Wonderful World’ which is the theme song for movie ‘Good Morning Vietnam.’. I think the movie means ‘keep your chin up even at desperate moments’.”

I like this movie, too.

[KCM] : Listener ‘Kim Hee Rang’, “My home situation was not good and my future looked bleak, but my life changed drastically after I met a good boyfriend. He brings new hope to me. The situation is not good but I live in hope that it will improve. I request R.Kelly’s ‘I Believe I Can Fly’.”

[Rain] : When I took an audition to be a singer in the past, I sang this song. Now that I think of it, I sang it very well. (laughs) {You sure did put some soul in it, for sure! – S. ^@@^}

[KCM] : Listener ‘Glittering Newt Bi Love R’, “I request SES’s ‘Run’. Every high school student, good luck for your exam!”

[Rain] : I personally like SES’s ‘I Love You’.

[KCM] : (KCM sings SES’s ‘I Love You’ {by} mistake for another song.)

[Rain] : I think you’re barking up the wrong tree. (laughs) Would you mind holding your tongue? (laughs)

[KCM] : I’m sorry, you’re right, my mistake. (laughs)

[Rain] : Listener ‘Yuna Kim’, “The song never fails to elevate my spirits. I request Peppertones’ ‘Traveling Parks’.”

Never before have I heard of it.

[KCM] : Listener ‘The Heart Jji’, “When I listen to ‘Moonlight On The Rooftop’s ‘Thank You’, a fortitude seems to come to me. I request this song.”


[Rain] : Please don’t worry about the college entrance exam—just do your best. OK? (laughs)

[KCM] : Everybody, OK? (laughs)

[Rain] : Listener ‘Akai’, “I request the Police’s {Roxanne}. It is heartening by simply listening to it.”

[KCM] : Listener ‘Terry U’, “Listening to ‘Seo Young Eun’s ‘Smile’ helps me to relieve stress.”

[Rain] : Listener ‘Star & Bean’, “I want to encourage all the examinees to do well on the test. I request ‘Kim Dong Ryul’s Departure.”

[KCM] : Listener ‘Mi Mi’, “I request Elvis Costello’s ‘She’ which was played in movie ‘Notting Hill’. When I listen to the song, I feel relaxed.”

[Rain] : This song is once, twice, three times a masterpiece.

[Rain] : Listener ‘And Rain’, “You’ll surely succeed some time or another if you put your plan into practice like the title of ‘Lee Jeok’s ‘Going My Ain Gait’.”

Let’s cheer up!

[KCM] : Let’s cheer up! (laughs)

[KCM] : Listener ‘Downing Coffee’, “Listening to ‘Roller Coaster’s ‘Cheer Up, Mr. Kim!’ helped encourage me to start again when I was having a hard time.”

[Rain] : By the way, singer ‘Kim Tae Woo’ {diligently attempts to be like Craig David}, a renowned soul singer, by growing a beard and by trying {to emulate} him, but however hard he tries, he doesn’t seem to stand comparison with {Craig David}. (laughs) Instead, I think ‘Kim Tae Woo’ is just good at singing Korean-style ballad songs.

{Rain included this in his playlist, Craig David’s Rise and Fall, featuring Sting.

And now back to the show. – S. ^@@^}

[KCM] :But ‘Kim Tae Woo’ thinks he is the best singer who has great natural rhythm in Korea.

[Rain] : That’s just his personal opinion. (laughs) I once thought I was the best dancer in Korea.

[KCM] : I think you are still the best dancer in Korea. {Absolutely! – S. ^@@^}

[Rain] : I appreciate the thought.

[Rain] : Listener ‘The Rust Of Antiquity’, “I hope every examinee will be accepted by the university he or she really wants to get into. I request ‘Jaurim’s ‘Fan’.”

[Rain] : Good luck to you all, and have a nice week.

[KCM] : Small gifts will be provided for ‘Lee Won’ and ‘Park Young Min’, and ‘Son Su O’. And ‘A Female Student At The College Of Engineering’ will be presented with a book. Congratulations!

[Rain]: This has been ‘Jung Ji Hoon’.

[KCM]: This has been ‘KCM’. Thank you.


~ by Cloud USA on November 4, 2012.

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  1. Hahahahaha……seriously lost in translation, Hahahaha. Well JiHoon it seems your growing up(maturing) I hope it sticks when you leave the service completely. Because as time goes by its very easy to slip back into old habits.

    Please stay the path your on now, your a good person JiHoon and it seems you’ve become that better man. Muah….



  2. Thanks!! missed last night…


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