[ETA Eng trans][audio clip] Rain and KCM’s 질주본능/Speeding Instinct military radio show. (10/28)

— Cloud Cover by Stephe, Managing Editor ^@@^

It’s time for another installment Rain and KCM’s need for speed! KCM is back. And around the last 45 minutes of the show was a Rain Bonanza, with Rain songs galore (It’s Raining, Love Song, Bad Guy, etc.) and plenty of talk about projects in Rain’s career (I Do, Full House, Ninja Assassin, so on and so forth). When they urged him to sing a line or two of a song and abruptly interrupted him with wild yelling, I cracked up. This show was pretty doggone cool.

When an English translation becomes available, we’ll post it here. Thanks. 🙂

(Source credit: 96.7 Friends FM / DEMA / courtesy of ratoka @YT)

121028 Friends FM 비 KCM의 질주본능 The Desire To Speed_Rain & KCM DJ.

Rain and KCM Speeding Instinct on Friends FM 96.7 (10/28/12)

English translation: 화니 @The Cloud Media Board

English tweaks and asides: {Stephe ^@@^}  

Asides: (Terri :-})


[Rain]&[KMC] : Rain&KCM’s “The Desire To Speed”!

[Rain] : Love isn’t always what one likes, is it? But he or she’ll do his best to get his or her love. Let us start the show full of fun and love again today.

[Rain] : Recently, the temperature fluctuates considerably from night to day. The wind-chill factor will make it seem colder.

[KCM] : At a time like this, the only thing left is to create a boyfriend or girlfriend.

[Rain] : Listener ‘Hidily’, “My life without The Desire To Speed doesn’t mean anything.”

[KCM] : Listener ‘Only Rainy R, “I’m enjoying a nice walk, listening to the show after having lunch.”

[Rain] : It’s been about 7 months since we started hosting this show. I thank you for all the love you’ve shown to us. (You’re welcome. :-}) Some new and more talented soldiers than us, will be transferred here and they’ll take over the work from us sometime next year.   (Well, I would pout about not being able to hear your lovely voice on the weekends anymore.  But that will mean your time in the military will be done.  So, I won’t.  :-})

[Rain] : Listener ‘Hyobin’, “Listening to your voices make me happy. Are you two going to quarrel again today?”

We never meet but we quarrel. (laughs) But, it really is like brothers.

[KCM] : Listener ‘Song Iko #1012’, “I’m more than thrilled to hear {both your voices after such a} long time. I wonder how you two will get through these cold winters.”

[Rain] : If I were to pick a favorite season, I guess this would be it. This time of the year is the best season for wearing a trench coat which is a must for the fashion-conscious. When I took a vacation for the first time since my enlistment, I went home wearing my old-fashioned and ironed uniform.  After that I’ve been wearing {an} up-to-the-minute uniform, and there is no need to iron it.

[Rain] : Listener ‘Blue’, “Can you please recommend a good place for a picnic in fall?”

We can’t go on a picnic.  (Awwww.  DEMA give these fellas a break, would ya? :-})

[KCM] : Chuncheon is {recommended}. Normally prime fall foliage season for this part of the country.

[Rain] : This talk of going on a picnic in part is all just pie in the sky. {Yep, just wishful thinking. You poor guys! – S. ^@@^}

[KCM] : I know.

[Rain] : Listener ‘Dignity’, “My new clothes were mistakenly put in the trash while I was cleaning the house.”

[KCM] : Oh my God!

[Rain] : KCM will buy you {new ones}.

[KCM] : Okay, I’ll do that.

[KCM] :Listener ‘Terry’, “When my younger sister saw a fair haired foreigner who was a complete stranger walking in the street, she {shouted} ‘English teacher!’ I think every foreigner is an English teacher in her eyes.” (laughs)

[Rain] : That can happen. In my childhood, I thought all Chinese people were Jackie Chan’s friends in my eyes. Let me hear KCM speak some Chinese at intermission.

[KCM] : (KCM speaking with a strange accent in Chinese) The meaning of this word is “I’m happy.” (laughs)

[Rain] : Listener ‘#6225’, “I took money out of my modest income to buy some perfume. I feel like a million {dollars}, but I’ve got to tighten my belt until money comes in.”

My aunt {always hinted to me}: “Fabric conditioner added during the final rinse {is the same as/just like smelling subtle perfume.} There is good fallout to that –fabric conditioner has an anti-static feature.

