11 Responses to “[39/91 weeks done][Song of the week][calendar] 비 Yourself Open Thread for 7/10 – 7/16.”

  1. Stephe….got it.


  2. i love this Movies ever he just my Razio all time thank share this
    i can’t wait to another FILM of him with Mr…Richard Gere in Hollywood again and i bet his hair growing out again just love the taste of Razio here ekekek
    @ Stephe
    please check u Emil

    oh have u see this yet?
    [07-10] [83mins]120709 tving_R2B: Return To Base Showcase Live
    Credit: Recorded by Scorpiola // scorpiolabi2 @ youtube

    just to share this site thank


  3. I love those picts!! He looks absolutely handsome!! Yumm!! I miss that georgeous hair!! Sighh But I bet THE HAIR is gonna make a comeback and have its own paycheck again. Kekekeke 😀


  4. *Kekekekeke!* I certainly hope this link works, cause this is funny as hell to me. Kekekekekekeke……..I am so tickled. I feel ya my brotha! LOL!!


  5. i love this NA long hair. Love it!!!!!!


  6. love the long Ninja hair


  7. Thank you for the character “boost”……I needed it.


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