[22/91 weeks done][Song of the week] 비 Yourself Open Thread for 3/13 – 3/19.

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By the way — have you left a message for JiHoon on The Cloud today?

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» You can read news of Private First Class JiHoon Jung’s divisional transfer HERE. And see my special article with more on that subject HERE.

The Yellow Ribbon for Rain Brigade gives us so much hope as you all continue to spread the word and help it grow. Our dream of a stronger foundation of support for JiHoon is coming true, and we’re so pleased for him. Thanks, fans, for being the rock underneath his feet and not letting him down. Thanks for letting him know that he still has a lot to come back to!

You can see JiHoon’s first letter to his Clouds and fans HERE, in our previous post. ♥

There are two options for sending snail-mail to JiHoon presently. For information on where to send handwritten cards and letters to him during his new Army PR duties (as of today), please see our previous post HERE (military). For cards, letters, and gifts, do see our post HERE (office admin).


SONG OF THE WEEK: “To You”, Track 14 off of Rain’s Vol.3 It’s Raining album (2004). One of the most beloved and precious Rain songs ever.

Courtesy of: CloudUSAer paoare2008@YT.  (You can also find this video to your right, at the very top of our media blog sidebar.) 


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Rain is Eternal. Where clouds stay gathered, rain will always come. It is inevitable.

— Stephe ^@@^

~ by Cloud USA on March 13, 2012.

20 Responses to “[22/91 weeks done][Song of the week] 비 Yourself Open Thread for 3/13 – 3/19.”

  1. c mona comment ca va bien ok bay


  2. That pic is just UNF! Never seen that one and I almost fell off my chair as I was scrolling down. Seriously… warn a girl next time… lol.


  3. For those of you wondering who/what the heck we’re talking about… read this. 🙂


    Stephe ^@@^


  4. Stephe, thanks for the FB link on AI. This chick can blow and I don’t say that lightly. I’m also digging all that “chocolate flava” in the background. Yes, I will be checking for AI.

    I know she featured Bi in her song Too Much also. I’m always glad to find a new talented artist to listen too. (SMILES)


    • New to me at least………………… (SMILES)


    • Gurl, I LURVE me some A.I. She’s got the pipes on her. “Too Much” and “Oh Yeah” makes me really want for her to do a third duet with JiHoon! Oh, how I WISH.

      Stephe ^@@^


      • What TRULY sold me was a YT video where she’s singing on stage with Chaka Khan AND she held her own up against “dem” pipes on Chaka.

        A.I. girlfriend………………SOLD!! (SMILES)


        • Wasn’t that something??? WOW.



        • that gurl has IT! when I saw her on You Tube with my all time favorite Chaka Khan and she stood there “flat footed” and sang like she meant that thang…….love her voice and phrasing! In her bio it states she lived in LA and entered the First AME church, falling in love with their singing—she also participated in the gospel choir in high school.

          She was a part of the Jackson Family tribute in Tokyo 2011.

          I love her song called “For My Sister” with Judith Hill.

          I think I mentioned her in our “cover” catagory on the Forum singing this one with Rain…………….if not (sneaks away quietly to post on the Forum)


          • Yeah, she is definitely one that I’ll be more in tune too from now on. I also saw the Judith Hill duet and “Letter In The Sky” featuring the Jacksons. I’d be a new fan for that alone. The Jacksons were a part of most every little black girl’s “formative” years (playing house). You know how we do! (SMILES). She’s really great though!


          • One more thing,

            I find what I’m tapping into with her is the same thing I really love about Bi. They both have and show an appreciation for the culture from which the music they love to perform comes from. Can’t ask for more than that………..Love it! (SMILES)


      • Speaking of JiHoon. What I wish is that I could actually hear a full album of him singing all R&B and yes, duet with other R&B artists. Mainstream leans toward labeling him “pop” and I want to say No, No, No…….R&B people! You feel me??

        I would LOVE to hear him cover “Hey Little Sister” by Javier Colon. Now, THAT would be H-O-T!! (SMILES)


  5. OMG Soo damn sexy!! Love all that hair!! I know he wasn’t a happy camper with his hair at the time but gosh, he looked so handsome!! I agree that Ninja Assassin was the best thing his staff in the US did for him. That’s the magic of movies and dramas! People who don’t know him have the chance to see his extraordinary talent for years to come. Many of us became fans after seeing this movie so Rain’s hard work definetely paid off. I’m sure we are gonna keep seeing this movie for a long time and it will bring great satisfaction in the future for Rain’s career. 😀


  6. I really love his hair style on these photos! And this song is wonderful! One of my favourite! And I wanna say these words to him!!!! 😀


  7. Stephe, my dear……..in the words of the late, great MJ……”You wanna be startin’ something”……WITH these photos I’ll add!!

    As pinkfashionninja would say, he’s got the Oooo Weee! in these. To say he was sexy when these were taken, is a gross understatement.

    This was the NA ultimate HOTNESS….make you damn near wanna pee in your pants SEXY!!


    • No kidding. I do think she’s trying to kill us with this series of pics.

      I also agree that this was a really sexy time period for him. Real attention-getting.

      And you know what? I’m thinking that Ninja Assassin was the best promotion his management ever conjured up for him for here in the U.s. So many of us discovered him in that movie. And of course, once we did, we were hooked.

      Terri :-}


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