[KCM] :So I find it always smells sweet when I am with you. {ROFLMAO! Tell us how you really feel, playa! – S. ^@@^}  (Okayyyyy. :-})

[Rain] : I always wash my body well, while you don’t. (laughs) When was the last time you tried? (laughs)

[KCM] : I did it yesterday. (laughs) I wash my body well!

[Rain] : I meant it for a joke.

[Rain] : Listener ‘#5788’, “My mother always pushes me to wash my body clean even though I wash myself clean.” (laughs)

[KCM] : What perfect timing ! (laughs) I usually wash myself very quietly.

[Rain] : I wash myself very quickly. I remove dust, smuts, and grease from the face with a cleanser first, and I have a shave and shampoo my hair and wash it and put body lotion on, and then I wash major parts of my body and wash the whole body. {Well, thank you for giving South Korea and the world that amazingly wonderful image. It played out in my head in s-l-o-w m-o-t-i-o-n to “Nan.” Good gracious. @__@ – S. ^@@^}  (ROFL.  Sleep well tonight lovely Clouds  :-})

[KCM] : After washing myself roughly and shaking off the water, I leave the bathroom. (laughs)

[Rain] : Are you an animal? (laughs) So you don’t need any towels, do you? (laughs)

[KCM] : I often use towels. (laughs)

[KCM] : Listener ‘Fiancee’, “My fingers were embellished with nail art at a hair {salon} and the beauty operator was effusive in her praise. But I don’t like it much. I didn’t complain about that though. ”

I’m a dupe who easily believes other’s words.

[Rain] : I do not think I have been credulous or gullible.

[KCM] : Listener ‘#4113’, “I’m clearing my desk. I’m embarrassed because I think this job never ends.”

[Rain] : I usually have my clothes stacked in a pile on the side next to my closet, and arranged them at once later on.

[KCM] : I really want to have the jacket with checks that I used to admire more than any other in your possession.

[Rain] : No way! Absolutely not! (laughs)

[Rain] : Listener ‘See Breeze’, “My mother started learning guitar just for fun, but now she plays like a professional. I’ve never seen her so happy. She’ll have a presentation soon. I’m looking forward to it. I love mom.”

She is blessed with such a good son.

[KCM] : I want to have a son and a daughter.

[Rain] : I hope your future daughter won’t look just like you. (laughs)

[KCM] : Listener ‘Ahn Hoon Hee’, “My heart is breaking as I watch over my sick child. I want to recover his health soon.”

[Rain] : A parent’s love knows no bounds.

[Rain] : Listener ‘Confusion’, “I want to learn how to play the guitar well, too.”

I have a guitar and a keyboard in my home, but I have no one to teach me how to do it. (laughs) ‘Jung Jun Yil’ is a great guitarist, but he doesn’t want to teach me how to play it. That guy is as slippery as an eel. (laughs)

[KCM] : Listener ‘#0889’, “My father is a member of an orchestra at work.”

[Rain] : Listener ‘#9630’, “Children get sick often while growing up.”

But it’s impossible to express in words what it’s like for a parent to see her sick child.  (Ji-Hoon is right.  There are just no words.  :-{)

[KCM] : Listener ‘Seutong’, “I didn’t know how deeply concerned my parents were about me in my childhood. I think my behavior occasioned them much anxiety at that time.”

[Rain] : In my school days, I used to help my classmates who were outcasts at school because they were also others’ beloved children.

[Rain] : Listener ‘Hwang Han Sung’, “I’m a 26-year-old guy, and it’s been 6 months since my discharge. Before I knew it, I scrubbed off the dead skin of 9 people including a man having a tattoo of a tiger on his body at a public bath. I even picked up 140,000 won in tips today. I went for a bath to a public bath, and washed others and even made money despite not being a bath cleaner. I feel like a wet noddle.” (laughs)

[KCM] : Never in my life have I seen anything like that.

[KCM] : Listener ‘Starry Night’, “My father has started climbing mountains to stop smoking, and he’s has finally succeeded in {quitting smoking}.”

[Rain] : Heavy smokers had better quit smoking or cut down on cigarettes for their health.

[KCM] : Listener ‘#3114’, “In actuality, anyone who has ever tried knows how challenging it can be, but anyone who cares about children and their health should quit now.”

[Rain] : Listener ‘I Like Strawberry’, “He’d be much healthier if my father quits smoking. I’ll argue him out of smoking. I hope he’ll convalesce by climbing mountains.”

