[Cloud USA opinion poll] Your favorite 비4 Debut video is…?

Cloud cover by: Stephe, Managing Editor ^@@^

{*ETA 8/31: And the winner, by almost 43% of the vote, is JiHoon and FanClub’s “Baby” on Inkigayo! But Bi on Music Plus sure gave the winner a run for its money, haha! Thanks much, everyone, for your votes in this fun poll.  Well, let’s all go tell Rain on Twitter. 😀 }

As you all know, the Man had a career before “Rain” (his English name coming into play).

He even had a career before debuting as the one and only 비.

No matter how far back you go before his 2002 solo singing debut, whether it was dancing for JYP or performing as a member of teen KPop group FanClub, JiHoon was using the star power inside of his tall, talented body.

Inquiring minds across the Rainiverse want your opinion: Which of these four well-known videos is the best JiHoon 비4  Debut performance?

Let’s make it a good competition—you can vote as many times as you wish for your favorite(s) until next Tuesday evening, August 30. If your favorite isn’t here, please share it with everyone so that we can all dish in the comments. Cool? Cool. 🙂

Let’s get to buzzing about Bi before debut! (When we all tweet him the winning performance, I wonder if he’ll be tickled or surprised at the result? Hm!)

#1 • Performance, June 2001: 비 (Bi) dances up a storm on KBS Music Plus/JYPE Family Gathering. (Courtesy of manloverain08 @YT)

#2 • Music video, 1998: 지훈 (JiHoon) and Fän-Club do “A Midsummer Night’s Dream. ” (courtesy of manloverain8 @YT)

#3 • Music video, 1998:   지훈 (JiHoon) and Fän-Club do “Search For A Dream.” (courtesy of manloverain8 @YT)

#4 • Performance, 1999:  지훈 (JiHoon) and Fän-Club do “Baby” on Inkigayo. (courtesy of eye0rain @YT)

~ by Cloud USA on August 24, 2011.

12 Responses to “[Cloud USA opinion poll] Your favorite 비4 Debut video is…?”

  1. ack! why you ask difficult question like this >.<
    I can't think! @.@


  2. I chose other because I’m in between 1 & 4 dance and the music, this was hard.


  3. This is hard…. I am torn, he looks so darn cute in all of them. However 1 has to be my choice.


  4. I love Rain’s dancing in #1 KBS Music Plus but his adorable expressions and that ponytail on top of his head (LOL!) were irresistible in #2 Midsummer Night’s Dream so for me it has to be #2.


  5. Rain was such a cute and so talented even back then. It still puzzles me as to why anyone would pass on signing him. He had so much talent and potential that it was coming out of his pores. I love all the videos but I was torn between number 1 and 4. In the end I chose number 1 because I love the way he is dancing in the video. In that video you could see his growth. His dancing ability had become even more amazing and he was even more cuter. Rain was a force to be recogonized even from the beggining.


  6. Arghhhhh THE HAIR, THE HAIR, THE HAIR!!!!! O.o OMG this boy was GEORGEOUS from an early age!!! His eyes were amazing too, he wanted to eat the universe with those eyes!! Awwwww Is like he’s saying “I am here, look at me pleeeaaaasseee!!” That’s why they put him down cuz he was too beautiful!!! Love all these videos and is the first time I see them. LMAO with the midsummer night dream; it was great and his hair was so crazy!! LOL!! I voted for Baby Baby Baby cuz it was amazing; the beat, the choreography, heck, everything and he was kicking @ss with his singing and dancing. Love it!!!


    • I have a weakness for Baby Baby Baby. Wow! I think it’s because he was soooo dang young but he sounded like a grown man. hahaha

      Stephe ^@@^


      • Yes!!! In comparison to the other members of the group Rain looked matured, focused and ready to take the world. The others were just playing and having a good time!! Poor baby!! Life hit him so hard so early!!


  7. oh gosh i love the Music Plus_Rain Dance
    esp he very can dance he such a talent dancer and his ENGLISH spazzed :P)
    did he know that or what???????? when he speak English in Razio he blow me away same as this i so chil awawawaw
    Midsummer Nights Dream
    awawa he so cute in their very young and charming ekekek
    he seem to enjoy hi perfrom and dance and singing too that my rain ahah
    the Baby- (fan club 1999)
    prtty engry their i like how he always keep his body bouching ahahahah
    well i vote for Music Plus_Rain Dance
    don’t know why but that to capture em ekekek


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