[9 weeks done][Song of the week] 비 Yourself Open Thread for 12/13 – 12/19.

» You can visit the previous Open Thread HERE. And of course, don’t forget that our Cloud USA Forum is a most excellent place for Rain love, fan communication, and self-expression.

By the way — have you left a message for JiHoon on The Cloud today?

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PLEASE keep spreading the word so that the Yellow Ribbon for Rain Brigade continues to grow and grow. It’s nearly at 4000 ribbons. It’s really important to show JiHoon that we haven’t forgotten him, so keep up the good work, fans!

You can see Private JiHoon’s first letter to his Clouds and fans HERE, in our previous post. ♥

There are two options for sending snail-mail to JiHoon presently. For information on where to send handwritten cards and letters to him in the military, please see our previous post HERE (military). For cards, letters, and any gifts, do see our post HERE (office admin).

As we understand it, JiHoon is all done with his basic training (five weeks of boot camp plus three weeks of specialized instruction) and formally took his place as a 5th Division Assistant Training Officer yesterday, 12/12. We knew he would do well from the get-go because he was already in fantastic shape, but the degree to which he performed still surpassed what we were expecting and we wholehearted congratulate our phenomenal super-soldier.

» Go HERE to read the latest on The Yellow Ribbon for Rain Calendar, slated to be JiHoon’s Christmas gift this year.


SONG OF THE WEEK: “Baby Baby”, off of Rain’s debut album n001 (2002}. Video courtesy of Pao00Sly @YT.  (You can also find this video to your right, at the very top of our media blog sidebar.)

Rain is Eternal. Where clouds stay gathered, rain will always come. It is inevitable.

— Stephe ^@@^


~ by Cloud USA on December 13, 2011.

15 Responses to “[9 weeks done][Song of the week] 비 Yourself Open Thread for 12/13 – 12/19.”

  1. Omg! Just found I’m a Cyborg But Thats Ok for streaming on Netflix. It’s free if u have an account.


  2. O-M-G!! O___O


    • Lord have mercy…! And there’s no telling what the people have been told. I mean, up to this point, they’ve had to worship him as an equal to God and they’ve been told for years that WWII was still going on and that he was the only thing standing between them and all our bombs and stuff. I’m only hoping that people haven’t been told that “one of our countries did it”, but I wouldn’t be surprised.

      Then again… hardly ever does NK ever let any footage out of or into the country, so in actuality this could be a forced show for the outside world. “See, we did love him” That kind of thing. Or not. I just don’t know.

      A bit of a “bright spot” is that we and NK have tentatively come to an agreement on us helping them with food provisions and them chilling on the nuclear stuff, and more talks about our “relationship” are scheduled. And seems like SK is also helping them with something… I just can’t remember what at the moment, if I’m not mistaken.

      I hope that none of what I’ve said offends anyone, but it is my opinion as I see it after years of studying and watching NK. I want peace on the Korean peninsula, and I want the NK people to have their human rights upheld, and I don’t understand why anyone would work against that. Offending was not my intent, but the situation is what it is. :/

      Stephe ^@@^


      • No, we are not here with the intent to offend anyone. I am just an aware and concerned citizen of the world and when news regarding world leaders happens it sparks relevant and valid conversation. It also brings to light situations that go on in the world that some would deem questionable, confusing, heartbreaking and sad actually….on a lot of levels. I was Very Shocked to see this footage as well, because I didn’t think this type of footage would come out of their country either, so “staging” is a word that comes to mind. However, I do feel that there is genuine emotion from some of them quite possibly, as his leadership is all they have known, like you said. Either way, I feel for the North Korean people and like you I hope for nothing but Peace in all of Korea and the world……most Definitely.


        • I see that video and just feel really sad cuz either they are so brain washed that can’t see anything but what their leaders tell them or worst, they have being coersed to do a show for the world. Notice that this is a minor amount of people they are showing. These could be military families, officials from the government, etc. I read somewhere they are getting help from South Korea to stop a tuberculosis epidemic they are battling and also getting food for the needy. We’ll have to wait and see what’s next cuz it won’t be easy. Even if by some miracle the son he left in charge don’t want to make war, the military around him can put pressure on him to make bad decisions. Also, there’s China to take into consideration. Is their only “friend” so North Korea will do what China tells them to do. The North Korean people are getting info from the outside world thru the internet so that also can play a part here. This situation is very complicated to say the least. Only prayers and good people can make a difference here.


  3. North Korean leader Kim Jong-il died today, South Korean military on alert. I’m not panicking, but this is significant in their country’s relations is it not? I will be fervently watching the news in the coming days. Train the youngins well Bi.


    • Yep, the loose cannon is gone and defused. And up to this point, his son/successor has only been a government figurehead. This shouldn’t be a bad thing… but you never know so I’ll certainly be watching too…

      Stephe ^@@^


      • Yes, this is an issue that concerns the whole world and not only South Korea cuz is like giving a loaded gun to a child. You pray for a good outcome but you know the chances aren’t good. Let’s pray for our dear JiHoon, all soldiers in Korea and the USA living there and for world peace.


  4. Love the song and those picts. Looking georgeous as always. sighhh Thanks for posting! 😀


  5. Umm just noticing. Why don’t ppl like the posts here? What’s up with that. I wear out my like button. 😦


  6. Girl I got to have that song. Please tell me where to find it. That song is HOT!!!


    • Well, the mp3 is all over the place (I don’t download a lot of music, so I don’t have site to recommend), but the only place I’ve seen his first album these days is on ebay. Lots of copies of n001, some of them supposedly signed, are all over ebay.

      Stephe ^@@^


  7. so adorable!


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