[caps][R2B][learning Korean] 아야, 내 엉덩이! Ow, my butt!

Cloud cover by: Stephe, Managing Editor ^@@^

From the R2B: Return to Base NG (blooper) reel. That ground was hard! LOL! (아야, 내 엉덩이 / aya, nae eongdeong-i / ow or ouch, my ass, hips, buttocks) See if you can spot eongdeong-i in Korean in the captions down there. 🙂

(caps courtesy of pollyanna)

~ by Cloud USA on August 30, 2012.

5 Responses to “[caps][R2B][learning Korean] 아야, 내 엉덩이! Ow, my butt!”

  1. Korean words are not good for people with bad eyesight (like me), just so you know. (SMILES) I think I spotted one of those words (at least partially) close to his “butt.”

    Need someone to “rub” that for your Boo! I don’t mind….really….it’s Not a problem. That’s what Clouds do. We support our star in ALL situations. (SMILES)


    • Girl don’t trouble yourself. I got this. 🙂


    • me @@ me me me…………MEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!
      as u know i am single gril my finger will warm that butt for him it well melt like ice in sec…. ekekke i have soft hand and very gentle too if he need ASAP i will ZOOM right to that butt for u baby boo i am right here awawawwa :P)
      poor think my hurt his butt but i would mind doing this rubbing


    • When JiHoon hit the ground, in my opinion, it should have stung a little but shouldn’t have hurt all that much. Even when he’s completely in shape, dude’s still got some nice juicy back there. (On the other hand, MY 엉덩이 (eong-deong-i) is an eong-deong-kadonk (Korean version of badonkadonk, I just made that up so don’t go saying it out in the street). Bwahahahaha. I crack myself up.)

      (Note to self: Lay off the sangria during the weekdays)

      Stephe ^@@^


      • Ha!! Now watch…..Koreans everywhere will start saying
        “eong-deong-kadonk.” You are coining new Korean words now missy.

        Now, this is a word I can say (eong-deong-i). I’ve watched enough K-dramas to at least “hear” how Korean words should sound. I should try to learn a word a week. If I could see them like this, as opposed to Hangul symbols it would be easier for my brain to compute.


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