[article] Rain and Han JiWoo are spotted cozying up.

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Our previous posts on Rain and J.VJQ and this CF shoot are numerous… so if you’re hankering for them, simply put “J.VJQ” in our media blog search box and you should get a slew of them.


Daily Hankook 3/2/2012 — [English translation by 화니 @The Cloud Rain News Board]

Rain and Han JiWoo are spotted cozying up

Singer Rain and actress ‘Han Ji Woo’ are spotted cozying up.

A picture entitled “Rain and ‘Han Ji Woo’ warmly pose for a picture” has recently been posted on the message board of an online community. It captures the moment of the couple’s being photographed sitting on a bed with their white clothes on while filming a JVJQ commercial. (JVJQ is a prestigious cosmetics brand)

In particular, they create an atmosphere of warmth and geniality with an expression of excitement on their face, which excites people to envy.

Meanwhile, netizens responded to it, “Inwardly, I think they look so good together.” “Oh no~ I cannot ever imagine such a thing !” “I experience mixed feelings of jealousy and enviousness.”, etc.

~ by Cloud USA on March 2, 2012.

9 Responses to “[article] Rain and Han JiWoo are spotted cozying up.”

  1. It hurts! But on second thought, I’m happy if he is happy!


  2. I agree…she is going to have to be a very strong woman and he deserves someone very special. I hope for him to find someone he can fall giddy in love with and live happily ever after. But, I gotta say, if I was sitting on a bed with JJH, I wouldn’t just be sitting. LOL…I’m just sayin’!!


  3. You know what?

    I’m betting that whoever he chooses, she is going to be one special lady. After all, he wouldn’t wait all these years and then pick some flake, would he? Seriously. He’s smarter than that. So, I think we all should just sit back and relax and trust his judgement. As long as she’s good to him, that’s all that matters to me.

    And although I do hope he gets all those daughters he is dying for, I keep asking myself why in the WORLD anyone would want to have 4 daughters. That is beyond me. All I can say is he’d better have a private bathroom, right? ROFL.

    Yeah, my hubby wanted us to have lots of children too, right? But after we had our two boys, he was like, “Um…okay, maybe we’d better stop this, like, right NOW.” LOL. I’m thinking Rain will probably also find that kids are a lot more difficult (and a LOT more expensive) than he could ever imagine, once he has a few of them himself.

    Terri :-}


  4. My goodness I hope Rain get cozy with this girl or any other! He deserves to be giddy happy with a strong, beautiful, independent woman who can give him all the loving he needs. I pray he can find this woman really soon! Krazy fans just suck it up and let him be!! Rain has being alone for enough time already!


  5. I really hope that Rain finds someone or has someone waiting for him. I mean people need to realize that us fans do not own Rain personally. As long as he is entertaining me the way I like it that’s all I need. Ok maybe Rain is mine in my dreams, LOL!!!!!!!!!!!! But I am not crazy like some crazy fans to think that is real. I have a real life of my own to live. I hope the girl that Rain do love is one tough women because she is going to have to be. Some crazy fans are not going to want to let Rain go even though they never had him, LOL!!!!!


  6. I’ve got a “hankering” alright! (*wink, wink*)……(SMILES)

    @ Dulcie,

    I agree. I’ve said it many times, his wife to be will have to be one “tough cookie” if she’s gonna be with him. You call them overly possessive (that’s the nice way to say it Dulcie…you’re so nice), to me they are just plain “Crazy”….with a capital “K”…..yes…..K. **O_o**


  7. If it is true, they are the most beautiful couple! 😀


  8. Sigh … God forbid the poor man actually ever finds someone to love. The woman is going to have to be very strong and very brave to face down all the overly possessive fan girls that are out there. Someone strong …. like me 😀 {snicker} A girl can dream can’t she???


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