[Busan Woman MV][Cloud USA announcements] 비 Yourself Open Thread for 8/16-8/22.

(JiHoon brings the 2006 Rainy Day concert tour to Bangkok, Thailand.)

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[2011 RAIN Korea Tour Schedule/ all concert times from InterPark]
August 13, 14 (Sat, Sun) – Busan BEXCO • 7 PM Sat/5 PM Sun
Sat 27 August – Daegu EXCO Priest • 7 PM
Sat, September 3 – Jeju Convention Center • 7 PM
Sat, September 17 – Gwangju (Location TBA) • 7 PM
Sun September 18 – Daejeon (KOTRA Trade Exhibition Center) • 7 PM
September 24 and 25 (Saturday, Sunday) – Seoul Olympic Park Stadium • 5 PM both days

One Best Korea stop down—Busan is in the bag—and five stops to go. And it’s a good thing the Man has two weeks and a free weekend before Daegu, because as far as we know, “Red Muffler” filming isn’t finished yet and that’s probably what’s on the docket.

Nice work in Busan, JiHoon. Keep doing that voodoo that you do sooooo well! *still delighted over the live performance of 아쉬운 빈공간 (aswiun bingongga, “The Empty Space”)* 😀

— Stephe ^@@^

RAIN 부산여자 MV. Rain “Busan Woman” music video. (Credit: J.Tune Camp / jtunecamp @YT)

~ by Cloud USA on August 16, 2011.

12 Responses to “[Busan Woman MV][Cloud USA announcements] 비 Yourself Open Thread for 8/16-8/22.”

  1. You know, normally I don’t go onto other K-Pop blogs, but today for some reason my curiosity was piqued. On this one particular site, I came across this 17 minute preview of a documentary about Korean High School. I can now say without a doubt, I get why these fangirls damn near lose their natural minds over these K-Pop artists. The mini preview was quite enlightening to say the least. Check it out……………………….



  2. How can I buy the song? I would love to help the ratings for Rain by buying this new song “Busan Woman” but I can’t find it online. Any suggestions?


  3. You know I’m in a random thought kinda mood. I was just thinking, when they talk about Ji-Hoon having single lids versus double lids……TECHNICALLY….we all have single lids. One lid per eyeball. I get why they say double lids, but they should say “creased lids” (double crease vs. no crease). Call me crazy, but double lids to me would mean two rows/sets of eyelashes on each eyeball. Now THAT would really look Sci-Fi.

    Yeah, it’s Friday….I’m ready to go home and the time is just C-R-A-W-L-I-N-G!! It has been 2:00 for 3 hrs. Ughhh!!


  4. Awww you looking good JiHoon….


  5. True that…..lol.


  6. No quiero que te vayas, mi mente dice que lo acepte .. pero mi corazón no quiere escuchar, cada vez que veo una foto tuya, siento cada vez màs nostalgia.
    Stephe ….. He is the most beautiful in this world


  7. How does this man do it? Filming like crazy then concerts, hopefully he’ll get some R&R in there somewhere.


    • Ceci, as much as Bi has incredible integrity and principled work ethics, I’ll tell you how he and any other celebrity does it. It’s called a check with at least 7 zeros on it. Trust me I’d probably do it too. They work hard, but play just as hard and well too. No doubt! (SMILES)


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