11 Responses to “[44/91 weeks done][Song of the week][calendar] 비 Yourself Open Thread for 8/14 – 8/20.”

  1. And THESE are our leaders…………………………



  2. I thought we Ninja lovers would find this interesting…………………..



  3. Anyone going to the R2B showing in NY or NJ on the 24th? If so, can I join them? 🙂


  4. today in Seoul are their Primer and their a lot fans their to SUPPORT R2B it would be CAMERA all over if Rain where their right ??? but even without him their always his fanclub their to make it possible to share and support they love to Rain and support R2B Movies i just hope it SUCCESS in theater in ASIA i know a lot his friend ans fans will support it no matter i hope they have best action in watching Rain Movies and excited to even give us back encounter and feed back to R2B Fighting


  5. Okay some SERIOUS psychoanalysis needs to take place over there. This is highly unnerving to watch. I’m like my goodness it’s Just entertainment. Gives me chills how “sick” in the head people can really be. I mean to worship a celeb so much that you would hate/harm another celeb, just cause. I mean why really…why truly? Because they don’t sing your favorite song or act on your favorite tv show…..HUH??? If those are the reasons, then the Twilight Zone theme music needs to precede every room that person enters. Personally, I need to see “crazy” coming, if at all possible. Goodness!


  6. Aww I hope everything goes as planned with the premiere! I thought the army was going to give JiHoon a chance to be in the premiere since the movie is about them but I guess it wasn’t possible. It was a long shot but I hoped for it. Oh well, the important part is that people enjoy the movie and support it. I’m sure that is an excellent movie and that people are gonna love it. Also, is great that R2B is going to be shown in lots of countries. The more people see it, the better!! 😀


  7. I’m sure the movie will be successful. All our support and love for a wonderful human being, which unfortunately will not be present. This situation is what makes me sad about all this. But I hope with all my soul, with all our love and encouragement, Rain will be accompanied and loved this day. .”R2B” Fighting!


  8. Meet Ernestine Shepherd. Any excuses I EVER had just went out the window!……O-M-G!….(*head hits the floor*)



    • Yes I saw this lady some time ago and believe me, I wanted to crawl under a rock in shame!! Lol!! She’s amazing! Did you see that 40 something gymnast in the Olympics? He was awesome too, his arms looked huge! I looked at him in awe cuz is so rare to last that long in gymnastics! Also, that guy who ran with prosthesis in both legs! Unbelievable! But it shows what a human being can achieve when the mind and the heart are into it. Changing the subject now, check my reply to your comment about dramas in the last Open thread. 😀


      • Yes, I saw her sometime ago too, but wanted to share with the Clouds. I need to get back to working out right now because my summertime snacking is catching up with me. Also, it’s not good for my back. Whenever I start to gain, I can feel the “twinges” trying to come back. (SMILES)

        Yes, I saw the guy from South Africa with prosthetic legs race. He was Amazing. I have the Utmost respect for him. The 40-year old gymnast I only caught glimpses of. I watched mostly the swimming, diving, synchronized diving, cycling, women’s gymnastics and track and field.

        I saw your comment on Kdramas and wrote down the ones I hadn’t seen. Thanks for the new list of dramas to check out. We have to keep each other informed. (SMILES)

        Well Mari, my Asian man “crushes” are in this order (1) the incomparable Bi – NO ONE comes before Baby Love (2) Lee Min Ho – he’s male model pretty (3) Micky Park Yoochun – he’s a little cutie! However, looks aside they really train these guys well to transition from singing to acting but that’s the way of entertainment these days. Everybody’s goal is to build a “brand” and do many things, not just one.


        • Of course Rain is my #1 for ever and ever!! He’s THE MAN when it comes to make you feel what his character is feeling, he’s the master!! But I want to understand the kdrama business so while Baby is in the military, I’m enjoying other actors’ work. My #2 has to be Lee Min Ho, he’s really good! You have to watch Faith!! Min Ho is doing a marvelous job in it and the story is amazing! The mix of magic, old time world and time traveling they’re doing works so well!! I hope the director keep the good work and don’t mess it up at the end! I screamed and laughed during the first two episodes like crazy so is THAT good!! Lol!! My #3 is Jung Il Woo, #4 is Yoo In Ah, #5 is Kim Hyun Joong and #6 is Park Yoo Chun. I haven’t seeing Roof Top Prince or Mrs. Ripley so maybe that’s why he’s my last choice. I liked his work in SSKS but I liked Yoo In Ah’s work more, to me he stole the show to Mickey. So that’s my list of “crushes” as you called it. I know it can change with the next drama but so far, this is it. 😀


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