It is said smoking while climbing a mountain does improve mood. (laughs)

But if anybody smokes while climbing a mountain, he or she can be charged with a crime.  (Huh?  Does anyone outside of Korea get this reference at all?  Maybe smoking is prohibited in natural reserves, like it is here in some places to prevent forest fires? :-})

[Rain] : Listener ‘#5322’, “I’ve been out of work for months. The bath cleaner is an ear-catching story.”

[KCM] : The bath owner may ask you to go fifty-fifty with your income.


[KCM] : Listener ‘#7320’, “When I saw somebody’s back covered in tattoos, I got really scared.”

[Rain] : I think tattoos show a new freedom of expression, but if they promote an atmosphere of social disharmony, people can react badly to them.

[KCM] : Through the years, people have changed their perspective on it and you may tattoo, but you must use moderation.

[Rain] : In a public bath in my high school days, five of us got into a scuffle with two gang members who had tattoos on the back and belly. Each of our party has become entertainers, and we shall not forget that day as long as we live.

[Rain] : Listener ‘Power of Habit’, “I had a chance to experience being a blind person. I realized yet again just how precious health is.”

They say blind people’s five senses are very keen. One of the famous musicians in the U.S. is an acquaintance of mine and is a blind person. His sense of sound seems very keen and permeates in his work. {Stevie? Hmm… – S. ^@@^}  (Hm. :-})

[KCM] : Listener ‘Pinwheel’, “My close friend will be going to a Filipino university. I feel an emptiness in my heart now that I’ve come to part with her.”

When my close friend went study abroad in his middle school days, I was also reluctant to part with him.


[KCM] : Listener ‘Peace’, “For the first time in my life, I’ll be getting my state identification card. What is it like becoming an adult?”

[Rain] : Listener ‘#5929’, “I sleep more, eat more and gain weight after going climbing. It’s a vicious circle with no end in sight.”

[KCM] : Listener ‘Boksily’, “You two DJs’ sound of laughter makes me laugh. I laughed so much that my tummy hurt, and all this laughing has worked up an appetite.”

[Rain] : Listener ‘Yijinshin’, “Today is my 29th birthday. I’m having a tough time deciding on my career. I can’t decide whether or not I will change my career.”

[KCM] : Just relax and let things flow.

[KCM] : Listener ‘Sherbet’, “A passerby asked me on the street, ‘Have you seen a person and a soldier?’ A soldier is also a person, isn’t he?” (laughs)

[Rain] : It’s a shame that soldiers seem to compare unfavorably with the general public, but I believe soldiers deserve respect for their devotion to their country and for their national loyalty.

[KCM] : So..

[Rain] : Let’s move on to the next. (laughs)


-“Twist” segment (Digging a little into his or her past and seeing what you find.)-

[Rain] : Welcome, corporal ‘Lee Jin Ho’ and pfc ‘Jung Joon Yil’. Thank you for being on the show.

[Lee Jin Ho] : Long time no see! Testing, testing, mike testing. One, two, three, Korean language textbooks, Social Studies textbooks, nature, etc. (laughs)

[Rain] : I haven’t seen you for a while.

[Lee Jin Ho] : ‘Jung Jun Yil’ and I have come back here in two weeks and ten days, each. Unlike before when he was alone, ‘Jung Jun Yil’ particularly seems so bright today. (laughs)

[Rain] : When ‘Jung Jun Yil’ hosted the show for KCM and me, I {always} listened to the show in a province, and I was so sleepy during the entire show. (laughs)

[KCM] : Well. who is the star of the day?

[Jung Jun Yil] : It’s Jung Ji Hoon’ (Rain).

[Rain] : What I’ve been dreading has finally happened. I’m trying to tell my everything.

[Lee Jin Ho] : Rain or ‘Jung Ji Hoon’ is a singer and actor. He was born on 25 June 1982. He is 31 years old, and stands 1.85 meters and weighs 74 kilograms.

[Rain] : But I’m 10 kilograms heavier than before. (laughs)

[Lee Jin Ho] : There are three in his family, including his father, sister and him. Who among us do you think could make it as your sister’s Mr. Right?

[Rain] : I’ll tell her, “You’d rather live alone than marry.” (laughs) I know all of you inside out, so I can’t bring myself to tell her that I’ll introduce one of you guys to her. (laughs)  (LOL.  Wow.  Poor Hana.  :-})

[Lee Jin Ho] : Rain made his debut as a member of boy band ‘Fan Club’ in 1998. What can be said about ‘Fan Club’?

