[2 weeks in] 비 Yourself Open Thread for 10/26 – 10/31.

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By the way — have you left a message for JiHoon on The Cloud today?

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If you haven’t already, please join the Yellow Ribbon for Rain Brigade on your Facebook or Twitter, and help us support Rain during his mandatory military service! He needs to know how much his entire fan base throughout the world is backing him even when he isn’t tirelessly performing for us. He has given to us for ten years, listened to our requests and complaints, and always done his best to make us happy. Now it’s OUR turn to make HIM happy. Keep spreading the word!


JiHoon has begun his second week in boot camp, and has already written his Clouds a letter on his Unit’s blogsite! You can see his first letter to everyone HERE, in our previous post. If you haven’t seen it already, prepare for your heart to be warmed. ♥

For information on where to write JiHoon, please go HERE, and also HERE.

Terri and I just got back from NYC today (where we went to attend the SMTown Live in New York concert at Madison Square Garden, AND on a road trip searching for Rain items). We’re happy, but tireder than two ticks fighting over the same hound. Our trip turned into a working jaunt for Terri, who is chief editor at HelloKPop, when due to unforeseen circumstances, she had to cover the the SMTown press conference for them, the day of the concert. But some of the coolest stuff came out of that—she got to see all the artists, photograph them, and even ask Super Junior’s leader Leeteuk an interview question during the conference. So who the heck is going to complain about that? Not us! 🙂

Anyhoos, we really need to get some rest tonight (Tuesday). We’ll be back full force tomorrow (Wednesday) and get this place back up to Rain speed, and start giving you posts about the trip (we hobnobbed with Clouds, found a teeny bit of Rain in NYC and a GREAT stash of him in Virginia!). Soooo… until then, peeps.

Rain is Eternal. Where clouds stay gathered, rain will always come. It is inevitable.  

— Stephe ^@@^ 

~ by Cloud USA on October 26, 2011.

21 Responses to “[2 weeks in] 비 Yourself Open Thread for 10/26 – 10/31.”

  1. A second link. Somehow this tickles me. I imagine some parent dropping their kid off……..”SURPRISE!”



    • Oh Wow this is soo cool!! I wish we could have a program like that in the US and Puerto Rico! I’m sure it will be full!! We only have juvenile institutions and those are for kids in worst problems. This could be a step before the kid gets into juvy. Its a bit harsh but it may work for some kids. I would add community service into it.


  2. Think Bi has it bad still. Well, here’s some kids who might know what he’s feeling. See the link below.



  3. FYI……….Just mailed out my first “physical” letter to Bi today. I will be sending him another physical letter in the near future (*Smiles…Stephe*).


  4. @stephe…. I love this …

    “Rain is Eternal. Where clouds stay gathered, rain will always come. It is inevitable — Stephe ^@@^”

    WaitingForRain 🙂


  5. Stephe be sure and check your email….”one mo ‘gin.” Thank you M’am. (SMILES)


  6. Stephe there’s an email I’d like you to see if you don’t mind. Thanks! (SMILES)


  7. And look at his sexy body.


  8. I miss him to. But oppa will be back.


  9. Waiting for that account of yours. Glad u had fun. Def every time I go to NY I get really tired even though I live three to 4 hours away. Can’t even imagine how was for you driving for that long time. Welcome back ladies 😉


  10. Apparently you got a really good time girls!! Woohoo!!! Congrats!! But you gotta spill tha beans cuz I’m curious!! Can’t wait for that account!! Lol!! 😉


  11. Hi..i’m from Malaysia..while searching for info bout Rain, i found this cool website n impressed with his fans passions n dedication towards him ..thanks coz provide lots of info bout Rain in this page..he is an awesome performer..i fell in love with him after accidentally watched one of his performance..now i know why many people love him so much..love to become one of his Clouds ; )


  12. Hi..i’m from Malaysia..while searching for Rain’s info i found this cool website n impressed with his fans passions towards him..i’m suddenly interested to know more bout Rain after accidentally watched one of his performance..Rain is an awesome performer..now i know why many people love him so much..thanks coz provide lots of info bout him in this page..Rain must be proud with all u guys..love to become one of his Clouds.. 🙂


  13. stephe & terri u ladies must have a great trip i can’t wait to see the update of u got and terri got to be interview with Super junior i would be more excited and speechessssssss if this was me ekekeke how awesome is that can be uh????????? can’t wait to hear from u 🙂


  14. awawawawwa …. uuuuhhhhhhh ….uuummmmmmmmmmmm……!!
    this it should be done!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    oh gosh the 2 pict what a sneaker ……….. losing out my breath here somebody :P) OH MY OH MY O.o


  15. Well I am glad that you guys had a great time. Obviously it was filled with a lot of unexpected fun stuff……lol.
    Terri had the opportunity to ask Super Junior something…..wow how awesome is that! 🙂


  16. I miss Rain so much. 😦


  17. Stephe and Terry. welcome!! ….!!Què lindo que ya regresaron!!.. espero estén bien, parece que les fue grandioso. !!Esperamos sus noticas!! Por favor descansen… cuídense mucho. 🙂


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