[ETA: UPDATE] [구름 8기 (8th Cloud) notice][fan site users] Rain’s official Cloud Fan Site is relocating and updating.

[Update:  The Cloud’s official website will be temporarily closed again to move to its new server, from noon on 8/28 to noon on 8/30, KST.  So, no log-ins will be possible during this time period.  Thanks.  Terri :-}]

Cloud cover by: Stephe, Managing Editor ^@@^

Please see the notice below as posted by 8th Cloud executive 김선영 (Kim SeonYeong) and translated by 화니 on the Korean Cloud’s members bulletin board. I am posting it here because it also involves all of the registered Cloud Fan Site users who aren’t paid members (Gray clouds). For one thing, the 17th was THURSDAY, but Thursday midnight would have been Friday, technically. And for another thing, the first relocation (to a new server) probably happened over 24 hours ago, with the second relocation possibly still to come. The site has given me some weird messages today, so I figured I should say something in case other people were seeing wonky stuff too.

This has been a long time coming. Thanks, all. ^@@^


[Notice 3984][8/17/2012] A notice about the relocation of the Cloud site. [구름]김선영

Hi, I’m a 8th term Cloud executive member.

Cloud’s official community site will temporarily be unavailable because its server IP will be relocated beginning at 12:00 midnight on Friday 17 August 2012. (today) It will take 2~3 hours and 1~2 days to finish that job in Korea and overseas countries, respectively.

(However, the time required could vary in different countries. and it could depend on how fast your country has Internet access.)

During this time, this site may be briefly unavailable as there is a problem with the server.

[The renewal of Cloud official community site] by Rainy Entertainment, has also entered its final stretch, but the current company that manages the Cloud site server, has been ordered to relocate the server IP, so this could inconvenience you.

When [the renewal of Cloud official community site] is completed, this site may be briefly unavailable again due to the second relocation of the server. Please excuse us for the way things are right now.

Cloud’s new official community site will be opened soon, so I ask for your continuous interest.

Thank you.

~ by Cloud USA on August 19, 2012.

8 Responses to “[ETA: UPDATE] [구름 8기 (8th Cloud) notice][fan site users] Rain’s official Cloud Fan Site is relocating and updating.”

  1. Reblogged this on christina27b.


  2. thank you for sharing 🙂


  3. I logged into The Cloud this morning with no trouble. So maybe it’s ok for the time being.


    • @Bia
      yea… i was their a min ago i leave Ji Hoon a message Bord and it seem to work fine i think it fix it just a matter time being and i post a message to him i hope he read and felt a lot better from his fan USA who care and love and support him as always !!


      • Hey Kongsao,

        I agree. It’s been a while since I left a message for Sweetness, so I’ll back over there sometime today. SMILES…………………..


  4. oh ok thank inform us here i just hope been fix this soon


  5. Thanx for the info Stephe! 😀


  6. Thank you Cloud USA for this information^_~I hope they can arrange & fixed soon…


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