[Rain] : Our former representative named us Fan Club, being hopeful of our success. I don’t know if the band was wrongly named but it was ruined soon. Now all the former members work in the oil sector, real estate business, motorcycle business and clothing line, food chain business, and restaurant trade, but nobody’s heard from one alone of us since we were disbanded.

[KCM] : Are you still corresponding with your friends?

[Rain] : After our dissolution, we kept in touch. Whenever we meet on a regular basis, they always urge me to pay for meals even though most of them have been largely successful. (laughs)

[Jung Jun Yil] : Rain released his first album ‘Bad Guy’ in 2002. Many people wonder how the name Bi (Rain) could be created.

[Rain] : JYP, my former representative, told me that I looked so sad while I was dancing, and the meaning of this word ‘Bi’ is ‘sadness’ or ‘rain’. The name ‘Bi’ could be created in consultation with me and him. I had learned the basics of popping dance that integrates hip hop with jazz as a rookie at that time when ‘Justin Timberlake, Janet Jackson, etc. were famous for their popping dance. I even started learning jazz.

[Jung Jun Yil] : Rain followed up with his second single ‘Instead Of Saying Good Bye’. Which do you prefer, ‘Instead Of Saying Good Bye’ or ‘Bad Guy’?

[Rain]: I like ‘Bad Guy’ better than ‘Instead Of Saying Good Bye’. Actually, I am a bad guy and that’s why many women are mesmerized by my charm. (laughs) {LOL! More like mesmerized by your hips, pelvis, and thighs. Heheh. And skin, and jawline. And voice. And that thing you sit on. (Okay, yeah, by your charm, your rascal.) – S. ^@@^}  (Yeah.  It’s totally your charm. O_o  :-})

[Lee Jin Ho] : Actually, I thought it would be Rain who burst onto the Music Scene by outperforming ‘Manbok’ of pop band ‘Ink’ riding on the crest of a wave at that time. (laughs) By the way, you used to use a pair of boxing gloves while you were letting rip with ‘Instead Of Saying Good Bye’. Do you still have them?

[Rain] : Of course I do. I’ve kept them clean in my home.

[Lee Jin Ho] : ‘Yu Gun Hyung’ is known to have participated in the song ‘Instead Of Saying Good Bye’ as a composer. ‘Yu Gun Hyung’ is famous as a composer who wrote singer Psy’s ‘Gangnam Style’.

[Rain] : I had {even} gone to audition for the record label ‘Yu Gun Hyung’ had, and passed that test before going through JYP’s trainee program. So I almost became a singer belonging to the record label ‘Yu Gun Hyung had’. {Wow. Somehow, you were just meant to land on JYP’s turf then, huh? Cool. – S. ^@@^}

[Lee Jin Ho] : Rain’s 2nd album which included ‘How To Avoid The Sun’, was released in 2003. The stage costume he wore while he was performing had generated a lot of interest. How did you identify the concept of the costume?

[Rain] : When ‘How To Avoid The Sun’ was decided to be the title track of my second album, I was disappointed at first, but I got my thoughts together. All that matters to a dance singer is that he should be seen visually. I used sun glasses and an unique stage costume to get a more visual effect, so I bought a leather jacket (used for a stage costume) at a vintage shop which sold ladies’ clothes in the USA, and its price was $20 and was made in 1965, and I was concentrating on practicing, choreographing the piece by myself. {You did a nice job with that, buddy! – S. ^@@^}  (I agree with Stephe.  It is quite the entertaining piece.  :-})

[KCM] : Please give us a behind-the-scenes glimpse of what was happening during your concert in Japan?

[Rain] : When I performed at my concert in Japan in 2004 at that time when I was on a roll, one of the lenses of my expensive imported sunglasses fell out. Without knowing the fact, I {kept on} performing. (laughs) I gave about a hundred million won for all of my own sunglasses. {$90,000. USD? Wooo-weee! – S. ^@@^}  (Okay, now.  That’s ridiculous  Surely, there has been some kind of mistranslation here?  If not, themom in me feels like she must reprimand Rain for being so extravagant.  :-})

[Lee Jin Ho] : In 2003, Rain appeared in a drama called ‘Sangdoo, Let’s Go To School’ appropriate for the image of ‘How To Avoid The Sun’.

[Rain] : I think my popularity had risen considerably after the drama.

[Lee Jin Ho] : The media showered Rain with high praise for his outstanding performance in the drama.

[Rain] : I had improved my acting skills since I decided to be an actor when I was a high school student.

[Lee Jin Ho] : You were then at the crest of your popularity-wave.

