18 Responses to “[50/91 weeks done][song of the wk][calendar] 비 Yourself Open Thread for 9/25 – 10/1.”

  1. THANKS! CJ Entertainment for adding Houston to the list of cities receiving Korean films.

    Just went to see Masquerade tonight and it was indeed Excellent. Lee Byung Hun is great in this role. Highly recommend it!! (SMILES)


  2. PSY is really doing it up in the U.S. You go PSY! (SMILES)



  3. for all Clouds that watch Korean dramas, here is a MadTV parody that had me cracking up!


  4. We talked in earlier posts about PSY hopefully being able to parlay his success of “Gangnam Style” into something else in the U.S. market. Well, it looks like he will indeed get that chance.



    • ahahah this Mad Tv – Bobby Lee Korean Drama
      LAMO~ are u kidding me it so funny i am craking up right now how he do that in flash uh???????? Dr poon ji Sum just one kiss she death LOL……………………..!! fainting spell .. they guy go on and on his story ya……. that to funny … arm wresting LOL…i am laughing hard UH???????
      ANS WHAT HAPPEN SHE BECAME …ALIVE … so funny they expression killing me here now what they SLAP each other .. became boyish attitude yeeeeeeeeeee!!
      thank share i enjoy watching

      ask u said for SPY have u see this new version yet
      GANGNAM STYLE (강남스타일) Versión Argentina (PARODIA/PARODY) Susurros Films Estudio


      • No hadn’t seen it Kongsao. It’s so funny too! I think there’s a thousand different versions of Gangnam Style around the world now. Good fun! (SMILES)


  5. exelente video !! expresa toso lo que representa rain !! muchas gracias por subirlo aca ! gracias Lili Jeung (@rainflower27) por su gran trabajo !! un abrazo a todas las clouds !!


  6. oh … please rain don’t stare me like this i melting here :P)


  7. AW!!!!!! My vid!!!!!! Thanks so much for considering it!!!!!!! and yes made for Rain, just like the song says rise with the strengh of a thousand men!!!! So proud of him and how driven he is!!! Like always PROUD to be cloud!!!!!


  8. O – M – G!!…….(*queue theme to Twilight Zone*). I don’t think I have to explain. Good Mercy….go awwwwaaaay!


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