[Busan Woman MV][Cloud USA announcements] 비 Yourself Open Thread for 8/30-9/5.

[2011 RAIN Korea Tour Schedule/ all concert times from InterPark]
August 13, 14 (Sat, Sun) – Busan BEXCO • 7 PM Sat/5 PM Sun
Sat 27 August – Daegu EXCO Priest • 7 PM
Sat, September 3 – Jeju Convention Center • 7 PM
Sat, September 17 – Gwangju (Location TBA) • 7 PM
Sun September 18 – Daejeon (KOTRA Trade Exhibition Center) • 7 PM
September 24 and 25 (Saturday, Sunday) – Seoul Olympic Park Stadium • 5 PM both days

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THE FILMING FOR RAIN’S NEW MOVIE IS DONE AND THE FOOTAGE IN POST-PRODUCTION AS WE SPEAK! Sorry for yelling, but it couldn’t be helped. How exciting is that! *doing a Red Muffler dance* Congrats, JiHoon. 😀

— Stephe ^@@^

RAIN 부산여자 MV. Rain “Busan Woman” music video. (Credit: J.Tune Camp / jtunecamp @YT)

~ by Cloud USA on August 30, 2011.

28 Responses to “[Busan Woman MV][Cloud USA announcements] 비 Yourself Open Thread for 8/30-9/5.”

  1. Stephe, now that you mention it. I wouldn’t mind having one of those B/W concert (Best Show) t-shirts myself. Is there possibly a way to get to some “dead stock” concert merchandise? This would be a great fan club perk from/through The Cloud for those of us who can not attend his concerts in person. I don’t have much of anything Bi related (I’d have to listen to ‘someone’ tell me I have a “shrine” to Bi, if I did). However, I’d like to get a few things.

    Now, when/if he comes stateside…..all bets are off. Said shrine will be “built.” (*got my hammer and nails*)…….SMILES


  2. Love these pictures 🙂 Hot!


  3. I just went to The Cloud and it looks like an error message 404, but it’s in Korean of course, so I hope it’s not just me. Just FYI.


  4. How cool is this?………………………………..



  5. Now this is the life ain’t it?……………………..

    But too much of a good thing is…..well………………….


  6. Wow, what a pic!


  7. I think that his last concert was incredible; he charmed that audience to no end. For My girl they choosed a deliteful lady and Rain was so touched by her I ended up crying and I was not THERE!! Then at the end he invited a bunch of fans to jump with him and that included Insooni!! Seeing just fancams I know Rain left his heart in that stage, you can feel he is enjoying every second with his fans. It just breaks my heart. Regarding the song Busan lady, I would like to think that Rain is a smart man and if there were a true conflict with it, I think he would stop singing it.


  8. I meant to say oct 23rd sorry


  9. Oh my good lord ur KILLING me with some shirtless Bi. Pass the salts please!
    FYI smtown NYC is coming oct 3rd. Who’s joining me??


  10. You can tell Rain was in a good mood he was so happy performing. I love seeing him happy like this. Once again he sounded awsome singing the Busan Women song.


  11. This song situation still “irks” me Greatly, but I’mma let my “inner Noona”(*Oommm*)wash over those feelings. As far as I’m concerned, the response has Not been sufficient enough not by a Long way, BUT……keep showing me pics like these and eventually I’m sure it will become a distant memory.

    This is why I’ve stayed away from The Cloud lately, I’ve had to resist the urge to give Ji-Hoon a piece of my mind, but I don’t want to start any international “incidents.” Silence is golden (it’s been said).


  12. @stephe
    i though she mean beginning sorry my bad yup he did say it so cute @ “Daegu Yeoja. it was so echo ekeke yup and he point out his fansto screaming too ekek i watching that already but i confus flower i though she mean beginning


    • @Kongsao

      Oh, hey, not a problem^^ We both answered her question. (You’re right, he didn’t change the actual song that was released) 😀

      Stephe ^@@^


  13. AWAWAWA o.O oh did i just saw a SEXY BEAS here yeah! GOOD MERCY! ringer run off here ….!!ok now i am and i don’t how long that will last O_O oh this is totally a SPAM for me ahahah SEXY SEXY SEXY! damit! that uper body and his V Line *SNIF*


  14. Do anyone know if Rain sang the Busan Women song with the changed up lyrics in Daegu?


    • Yes, he did. 🙂 I’ve only run into one fan cam of it so far, and the sound wasn’t very good, but you could hear and see enough to know that he was definitely prompting the audience to sing over the “Busan Woman” background track and sing it “Daegu Woman” along with him.

      I posted that fan cam on our Facebook Wall with the words “Daegu Woman.”

      Stephe ^@@^


    • @Flower
      IT was the same song he sing in Busan he did not change the song glad he keep in his good mood in that ekekek
      rain are such a teaser and he even test his fan too

      110827 15 THE BEST SHOW IN DAEGU 또빨러! 빠르자나여!!


      • @ Flower:

        Yes, as you can see in the second video (which is the one we put on our Facebook wall, Rain did not change the background track of the song, but he DID sing/say “Daegu Yeoja” and the lyrics on the JumboTron behind him were changed to say “Daegu Yeoja.” Very cute! 😀

        Which means that at the next show he’ll be singing “Jeju Yeoja.” Love it!

        Stephe ^@@^


        • Thank you Stephe and Kongsao for the information. I am so glad he is still singing the song because I love this song!


      • Kongsao what is he saying sweetie?


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