[Busan Woman MV][Cloud USA announcements] 비 Yourself Open Thread for 8/23-8/29.

(Rain oppa has a mini-fanmeet with his Clouds outside of MBC’s Ilsan Dream Center, right after his farewell comeback stage on MBC Music Core at the end of May 2010. You can » revisit this mini-event by fan cam HERE.)

[2011 RAIN Korea Tour Schedule/ all concert times from InterPark]
August 13, 14 (Sat, Sun) – Busan BEXCO • 7 PM Sat/5 PM Sun
Sat 27 August – Daegu EXCO Priest • 7 PM
Sat, September 3 – Jeju Convention Center • 7 PM
Sat, September 17 – Gwangju (Location TBA) • 7 PM
Sun September 18 – Daejeon (KOTRA Trade Exhibition Center) • 7 PM
September 24 and 25 (Saturday, Sunday) – Seoul Olympic Park Stadium • 5 PM both days

» You can visit the previous Open Thread HERE. And of course, don’t forget that our Cloud USA Forum is a most excellent place for Rain love, fan communication, and self-expression.

By the way — have you left a message for JiHoon on The Cloud today?

» Our Project page for newbies on how to register for and USE the Official Cloud Rain Fan Club site in S.Korea is HERE.)

If you can, PLEASE follow Rain’s lead and give Japan a helping hand. Donate to the 7th Cloud’s Appeal-Donation for Earthquake Victims in Japan or to the charity of your choice. The Japanese people are still nowhere near out of the woods. » The 1400 children who lost one or both parents are one of the groups most desperate for help right now.

HUGE congrats to MBLAQ on knocking their very first independent concert, MEN In MBLAQ, out of the ballpark this past August 20. We’re so proud of them!

By the time the next Open Thread comes around, Rain will have the Best Daegu EXCO concert under his belt. Have a great show, dear Bi!

— Stephe ^@@^

RAIN 부산여자 MV. Rain “Busan Woman” music video. (Credit: J.Tune Camp / jtunecamp @YT)

~ by Cloud USA on August 23, 2011.

20 Responses to “[Busan Woman MV][Cloud USA announcements] 비 Yourself Open Thread for 8/23-8/29.”

  1. I hope Clouds on the East Coast are safe from Hurricane Irene. Living in Southeast Texas (Gulf Coast) we have certainly had our share. If anyone here has been affected by it, please take care and God’s speed!


  2. Now, see if I was being ugly and trying to start some mess about recent events, I bring up this video with Bi regarding past deeds, BUT I ain’t like that. (*Kekekekeke*). This is what other people do (*Just Saying*). Check out “Saint” Bi starting at minute marker 2:30 – 5:20….”Bad boy” indeed. Don’t get your panties in a bunch, I’m just being silly.


  3. The hook of this song sums up my “relationship” regarding Ji-Hoon right now (*tongue in cheek ladies…tongue in cheek*)……(SMILES)


  4. I love these pictures of JiHoon 🙂


  5. First things I’d like to say is DAYUM what a hell of a day yesterday was! I wake to some damn accusations being brought up against JiHoon and then earth quake in Colorado and another that rocked DC were my best friend is at and MLK memorial and all the crazy @ss things being said and then to top it off someone started a rumor about Will & Jada! To much crap for one day seriously.

    After listening to the other song I got a major headache ODG! was my thought and then Busan Woman I loved compared to the other and my trust in JiHoon, then went into cloud mode real fast and started talking with some of them. BiA you most certainly came to mind my sister. hahahaha

    Then the MLK thing like you BiA I refused to read any of the bullsh*t being said I heard enough to last me a life time and Mr King deserves top honors enuf said! BiA and yes I do believe the quake had perfect timing. WE KNOW!

    Will son tweeted the rumors are lies, and I’m so happy about that, their just are not enough strong black marriages out there and one that truly was Mr Ashford passed away RIP.


    • Yes Lotus, GIRL I felt like I was caught in a whirlpool of information yesterday. Calgon TAKE ME AWAY! (SMILES)



    This is a 911 Ji-Hoon emergency. I have been caught up in rumorsville all day long and on an emotional rollercoaster, now Baby Love is being accused again. I know you ladies are on the case. The plagarism case that is.

    You know I did listen to both Rain’s song and Raphael Saddiq’s song and as much as it PAINS me to say they do sound similar. NOW, Having said that, I know that much more goes into a song that just SOUNDING similar for it to legally be called plagarism. ALSO, I know WE KNOW Baby Love and what he will and WON’T do and I don’t for ONE SECOND believe he would purposely or willing plagarize ANYTHING. I just want to get the FACTS as you ladies know them to be at this present time.