[Rain] : I think so. (laughs) It had also brought me great wealth, so I could pay off my debts and buy a house.


(Bad Guy)


[KCM] : How does it feel to become a star in this segment?

[Rain] : I feel as if I were a guest, so I feel like I have to go home after the show. (laughs)

[Jung Ju Yil]: Rain’s third album including ‘It’s Raining’, was released in 2004. His wild ride really started that year, with the release of the album. ‘Lee Jin Ho’s comic version parodying Rain’s ‘It’s Raining’, was a big hit on this radio broadcast five months ago. (laughs)

(Rain and ‘Lee Jin Ho’ are holding a demonstration->

-Rain : {Beginning to sing It’s Raining} When I am on stage again –

-‘Lee Jin Ho’ : {interrupting} Flake off! Never show your face to me again!)

[Rain] : Seems like only yesterday that ‘Lee Jin Ho’ made us laugh.

[Jung Ju Yil]: Rain appeared in a drama called ‘Full House’ starring actress ‘Song Hye Kyo and him that year.

[Lee Jin Ho] : The drama was a huge box-office hit, locally and abroad.

[Jung Ju Yil]: When there was a scene where Rain was interviewed at a press conference in the drama, I broke into tears. (laughs)

[Rain] : Particularly, I was true to the craft of acting by careful attention in the scene. (laughs) ‘Jung Jun Yil’, you can be my right-hand man.

[Jung Ju Yil]: I’m afraid I’m ‘Lee Jin Ho’s left-hand man. (laughs)

[Lee Jin Ho] : It is said a sequel to the drama comes out next year.

[Rain] : I’m glad to hear that. Actually, all members of the cast including me were like-minded and promised they would appear in a sequel to the drama ten years later. If given the chance, the members can separately appear in another sequel to the drama under another title, for example, ‘Empty House’. (laughs) {LOL! – S. ^@@^}

[Lee Jin Ho] : ‘I Do’ on Rain’s third album, also became a smash hit.

[Rain] : ‘I Do’ with its bright melody had popular appeal. JYP said that the title song should be ‘I Do’ since ‘Full House’ is a big hit, but I tried to change my image by choosing ‘It’s Raining’ as the title. As soon as he approved my plan, things were being done swiftly. There were some of my breaths here and there throughout the song and that’s why it was more enlivened by those sexy breaths than expected. (laughs) I think the choreography of the song was well made as well.

[Lee Jin Ho] : Rain appeared in a drama called A Love To Kill in 2005. He played a character called ‘Kang Bok Gu’ in the drama.

[Rain] Yes, I did.

[Lee Jin Ho] : Rain, I think you worked in perfect harmony with the greatest actresses in Korea.

[Rain] : I think so, too. Acting is very attractive but also very hard and absorbing and it takes tremendous effort. I was identifying with the character, being more absorbed than ever in the drama.

[Jung Ju Yil] : Rain’s fourth album ‘Rain’s World’ was released in 2006. Since then, most of his opinions had been reflected in the outcome.

[Rain] : I formed a successful dance team composed of overseas dancers who had worked with Madonna. As a result, I was able to come up with my finest album to date, but inevitably the costs rose enormously. (laughs)

[Jung Ju Yil] : Rain appeared in a movie, ‘I’m a Cyborg, But That’s OK!’ directed by ‘Park Chan Wook’ in 2006.

[Rain] : The film produced a deep impression on me. The Berlin International Film Festival gave the director an award for Golden Bear, but the film failed at the box office. It however got to the bottom line because of me. (laughs)

[Jung Ju Yil] : Rain finally went to Hollywood to film ‘Speed Racer’ directed by brothers Andy and Larry Wachowski in 2008. What was your impression of Hollywood?

[Rain] : Their capital and labor were so plentiful, and what was still better was, they had tons of capital and technology and the manager did me a special favor. In particular, they arranged matters that my personal chefs were always on duty for me while I was filming ‘Ninja Assassin.’


(Love Song)


[Rain] : I’m very happy to listen to ‘Love Song’ with you after such a long while. To break the ice with my new soldier mates when I was transferred here (Defense Media Agency), I performed ‘Love Song’ at our talent show. (laughs) I think it will {forever} remain a delightful memory.

