[movie teaser] R2B: 리턴투베이스 / R2B: Return To Base. Potentially explosive.

Cloud cover by: Stephe, Managing Editor ^@@^

[Rain (Bi)비 Teaser]120620 “R2B:리턴투베이스 (R2B: Return To Base)” (2012.08). Credit: CJ Entertainment / Source: movie.naver.com / courtesy of scorpiolabi1 @YT)

[English translation by 화니]

In summer 2012,

A potentially explosive situation will take place over South Korea!

R2B : Return To Base.

An informal military operation will be carried. {A covert mission begins! — S.^@@^}

~ by Cloud USA on June 20, 2012.

16 Responses to “[movie teaser] R2B: 리턴투베이스 / R2B: Return To Base. Potentially explosive.”

  1. Oh what a teaser can’t wait to see it!


  2. OMG I got goosebumps!! Gaahhh It’s a short trailer but very strong!! What impressed me the most was all the alarms going off cuz it puts you on edge, well, I don’t know about you but they put me on edge!! Then those kids with their innocent faces, jeezz, the mom in me just went in protective mode-crazy right there, then the amazing flying close to the water, aghhh, love it!! and last but not least, Rain’s half face, so expressive! of “You get close and I’ll get your sorry azz!! Oh I’m dying to see that movie!!! ^O^


  3. This is short trailer but a really good one! it take your breath away! woww so much action and excitement ! they are going to share other trailer soon? hope so! I have watched it over and over again haha! I hope it can become in a really successful movie 🙂


  4. This is an awaited movie,i’m sure it will become BLOCKBUSTER!!!Even in the thtiller it was soo great movie.I loved Korean drama,ohhh how much more for Rain’s coming movie….Right now Stephe i immagined how beautiful this movie…


  5. stephe
    i need u help me !!

    We’ll accept your letters or messages (to Rain) for you and will hand those letters to him.
    So, we’re trying to act as an intermediary between Rain and you guys.
    Please write a letter that’s A4-size pages in length and send me via mail.
    Or you can send me your letters via email.
    This applies to both Korean members and overseas members.

    My address :

    대구광역시 달서구 감삼동 208-19번지 2층 김선영

    우편번호 : 704-903

    Kim Sun Young
    208-19, 2nd floor, Dalseo-gu, Kamsang-song
    Zip code ; 704-903
    Daegu City, South Korea.

    Email address : fggcwwx@hanmail.net

    The deadline for the project is Thursday (21 June)

    Thank you.
    is this the address i sent to Rain for Birthday Letter

    Kim Sun Young
    208-19, 2nd floor, Dalseo-gu, Kamsang-song
    Zip code ; 704-903
    Daegu City, South Korea.
    is LATE to sent already yet it say due 21 i hope not so i can sent it today can i?????

    please reply to me thank u !!


  6. Hmm….the movie title was actually spoken in English at the end. Well now.
    (SMILES) This is a good thing….a very good thing! (SMILES)


    • Yep. That’s actually how you pronounce it in Korean. They adopt English words into their language all the time, and this is another example of that.

      “리턴투베이스” is pronounced ri-teon-tu-beiseu. I didn’t realize this until we finally got the final Korean title after the English “Return To Base” announcement. By god, it’s BRILLIANT because everyone will be saying the title practically the same way whether here or there with no explanations needed. Just brilliant. I’m so happy that there WAS a method to their madness. Yeeehaw!!! 😀

      Stephe ^@@^


  7. Well there’s little doubt who the star of the movie is. Can’t wait to see the movie on this side of the ocean. I’m sure this one is coming.


  8. WOW…………this truly looks like a summer blockbuster! I am happy for our “seoul” man because this could really send his movie career skyrocketing! I love action movies and this looks like it is exhilarating and “so exciting”!


  9. esta pelicula va a ser un suceso internacional !! es espectacular su advance de imagenes !! wwwwooww ya quiero verla !! gracias


  10. That looked so exciting!


  11. OH GOSH………….. this one look so SPECTACULAR then i expected can’t wait
    @ lotus
    ME TOO ………..i watch over and over it this GOOD which make me more excite to see now ahahahah well of curse it me !!


  12. I can’t tell how many times I’ve watched this already!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 😀


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