12 Responses to “[45/91 weeks done][MV of the week][calendar] 비 Yourself Open Thread for 8/21 – 8/27.”

  1. Stephe, know you’re busy as heck….but sent email. Nothing pressing.


  2. Stephe, check your CloudUSA email. Thanks!


  3. Oh..I can’t stop watching this video!! the song is so beatiful and Rain looks awesome!! 🙂


  4. Aww JiHoon looks like an angel in that first pic. Soo adorable! Darn I’m so frustrated! It seems that I have a long time to wait to see R2B. :”( On the other hand, looking at trailers and picts so far the movie looks stunning in itself so I’m sure that it complements beautifully the story and cast. I think this movie can get some awards if the future and with it, JiHoon is gonna reach another level in his acting career. He deserves that and more for his amazing work! 😀


  5. Really love the video.


  6. Gee,

    Showtimes for R2B in Dallas/Grapevine are 10:20 am, 6:50 pm, 9:40 pm and 12:30 am (midnight).

    I don’t know if I’ll get to see you ladies because we are trying to get there to see the 10:20 am showing. We’re going back to Houston the same day. Neither of us are too keen on driving back late at night, otherwise I would have come for the 6:50 showing. Either way, Bi’s Clouds will be on the scene on the 24th. (SMILES)


  7. I think this mv deserves to be in the open thread of this week 🙂 it’s such a beautiful mv, I can’t stop watching it xD


    • I AGREED WITH that what i think too good think stephe know how to get us on it ahahhahaha u know this MV so BEAUTIFUL i very love the SONG so much it so….so …SO BEAUTIFUL that i keep listing all day long even sleep in with it i very love the vedio i think they should put this in voting chart just saying ekekeke but even that or not i enjoy listing a lot it one of the most sweet and beautiful i have heard for a while !!!!!!!!!
      i very love the 1 pic of him all sleep on that paper ot new what ever that he look so adorable even when he awake with that pager on him so CUTE!!!!!!!!!! esp the 2 white paper i very love that part the most!!!!!! he such an angel and cutie pie on this MV and that Lip how he pouting for a kiss just LOVE IT !!


      • I love it too!! and LOVE the song! beautiful lyrics, so romantic and lovely, while watching this mv I just feel that I can’t wait no more to watch the movie xD


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