[KCM] : When I was transferred here, ‘Lee Jin Ho’ compelled me to sing songs in a Noraebang (karaoke) inside the base. I later realized that I had been fooled. (laughs)

[Lee Jin Ho] : KCM sang 9 songs, paying 1,800 won for the songs. (laughs)

[Rain] ; KCM has a temper, but his mind is as pure as the driven snow. However, when he gets angry, he looks like Hulk who tries to {tear} up all his clothes and whose {chest} swells. (laughs)

[KCM] : Please don’t get me wrong. (laughs)

[Lee Jin Ho] : KCM seems to share some traits with a man who raises cattle in a country place. (laughs)


[Lee Jin Ho] : Many of Rain’s fans are concerned about his health.

[Rain] : I think the rumor about my back pain has gone too far. It’s not a serious illness, so please don’t worry too much. I’ve been having treatment for my back problem, and I’m almost well again. The media has been blowing it up out of proportion. I’m planning to do my best until the very last. {Most of us understand that, dear. But then there are others… well, you know. – S. ^@@^}

[Jung Ju Yil] : I was moved to tears when Rain read his diary to me.

[Rain] : I had written about what happened each day during my recruit {days}. I still have vivid memories of that time.

[KCM] : In my case..

[Rain] : Let’s move on to the next. (laughs)

[Jung Ju Yil] : How did you feel about acting in the army?

[Rain] : During the exhausting training in my recruit days, I definitely felt, “Soldiers’ devotion to their country and loyalty to the Flag make me bow my head in respect, and they are indeed great men.”

[Lee Jin Ho]: What do you think of your fans with age?

[Rain] : I think they could die any day. (laughs) Just kidding. {Ouch! Really, Rain? LOL! *getting all huffy* – S. ^@@^} (ROFL.  Wow.  We’re not exactly on death’s door just yet, sweetie  :-})  I’m not a man of sentiment, but I really value them as my precious fans regardless of age. I’ll try presenting myself better in front of my fans after my discharge. {Yeah, that’s better, son. You really don’t want us ajummas pulling the plug on Cloud USA, now do you? Just kidding. Sort of. LOL! 😛 – S. ^@@^}  (You tell him, Stephe.  Hmph.  :-})

[Lee Jin Ho]: Is there somewhere you can take a rest after your discharge?

[Rain] : I’ll go to the ocean by ship and catch shrimp. (laughs) (a tongue-in-cheek remark) Originally, I was scheduled to take a rest after my discharge, but I’m going to hold a mini fan meeting in Hong Kong or Thailand or China or Taiwan or Japan or the USA in return for my fans’ support for me. {My eyes just got really BIG. – S. ^@@^} (Honestly, I’m not holding my breath.  You notice he says OR after each of those locations.  Obviously he can’t have a fan meeting in all of them.  Still, we can dream, right?  :-})  {Why can’t he, Terri? After military, he can do whatever and go wherever the heck he wants to. — S. ^@@^} I’ve already formed an idea of the main concept of my next album.

[Lee Jin Ho] : I know about the concept generally, that it provides formidable opposition to the previous one, so I’m really looking forward to it. {Hm! So, fans… what’s opposite of Back To The Basic? Forward to the future? OR he could just mean that it’ll give B2TB a run for its money. – S. ^@@^}

[KCM] : How does it feel to be interviewed today? (laughs)

[Rain] : It has been a lot fun, and I’d like to thank you for arranging this wonderful occasion today.

[KCM] : It’s time to wrap it up. Please favor us with a song.

[Rain] : Not to mention ‘It’s Raining’ will be ending the finale in a flourish. (laughs)

[KCM] : Thank you for coming in today, ‘Lee Jin Ho’ and ‘Jung Jun Yil’.

[Lee Jin Ho]&[Jung Ju Yil] : Thank you.


(It’s Raining)


[Rain] : Recently, we’re now in the middle of October, normally prime fall foliage season for this part of the country, which pleases me. Hope you leisurely have a nice weekend while enjoying the beautiful fall leaves.

[KCM] : Small gifts will be provided for ‘Pinwheel’, ‘I Like Strawberry’, and ‘Power of Habit’. And ‘Female Student Girl’ will be presented with a book. Congratulations!

[Rain] : This has been Rain.

[KCM] : This has been KCM. Thank you!


{What a great show! S. ^@@^}

~ by Cloud USA on October 28, 2012.

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  1. That was very nice…. thanks to translaters and Steph and Terri bringing it here “smiles”.
    A fan meeting in the U.S.? yes, please! That’s soooo long overdo.
    ” I wash major portions of my body and then wash the whole body.” Geeees O. That visual was just heartstopping.


  2. It was an amazing show! He always makes us happy! Thank you Corporal Jung Ji Hoon! 😀


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