    Earthquake in DC, Will & Jada almost hurting my feelings, Bi accused of plagarizing………..WTF is happening in the world TODAY?


    • Hey, BiA! 🙂 Yep, we’re on it and already writing (I’m running off right now to try to meet a novel deadline–gotta write offline–while Terri continues on that, and I’ll hook up with her again on it in an hour or so). We’ll be putting something up as soon as our research will allow.

      I just finished ranting on my Facebook about people behaving badly about the MLK Memorial. I can’t believe all the stuff that happened today (TWO quakes, one in Colorado too). The world has GONE INSANE!

      Stephe ^@@^


    • Well, obviously JiHoon is taking stuff in stride because he just tweeted a pic of him, Hongshi, SooBong, Gori, and some friends having a bite to eat and drink…

      Stephe ^@@^


      • Yeah, I saw that pic. He’s beautiful as always. It’s just been one Strange day.


        • @Bia
          NOTE: i am just saying i don’t want to took me wrong i just defense my rain for all his hard worker and how important for him an be celebrities & famous and good reparation is . u know how many time they been attack rain and the outcome always been fait and reveal it ! ~~!(SMILE)


          • No worries Kongsao, we all want the best for Ji-Hoon and want to believe in his integrity. I’m still supporting him.


    • ABOUT RAIN BUSAN WOMEN ! it was all over the reporter and new
      well as you know in the begining it sound alike but the codes are similar but it’s not plagiarism. if rain steal his song then it would happen in the start already i DON’T think rain is this type of person to steal the song from him he even told his fan about this it was a gift for his Busan concert and it wasn’t included in his album side note: he even state that this song it was composer righ then and their he have ask for help but nobody do it and i know is a talent himself why would he do such a plagiarism. it just he song of the CTY of he list in and how i got one comment on my youtube just today Raphael Saddiq’s in his beginner list all city is that why they accuse rain steal his song i think so some peoples always trying to pull him down regardless plagiarism or not the beat does sound a ltiile alike but so what i and rain know himself better then any other he already a muti talen for what he doing and composer
      that it bit simuliar but to me rain been know about the chord then i would said rain COPY the song already serious they just wanted to attact him what ever he doing just like his other Rainism they have to make him
      redue it all over and the part of MAGIC STICK he have to change ect… well their a lot celeb abd Idol here in USA also have been state that they are accuse been plagiarisng about Mariah Carey Accused of Plagiarism … rip-off.
      Lady GaGa put this way about if rain wear an outfit and dress up like like RAPHAEL SAADIQ — DETROIT GIRL and put the same same song together then i would say that is PLAGIANISM gesseeeeeeeeeeeee peoples just could keep they eye shut for one esp when it rain i know him for 3 year long and i been follow him all his debut and actor and movies ect if he are a type of PLAGIANISM then he would be stand to be an SOLO ARTIS today rain is good known enough what he doing in THE BEST SHOW he even state that he was listeting to music and then he com across him he went to do the song ands ask for some help but nobody help him he did and composer this BUSAN WOMEN of his own regradless this song he hear or not i don;t think rain ever do SUCH insult and PLAGIANISM over any cele ot artis Idol at all. i know rain he respect their song for who they are and why are they becam e an cleb just how rain wanted to be famous and work harder to get himself today DON’T U think it time for rain have enough this bo trying to attact what ever he do to me i don’t care if this is PLAGIANISM or not to IT IS NOT just coz in the begining a ltille alike they took it so serious and state he PLAGIANISM the song he been known as a SOLO SINGER for 9 LONG YEARS buy now not to mention rain been feat… quite R&B singer and back singer he is well known ask good respected them they just wanted to accuse him by everythinng and he would steal RAPHAEL SAADIQ — DETROIT GIRL song either his COURT is been in a pain for us already what they they to make rain look bad again i am so SICK OF THESE poples who won’t leave rain alone no matter what i belive in what he do and i trus rain for it he know himself then anybody else.


  7. Dang, check those lips out. OAN: I miss that hair and it’s dances hahaha (or as Rain says 푸하하하 :-D)


  8. On to more important news. The MLK memorial opens today and damn if an earthquake didn’t happen in DC today as well. God (literally God), is like OK look here people, Do “I” need to make some changes “up in here?” because I’m willing to oblige…………….

    (*Don’t get mad, I’m just saying*)


    • I just read an article about the MLK memorial and some of the comments I read have me speechless.


      • Ceci,

        Certain comments I refuse to read, even when I’m in the best of moods. I can only imagine what you read, but most certainly wouldn’t be surprised. It’s alive and well in this country, my dear…….alive and well.


  9. Will and Jada…NOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!


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