[21/91 weeks done][Song of the week] 비 Yourself Open Thread for 3/6 – 3/12.

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The Yellow Ribbon for Rain Brigade is gathering no moss! And the stronger it grows, the stronger the foundation supporting world star JiHoon grows. So please, keep spreading the word so that the Brigade can fulfill its purpose and keep the ground under Rain’s feet solid.

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SONG OF THE WEEK: “Why” (Wae, 왜), off of 비’s debut album Vol. 1 n001 (2002). (“Bad Guy” was the first single release off of that album, NOT the name of the album.) Yep, the CD that began his career, before he was “Rain.” He didn’t start using his English name until his second album, Vol.2 How To Avoid The Sun, came out. Rap on with ya bad self, 비!

Audio track courtesy of: greendayluver972@YT.  (You can also find this video to your right, at the very top of our media blog sidebar.) 


»We’ve added to our community with a brand new Cloud USA Youtube Channel. We hope you enjoy it! And FYI: A new fan-made Rain videos show is currently in production and should be ready for broadcast on Cloud USA TV soon.

 » Cloud USA merchandise is here! Partake of our store at CafePress, and have fun doing it! (Need a Rain fix? Pick yourself up some of his stuff in our affiliate store while you’re at it.) For those of you who have already ordered goodies, thanks so much. We’re so excited. Take care, everyone!

Rain is Eternal. Where clouds stay gathered, rain will always come. It is inevitable.

— Stephe ^@@^

~ by Cloud USA on March 6, 2012.

16 Responses to “[21/91 weeks done][Song of the week] 비 Yourself Open Thread for 3/6 – 3/12.”

  1. have you seen this Rain in the dance studio with Kim SuHah
    so funny


  2. it has been raining off and on the last 12 hours here…….some of my friends were posting songs about rainy days from you tube on Facebook……I posted this one (Nan)

    soon afterwards, the sky seemed to open up and just pour out buckets of water………..go figure

    Stephe, you are %100 correct!

    “Rain is Eternal. Where clouds stay gathered, rain will always come. It is inevitable.”

    — Stephe ^@@^


  3. Hey Stephe, check FB messages. Thanks!


  4. OMG~!! :p)
    this was the one i was FALL IN LOVE with his hair everything so PERFECT he took care his hair so Beautiful his smooth and thick and his LIP yummmmm uuuhhhhhhhhh and his eye just want to look into his and melt inside so i can die Slowly *die* just plan BEAUTY of him very love it and the edit of the pic just Perfect


  5. for those of you looking for Rain CD’s and other merchandise, eBay and Amazon have offerings to add to your stash. I was able to buy an authentic Rain’s World CD for $5 (from an individual) and Back to the Basic for $13.99. I have Rainism too! His other CD’s are usually too expensive ($60 and up) or out of print.

    The packaging is so lovely on both CD’s that I ripped ’em to my iPod and placed them back in their covers immediately! No scratches please…….

    His DVD’s are there as well, but make sure that when you order they are able to be played on your DVD player (all regions or region 1). I have Fugitive: Plan B and Full House. Also, most of the lower priced ones (under $25) are copies with really poor English captions.

    Good luck in your search!


    • Thanks BiThatWay, I used to “lose my mind” on Ebay a few years ago so I had to chill for a while….it’s addicting! (SMILES) I will revisit that option and check out Amazon as well. Thank you again!!


    • Thank you! Will check out Amazon for sure 😀 I knew someone would have some ideas 😀


  6. Im with BiAlamode!! Except all I have is Ninja Assassin!! I would really like to have some of his music and would be fine if it was just downloads but I havent been able to find anything that was legal and I want to support him not just download it. Any suggestions – stay at home mom so not going to be able to buy much to begin with 😀 This newby Cloud would love some advice 😀 And thanks you guys for all the hard work and hilarious posts! I love this site!!!


  7. Oh jeeze Rain looks sooo darn handsome in that first pict!! His skin glows beautifully, his eyes are amazing and that mouth! Sighh THE HAIR is georgeous too! Love it! Thanks for posting! 😀


  8. Gosh, he’s beautiful…I love him..that is all. 🙂 LOL


  9. Thanks for posting the Song of the week, because for me it’s probably the only way I will hear some of Bi’s lesser known songs. My brain just can’t compute spending $90 bucks on a cd, even if it is somebody I really, really like. Also, a little something about being a married Cloud. It would be hard trying to convince Mr. Not-a-Cloud….”but the songs are really, really, really, really, Reeeaaallly good” (*Umm….yeah….I’m sure they are*…….walking off as eyes roll). I’d have to do all kinds of “maneuvers” to get That cd.


    • “I’d have to do all kinds of “maneuvers” to get That cd.”

      LOL. Okay, and your problem is???

      But I do know what you mean. Although, I’ve been able to find most of his CD’s for a lot less than $90. Where the heck are you looking, girl?

      Terri :-}


      • Honestly, I’m a blank slate. I’d have to get them all. I know (*bad, bad Cloud*) because I only have the NA dvd to show for. I feel so deprived (*sad face*). I would start with Rainism, BUT the things I really want are the most expensive (Eternal Rain cd and The Road for Rain….is just on another planet by price). Actually, I do have a couple Rain songs on my Ipod. Oh you said WHERE……….

        Umm…..the Cloud USA merchandise store (the main page). Unless the prices have changed. I don’t know.

        Well at any rate, Friday is date night…..so wish me luck! (SMILES)


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