[posts] MENtholatum goes “Fugitive.”

Cloud cover by: Stephe, Managing Editor ^@@^

The latest from the official Mentholatum China micro-blog on Weibo, from Friday. This particular JiWoo image from The Fugitive: Plan B is one of our favorite pictures, so we welcome any opportunity to see it again! ♥

(Posts and images source: mentholatum001 @weibo)

11/25/2011: #曼生活•本色#型男们,想要穿出本色个性不随大流,不一定要依赖奢侈大牌,翻翻衣橱的衣服,重新混搭就能在冷都男与暖男间游刃有余!冷色系的T恤跟夹克衫层次搭配出犀利的冷都男feel,国际流行色的上下装撞色组合则可打造冬日暖男形象。男人魅力不止一面,跟随Rain,做今冬时尚型男!(图片来自网络)

11/25/2011: #曼秀雷敦男士专业护肤# 看Rain超有弹性的肌肉是如何炼成的?仰卧起坐让身体Power Up ,活肤洁面让面部皮肤Power Up!曼秀雷敦男士多效活肤洁面乳,多效洁净,温和清除污垢同时提升皮肤弹力和张力,让皮肤柔韧有弹性!

11/25/2011: #曼秀雷敦男士专业护肤# 男人在外,面对着多重压力,洗脸不能只是简单的清洁而已!曼秀雷敦男士多效活肤洁面乳,特含多效活肤成分(Derm-3 Complex)小麥籽提取物、Q10、透明质酸,迅速增强皮肤自我修复能力,深度洁净同时,全面对抗男士多重皮肤问题!

~ by Cloud USA on November 26, 2011.

One Response to “[posts] MENtholatum goes “Fugitive.””

  1. Could I be your cream? 🙂


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